~ Bishoujo Gaadian Sailor Moon Neo ~

* Special Act *

I sat in front of my vanity watching as Ceres braided my hair in an intricate ponytail, while Vesta was sipping up the back of my elegant white wedding dress with pink rose design around the fringe of the dress while smoothing out any of the minuscule wrinkles in the soft velvet fabric. "You look very pretty Chibi-usa," Pallas said while bouncing up and down in place, even after all of these years she had a child like excitement that was simply part of her charm. "She is Lunarian royalty Pallas, white suits them," Juno pointed out to Pallas. "True," she agreed though she was still smiling; while I shared a look with Ceres a twinkle shining mischievously in both of our eyes as we where both no doubt thinking the same thing, "some things never change." "Chibi-usa," I heard Hotaru-chan ask from outside the door after knocking on it. "It's ok, come in," I said turning around to greet her.

"Oh Chibiusa-chan," Hotaru-chan said when she saw me in my dress making me smile as she waved a hand in front of her face to keep from crying and messing up her makeup. "Oh, I almost forgot," Hotaru-chan said to me, "your father's on his way," the guardian of Saturn said. "Oh here's your bouquet Ceres said handing me the pink and white roses wrapped in red silk and tied with a dark emerald green ribbon. A knocking on the door caused me to smile. "It's ok papa, you can come in," I said as the door opened to reveal my father who had a tender smile play across his lips at the sight of me. "My little girl, all grown up," he said causing me to blush as he extended his arms that I easily stepped into. "Papa; no matter how old I am, I will always be my little girl," I said the first part out loud the latter whispered into his ear.

"Still doesn't mean I am ready for today, I don't think any father can truly say they are," he said before we drew back apart Hotaru-chan and my quartet were quite but each giving me and my papa a knowing look, as if they could each almost guess at what the two of us had had a private conversation about. "It's time," Hotaru said looking at her small square shaped watch as papa nodded his head extending his arm to me. "Shall we, my lady," he said causing me to giggle. "Why of course, kind sir," I said playing along looping my hand through the one he offered before following my quartet and Hotaru-chan through the hallways towards the throne room that had been transformed for the wedding into the chapel so to speak where the ceremony for me and Elios would take place.

My maids of honor in their elegant ball gowns that hugged their torsos while flaring out when meeting there hips went first. Juno in green, followed by Pallas in blue. Hotaru in purple, followed by Vesta is red; and finally Ceres in pink before the tempo and tone of the music changed into the wedding march. "Don't worry papa," I whispered feeling his grip on my arm tighten slightly. "I'm still your little girl," I said looking at him as he looked down at me. "Iie, you are not so little any more Young Lady Princess Serenity," papa said making me giggle at the nickname given to me by the people of Crystal Tokyo after I had finally grown, no longer being confined by the body of a child. "Let's go," I said looking towards where Elios awaited me. "Hai," papa replied as we stepped through the doorways into the transformed throne room.

We stepped underneath an archway that the Shitennou had formed with their blades raised high within the air. Jadeite, Zoicite, Nephrite and Kunzite each smiled at me as myself and papa passed by them and I nodded to each in turn; each were dressed in their armor that had been cleaned and polished to perfection. "At ease," Kunzite stated once we had passed under all four and the Shitennou holstered their blades. The guardians awaited us next, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus each with a blessing of their planet. "May the waters of life always flow freely for you," Ami-chan said. "May the flame of life always burn brightly in your life," Rei-chan had told me. "May the trees whisper words of wisdom in times of need," had been Mako-chan's blessing. "May love always guide you truly," was Minako-chan's simple but meaningful blessing.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto awaited us next each with their talismans within hand the three formed a triangle around myself and papa. "Just as the Guardian Talismans watch over and protect us, so shall we protect you." "Like the sea or love shall be never ending," "Like time, out vow always moving forward," First Haruka, then Michiru and finally Sets-chan said before stepping aside to see Hotaru-chan standing before us her Silence Glaive in hand. She had no blessing's or ritual for this ceremony as in the past she had always been the guardian who must never be awakened. Instead she simply leveled her Glaive within the palms of her hands as if, in offering it to me; but I simply shook me head closing her hands over the Glaive letting her know I believed and trusted in her being this weapon's keeper.

Hotaru-chan simply smiled and stepped out of the way, revealing to me for the first time Elios who stood awaiting me at the top of the stairs where mama and papa's thrones usually set, though they had been temporarily moved for this ceremony a tender smile playing across his lips that caused my cheeks to turn pink as papa led me up the staircase and we simply stood waiting before a shaft of moonlight pooled through a stained glass window, all in the room bowing as the ghostly figure of my Lunarian grandmother Queen Serenity materialized her image flickering and shifting with the beams of moonlight shining down from above. "Please rise," she said in an ethereal voice. "Friends, family, guardians, advisors, and citizens we are gathered here this night to join Elios, priest of Elysian, with the crowned Princess of Crystal Tokyo Lady Serenity.

Who here gives this bride away," the late queen asked. "I Neo-Queen Serenity, daughter of the crowned queen of the Moon Kingdom Selene," "And I King Endymion, son of the crowned queen of the Earth Kingdom Terra," "Do hereby give this bride away." First mama, then papa, and then the two as one spoke as the ghostly figure of my Lunarian grandmother nodded and papa placed my hand within Elios'. "Dearly beloved. We are gathered here this day to join Elios, priest of Elysian; and Serenity, crowned princess of the Moon and Earth together in holy matrimony. The rings," Selene asked and Diana who had been standing to the side of the stage next to Luna and Artemis stepped forward dressed in a beautiful silver gown handing first me then Elios a ring while my Lunarian grandmother simply smiled as my lady in waiting bowed to her and went to go stand once again by her mother and father.

"Serenity, please take Elios' ring hand into your own, and repeat after me. With this ring, do I the wed," "With this ring, do I the wed," I said repeating the phrase while placing the larger ring onto his ring finger. "To love and to honor, to have and to hold, for as long as you both shall live." "To love and to honor, to have and to hold, for as long as we both shall live," I said repeating the phrase locking my eyes with Elios my cheeks staining a bright shade of pink at the amount of passion I saw within his eyes. "Elios, please take Serenity's ring hand into your own, and repeat after me. With this ring, do I the wed." "With this ring, do I the wed," he repeated placing my wedding ring onto my finger. "To love and to honor, to have and to hold, for as long as you both shall live." "To love and to honor, to have and to hold, for as long as we both shall live," Elios said linking his other hand with mine bringing our joined hands to closer together until we stood closely together.

"You may now kiss your bride," Selene said and as Elios' lips descended upon my own the noise of all the citizens, friends and family gathered simply seemed to vanish as their was nothing else but the two of us, now husband and wife. Hand and hand the two of us walked back down the isle and to where the reception would take place, which was going to be a much more personal affair as only close friends and family were invited. There were toasts made by mama, papa, Haruka (who spoke for herself, Michiru, Sets-chan and Hotaru-chan) and Minako-chan (who spoke for herself, Ami-chan, Rei-chan and Mako-chan). "May I have this dance," papa asked me as dancers started to go out onto the dance floor, and I shared a look with Elios who with a smile and a wink walked over to my mama. "My queen," he said extending a hand causing me and mama to share a look, both of us trying to keep from giggling as we accepted and took to the ballroom's dance floor.

"Well I guess that you are not so small anymore, ne Chibi-usa," papa whispered as the two of us glided with ease across the dance floor." "Hai, but even though I am not small, I will always be your little girl," I told papa making him smile, and me return it as the song came to an end.

~ Watashi-tachi Ni Naritakute ~

"It is strange. I always knew this day would come, but I guess no one is ever truly ready to see there little one get married," Usagi-sama told me as the two of us danced together. "True, but I will do everything in my power to always make sure she is happy," I said making the Usagi-sama smile. "I'm glad," she said as the final bars of the song we were dancing to came to an end. "Go over there, I am sure Mamoru will let you cut in," Usagi-sama told me and with a smile I nodded taking her advise.

~ Nagareboshi he (Search for Your Love) ~

Elios' familiar voice made me smile as he had come up behind papa and tapped him on the shoulder. "May I have this next dance with my lovely wife your majesty?" "Of course; take care of her" he said placing my hand into Elios' as a love song began to play over the speaker system that Ami-chan had set up and Elios drew me into his arms as we slowly started to dance along, the words of the song making me smile as somehow it reminded me of the two of us, and all the memories that we shared, unaware of the spotlight shining on the two of us or that everyone else had stopped to watch us as there was nothing else but the two of us, and the song playing softly in the background.

Since I first met you, you've been in my heart.

I feel you near me when I close my eyes.

Just like a sweet dream, your love is with me.

I know that you were in my heart all along.

Now in the night I know I'm not alone.

Your love is with me,

My dear friend.

And so I hold you, close to my heart,

And hope this feeling will never end.

I know that love is in your heart,

And though I know we will never be apart,

I feel your love is always with me,

Wherever I go.

Yes, you will always be right here in my heart.

I know that love is in your heart,

And though I know we will never be apart,

I feel your love is always with me,

Wherever I go.

Yes, you will always be right here in my heart

~ Love Is In My Heart ~

To my dearest readers,

And so ends my original fan-fiction Pretty Guardian Sailor Neo-Moon. I hope you have enjoyed every twist, every turn, every up and every down that took place in this story. It is most likely that this will be my last PGSM project, but all good things must come to an end. Still it was an amazing journey from PGSM R all the way to Neo and all that lied in between, I hope you all enjoyed the ride as much as I did.

So until the day our paths cross once again;

Somewhere; some day,

I humbly remain a . . . .