Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Neo

Crystal Tokyo a peaceful utopia finds itself threatened by an ancient and forgotten power, and the Sailor Guardian's are needed once again. Yet with Neo-Queen Serenity on the throne and unable to transform the duty falls to Small Lady Princess Serenity to take on the mantel of a senshi thought to be a thing of legends, and with the aid of the Sailor Quartet sworn to protect her the five must now protect their home least it come to ruin.

Act Zero

The great slumber has ended, even from this ancient forest I can feel that this world is no longer frozen and that the Illusion Silver Crystal that sealed Chaos shines brightly once more. But when Chaos had been sealed I, and other Titans from an age long forgotten had begun to awaken, slowly but surely. Our great mother Gaia, Titaness of earth was the first, then myself Metis, Titaness of the fourth day, and once too long ago Mercury, as one who presides over knowledge and wisdom I had been guided here an ancient forest no longer tainted by the evil presence of the Dark Kingdom and its ruler, but one that still existed. There was something here, something that was dark, tainted - evil, but it was a link a link to the first planet of the Sol system.

Rhea, wife of Cronus our great leader and once the master of time and Tethys, wife of Oceanus, titan of the sea I knew would begin the search for those who now held their late husband's powers in order to give them life again, just as I searched for a way to once again feel Mercury fully within my own being. As I walked over the crest of a hill I smiled, the pulse I had followed felt it strongest here, and as I neared an unrecognizable statue covered by ivy and the throws of time I saw a strange bracelet with purple band that had a large black and purple heart that held a solid black stone in its center. "Interesting," I whispered out loud, the pulse I had felt came from this I thought picking up the item. "Found the source then," the voice of Prometheus foreteller of the future said within my mind. "Indeed," I replied out loud rolling my eyes.

"Themis, has found another of our number," "Has she," I said thinking of the titan of justice and order who felt that Rhea and Tethys's causes were just, thus aiding our cause in finding titans who were awakened by the sealing of Chaos. Turning towards the titan who had given fire to man, and in turn received a punishment that even now did not bare mentioning in Prometheus's presence. "Yes, it is Phoebe," "titaness of the moon, I wonder," "The light of the Illusion Silver Crystal brightening, it is the cause," Prometheus said interrupting my thoughts. "Well then we should return and aid in her recovery, I remember how hard it was for myself when I awakened again, I can only imagine what it is like for Phoebe."

"Indeed, are you going to keep that," Prometheus said gesturing to the bracelet in my hand. "I think I will," I replied putting it on my left wrist only to be bombarded by the one who had held it before myself. "Mizuno Ami … Sailor Mercury, so you are the daughter of Hermes, the Olympian who had taken my place as the first planet of the Sol System's so called god," I thought to myself an idea on testing this guardians true resolve already beginning to form within my labyrinthine like mind. "We must bide our time, until Phoebe recovers, Themis is sure that she is the last of us that shall awaken," Prometheus said to me. "We have waited sense humanity did not even have a sense of time, endless ages, what are years compared to that." "True enough," Prometheus consented as we stepped through a portal leading to our home within our mother Gaia herself.


In all honesty it felt like a dream as I walked side by side through the luscious green fields of grass, with flowers of various colors providing various shades of other colors with Elios by my side as we walked towards the ancient but still breathtaking ruins of the Golden Kingdom. Yet the warmth of his hand covering mine let me know this was real as I talked to him and he simply listened as I spoke about some of my dreams, though I didn't quite have the courage about my dreams about the two of us. "Ah - so cute," a familiar voice said as we finally made our way into the ruins of the Golden Kingdom. "Pallas," I said excitedly seeing the youngest of the Sailor Quartet, though only by a year, who had bright blue hair and matching eyes. "Yep," she said popping the "p" jumping off the rock the two of us meeting in an enthusiastic hug while Elios watched on an amused smile playing across his lips.

"I thought you and the others," but here I was interrupted by yet another familiar voice. "We were, but this is the era of Crystal Tokyo, and Pluto guards the gates of time once again," Ceres said her pink hair and eyes seeming to sparkle within the light of the sun just as my own did. "Ceres," I said as she nodded. "Please, call me Cere," "and me Para," Pallas chimed in. "I prefer Ves, hime," Vesta said as she seemed to appear in a flash of red from behind a column because of the red color of her hair and eyes. "Or do you prefer Small Lady," Juno added her green eyes sparkling with mischief as her green hair was still held high in her unique ponytail. "Please. I understand you four are my guardians, but if it is not for something formal; just call me Chibi-usa," "Alright and you can call me Jun, when I'm not on duty," Juno said squeezing me in an overenthusiastic hug.

"As you wish Chibiusa-hime," Cere said causing me to roll my eyes while Elios chuckled. "Good to see you again as well Elios - and um," Cere began only for Elios to hold up a hand to silence her before speaking. "There is no need to apologize, let the past rest were it belongs," he said as he draped his arm over my shoulder and as if my instinct I drew myself into his warmth causing Para to, "ah," while Cere, Jun and Ves simply smiled though Ves' smile seemed a little more teasing that those of the other girls. I don't know how long we stood in a small circle talking when Elios said, "it is growing late," and I turned to see him looking at the sky that was slowly darkening with the setting sun. "We should head back to the palace," Cere said sounding slightly worried making me feel warm inside knowing she was worried about me.

"Ok," I said taking Elios's hand into my own making him look at me with a smile that caused my heart to skip a beat my cheeks turning a light shade of pink as we all walked back towards Crystal Tokyo not knowing that someone had been watching us from the shadows.


"A child of the white moon," Phoebe's voice said within my mind. "But a child of Earth as well," Gaia's voice added both sounding intrigued about this development. "The four girls are her protectors, and the young man and her seem very close," I whispered aloud though I knew both Phoebe and Gaia could here me. "Good luck Metis, keep us informed even though we both know where your concern truly lies," Gaia and Phoebe said to me. "Of course," I thought looking up with my silver eyes as the stars above, my eyes instantly going to the position in the heavens where I knew the first planet of the Sol system lied. "Soon, Mizuno Ami, I shall test your metal," I thought as my dark blue almost black hair was caught in a breeze tickling my neck instead of framing my face as it normally did as I followed silently in the shadows behind this strange child of earth and moon and those that protected and loved her with all their hearts.

To my dearest readers,

This is the beginning of my original Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Project, which I have entitled PGSM Neo. The story takes place during the 30th Century and will take place in and around Crystal Tokyo. The story will focus on Chibi-usa, Elios and the Sailor Quartet, with Usagi-tachi appearing but never the center of this particular fan-fiction.

My villains for PGSM Neo are the mythical Greek Titans. With Sailor Moon's usage of much of Greek & by extension Roman Mythos concerning the senshi and their powers I could think of no greater threat than those who proved the greatest challenge to the Greek Olympians themselves. As for personal goals and or group objectives those will be revealed as the story unfolds one Act at a time.

Because this is an original storyline I only feel that it is necessary to point out that each individual act and how they will all flow together as a cohesive piece in the end will take time, so updates are very unlikely to come at the rate that they have in the past with my previous works where I at least had the anime and manga to give me a basic backbone to work from and upon in some cases. But I can promise this that though updates will be fewer and expand over a larger amount of time, this story is not one that I shall ever abandon as my muse be it Thalia (muse of comedy) or Melpomene (muse of tragedy) would never allow such a thing … LOL!

Anyway it is my hope that you enjoy this story as much as you have enjoyed any of my works in the past. The road will be long and winding, with many twists and turns, but it is my hope that the final destination is well worth the journey.

So until my next act:

I humbly remain a . . .



I wish you all well on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and may the dream never be forgotten.