Swan Queen – The Bitter Bite


A/N: This is a oneshot I wrote after an idea for the tittle. I just opened the paper and started to write. It's short and I hope you like it. Sorry for the grammar mistakes. Enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I own anything.

The bitter bite is the first. You feel the bitter taste of it, and you think it isn't good. You say to yourself that you'll not do it again, and you'll not try it again. But you look to it, and you think that maybe the second bite could be good. Then you try it again. Bang! You're dead. There's no way out. It got you. You're addicted. You can't stop.

Emma bit the apple that Regina offered to her. At first the taste was bitter. She didn't like it, but the apple was so red and beautiful! Regina looked at her with a smirk in her face, an evil and pleasurable smile. Emma did it again. The second bite, and she felt a sweet taste from it. She smiled back.

The bitter bite is the first. Emma could feel that when she bite Regina's lips. She could feel the taste of blood. At first it looked bitter. Then she bit again and it felt sweet, oh so sweet. The moan went out from Regina's mouth. That was pleasurable! She couldn't stop. Regina begged to her doesn't stop. Oh, please! All her body dancing over Regina's body. All her long, curly and blonde hair over Regina's chest.

She felt all the bits and it hurts, but God! How she loved it! Regina's bite. She was sexy and she knew how to give pleasure to her. Regina knew that Emma couldn't resist to a biter on her neck. Regina knew that her long and powerful fingers could drive Emma crazy. She knew how to use them, how to make Emma scream, cry out her name. She knew how to make Emma shiver. Emma's moans were music to her ears.

The bitter fight is the first. You think you'll die, and nobody can save you. You think everything is broken and nothing can be fixed. Emma thought it too. She cried over and over again. Bitter tears. She fell apart. Her heart was broken. Regina leaved her, and the worst? She said she never loved her. The sex? It was good, very good. But she could find another pet to play with. It hurts, right? The feeling to being replaceable. Anyone can do it. You're not that special for that special person. You're not the only one. You're not the hero. You're nobody.

The bitter bite is the last. Regina tried Emma for the last time, or it was what she thought. She didn't want to do it again. Not with Emma. She's the good one, or to be honest, the worst one for Regina. They can't be together. It was just sex. She plays with herself, alone in her dark room. But she could swear she felt kisses and bites of Emma, the touch of her all over her body. She missed her. Damn it! She was losing control. She couldn't be away this much. She could find out another pet, but not another lover.

The bitter love is what lasts. They both learnt it. For one more time, their bodies collided in a struggle of love and hate. Desire. Regina couldn't resist that woman, and she didn't want it either. Emma couldn't be away of that woman who made her feel something more than rage, anger or emptiness. What about destiny, fairytales, good, evil, witches? It didn't matter anymore.