Act Ten

"The fools," Prometheus said speaking to himself as he moved slowly but steadily towards Crystal Tokyo. "A few sweet words, lie's most likely and they are so ready to forgive. Not only to forgive but to give away their gifts as titan's! They have betrayed their husband's very memories, they have betrayed me! Do the fool's not realize that the key to the very universe lays with the Queen who rules within the Crystal Palace. The Ginzuishou, Selene's last gift to her daughter who was born from that silver crystal's very light, it is Serenity's soul, her very seed. I shall have it! It will be mine," Prometheus said maddening laughter emanating from his lips, a dark menacing energy swirling around him as he held his head, the voice now constantly chanting, controlling his thoughts with its simple message. "Ginzuishou! Control the Ginzuishou!"

"Yes, it is the only way, Serenity must die, the Silver Crystal must lay within these hands, and with it, all the star seeds of the sol system. I shall have my revenge upon the children of the Olympians, for what those so called gods sentenced me to. They will know pain, as I have known pain. I shall take that that is most precious to them first, without Selene's child, how easily the rest will fall, yes, how easily indeed," Prometheus said the insane laughter filling the air around him as above birds of pray slowly began to circle all of them sensing that death was soon to come wherever this creature of Chaos traveled.


"Usako, are you ok," Mamoru asked me coming to stand next to me as I looked out over Crystal Tokyo from the balcony. "Hai, Mamoru, it is just I feel something, something I have not sense defeating Galaxia." "Chaos," my husband asked me as I nodded my head. "But," "I know," I said bringing my hand to my chest where the Silver Crystal lay within me, for the Ginzuishou was a part of me, as precious to me as all star seeds are to those who bare, or have bared the weight of being a guardian. "Crystal Tokyo is not mine to protect, my guardians protect me, Haruka and Michiru the outer sol system, Setsuna the gates of time, while Hotaru-chan must remain on Saturn simply because of the power she holds within her glaive. Having them here on Earth again, they belong here Mamoru," I whispered as tears fell from my eyes.

"Yet, they will not abandon the duties given to them, they respect and love both your mother and yourself far to much for that," Mamoru said taking me in his arms as I slowly nodded my head. "I…I wished, our daughter would never have to face this evil," I admitted. "So did I. She has your heart," "And your strength," I added as my husband smiled. "We must believe in her and the quartet; our daughter is ready," Mamoru whispered in my ear. "Chibi-usa. My precious daughter. Always believe in yourself, never doubt who you are. You are the guardian of love and justice, and crowned princess of the Moon and Earth, you are Sailor Neo-Moon!"


"Chibiusa-chan," Hotaru's voice said bringing my eyes away from where Haruka, Michiru and Sets-chan had been standing huddled together in the courtyard softly speaking with each other only to set them upon one of my oldest friends. "What's wrong," Hotaru-chan asked me taking my hand within her own and causing me to smile at how well Hotaru knew me. "I don't want you all to leave," I admitted knowing I wouldn't be able to hide the truth from her. "What do you mean Chibi-usa, we aren't going anywhere," Hotaru-chan asked me. "But you will, when this crisis with the Titan's has ended. Haruka and Michiru they will have to once again watch over the outer sol system. Sets-chan will have to go back to the gates of time, Kunzite at her side. And you Hotaru-chan, you will have to endure the loneliness you do simply because of the power you hold," I said as tears fell freely from my eyes.

"You and your mother are so similar. You both have an ability to love, even those who consider you their enemy. It is a love so strong that all those that you meet can not help but to be blinded by its brilliant light. Don't you see Chibiusa-chan. All of us. Haruka-papa, Michiru and Setsuna-mama, even I. We would all gladly march through the gates of Hell itself and venture to its ninth circle if it meant protecting you and Usagi-chan." "Hotaru," I whispered unable to say anything else the power of Hotaru's words to me truly holding that much strength. "There was a time when I was alone, but then I met you and Usagi-chan, and because of you I have a papa and mamas who love me as I do them, I am never lonely now," she said smiling as she looked over my shoulder and I did the same. "Elios," I happily said as he came to me Hotaru-chan quietly slipping away to give us privacy.


"Arigato, Hotaru-sama." I heard the voice of one of Chibi-usa's quartet say to me. "For what Ceres," I asked as the guardian dressed in pink stepped out of the shadows. "Being there for her. She shares a bond with you and the other outer senshi that myself, Vesta, Juno and Pallas will never have with her. I am glad you could help her to smile, when none of us could." "You all truly care for her don't you," I said and it was more a statement than a question. "Hai, any one of us would gladly step in front of a blade that was meant for her, but that is a cross that we all bare." "For the heirs of the moon," I said as Ceres nodded. "Would you like to join me, Vesta, Juno and Pallas we are going to patrol the city tonight." "So you have felt it as well," I said looking at the leader of the Sailor Quartet. "Hai." "Then you know that we are doing the same." "More eyes are better than less for this," Ceres stated and I nodded. Is that why Chibiusa-chan had truly been so lost in her thoughts, did she know what was approaching the city as well.


"What is bothering you my beautiful maiden, you seem troubled," Elios asked me. "You already know the answer my love. As a priest of Elysian, you can feel what I do approaching Crystal Tokyo just as easily as I," was my simple reply as Elios took my hands into his own drawing me into his arms. "Hai, it reminds me of Neherenia before your mother purified her," Elios whispered in my ear as I shook my head, while looking up at him. "You are right in a way, but think of what Galaxia became before she took all the star seeds of our sol system, all except for one." "Your mother's, you are speaking of when Galaxia became Chaos, is that what this is," Elios said his hold tightening on me as if he feared I would vanish if he let go.

"It is," I admitted. "I must speak with Ceres, I am going out with her and the other girls tonight," "I will go with you Chibi-usa," Elios said to me with so much conviction in his tone that all I could manage to reply was a simple, "arigato," that held so much more than a simple thanks within its meaning. "Ceres," I said as myself and Elios came to a stop next to my quartet. "Princess," was her reply as she and the other three bowed causing me to roll my eyes, they knew as well as I they didn't have to be so formal at a time like this. "I am coming with you," I said as Elios squeezed my hand in support. "We thought you might say something like that," Vesta said. "We won't try to stop you hime," Juno said, "but you must promise to stay in the center of our formations, we must protect you," Pallas added and looking between the four I could see that neither I or they were going to compromise on this matter so I simply nodded.


"Look, it's Haruka-tachi," Reiko said from my side as we silently watched the four move like shadows onto the rooftops of Crystal Tokyo. "There is Chibi-usa and the Sailor Quartet," Makoto said from my other side. "So they felt it as well," Ami-chan silently added as I nodded. "Are the Shitennou in place Ami," I asked of my tactical officer. "Hai, they are in place, and keeping an eye on Usagi-chan and Mamoru, Minako," she replied. "As long as they live," I whispered speaking of Usagi and Chibi-usa. "We will gladly lay down our lives," Ami, Reiko and Makoto said as one, as they all felt the same way as me. "Haruka-tachi went left," Ami said. "Chibiusa-tachi went right," Reiko added.

"Then we take the center," I said as Rei, Ami and Makoto nodded and we silently went off into the night glancing up at the sky where a smiling crescent moon hung in the sky, so much like the symbol of the royal family, and I prayed that somehow it was a token of good luck for all of us who were going off to defend Crystal Tokyo this night from an evil we all had hopped had been sealed forever, when Usagi had defeated Galaxia. But that force had returned, had found a new host, with the hatred needed to nourish it once more, we all knew and yet we were all going, ready to face Chaos once again.


"They are coming to you, Prometheus," the now comforting voice within my mind said as I continued my journey towards the outer reaches of Crystal Tokyo. "Then let them come, let them fall trying to protect her, she will be alone, without them, and then the Ginzuishou shall be mine," I said maddening laughter escaping from my lips. "The Ginzuishou, yes Prometheus it shall…it shall be mine," the voice said seeming to grow darker, though I thought nothing of its words, the voice was a part of me; what was mine, was also the voice's, what belonged to the voice, belonged to me. "Come to me sailor guardians, come meet your fate, and let what shall come to pass, occur," I said a wicked smile spreading across my lips as I came to a stop, the energy of the Sailor Guardians nearly upon me, it was time to collect the Star Seeds of this system once again.

To be concluded . . . .

To my dearest readers,

I hope you have enjoyed Act 10 of my story just as much as I enjoyed writing it, but as I am sure you have guessed we are nearing the end of this story. The next time we meet I shall be proudly presenting the Final Act of this epic. But for every end there is also a footnote, and that will be the Special Act, which I am already starting to think about while I am working of the Final Act. I should stop typing before I write something I do not wish to give away.

So until our next meeting,

I humbly remain a . . . .



For those of you who are collecting them and do not already have a copy, Volume 7 of the PGSM manga (in English) was released Sept. 11th. I for one must admit it is amazing to see all the subtle differences between the manga and the anime that exist, and must admit that while at times a little more vague so far the manga seems to be doing things better.