This is my first fanfic I've submitted to this site, a story about a weird and crazy author girl called Mystery who joins WarioWare, Inc. As her name suggests, she is quite mysterious at first, but you find out more about her as the story goes on.

Without further ado, here is my fanfic! Enjoy!

Disclaimer Stuff: WarioWare and all the characters in this story(except Mystery) belong to Nintendo. Mystery belongs to me. Blah blah blah. Let's get on with the fanfic. :D

CHAPTER 1: A Letter From Wario

My name is Mystery. Well, it's not my REAL name, but I won't bother confusing you with complicated explainations. I'm an author. I've just moved to a place called Diamond City. And I've just recieved a letter from a guy called Warui - what? Wario? Oops, my mistake. Anyway, this Wario guy sent me a letter asking me to come to 'WarioWare, Inc.' tomorrow morning at 9am sharp. No doubt my goldfish memory will fail me again. I'm likely to forget. But I also have no idea who Wario is. For all I know he could be a kidnapper. No, a cannibal kidnapper, waiting for me in a dark alley, waiting for the right moment to pounce upon me and feast on my flesh...

Uh... heh... sorry about that. I did mention I'm an author. My imagination tends to be a little... crazy. You know what? I'm gonna look up 'WarioWare, Inc.' on the Internet. See what this is all about.

...It's just a video game company. No creepy kidnappers, nobody waiting to eat me, just plain old video games. That's a relief. Not that I ever believed that creepy stuff in the first place. But why does creepy-Wario-guy want me to come to his video game company?

Well... I like video games. And my imagination is pretty wild. Maybe he wants me to come up with an idea for a new video game?

It'll be the storyline, definitely. So I'll be working on the storyline for a new video game? Awesome...!

But there I go again, making things up. It's probably something like this: Wario has read one on my books that is coincidentally similar to a storyline in one of his games. Now he wants to sue me. Great.

...Nah! It's probably neither. You know what? All this daydreaming is making me tired. I'm gonna put a note up on my bedroom wall(remember what I said about my memory?) and go to sleep. Tomorrow I'll find out what this whole thing is all about.


I was awake all night last night thinking about today. In the end, I hardly slept at all. I also slept in, waking up at half past ten, meaning I'm late...

I barely had time to get ready. I brushed my teeth and threw on my favorite clothes(my jeans and pink t-shirt with 'Mystery' written on it), slipped my magenta glasses on my nose, brushed my blonde hair into a ponytail with my green hair bobble, put on my orange and white striped trainers and rushed down the street munching on a cereal bar for breakfast. To make matters worse, it was super cold and windy outside but I didn't have time to go back for my coat.

And to top it off, I was about halfway there when I realised I was holding my map of the city upside down. So it took me about half an hour to finally arrive at the WarioWare, Inc. Headquarters when it should have only taken ten minutes. I was greeted at the entrance by a red-haired girl wearing a biker outfit. Which kinda made sense, because she was standing next to a red scooter I guessed was hers. But anyway. I was greeted by this girl upon my arrival.

"Are you Mystery?" she asked.

"Um, yeah, I got a letter from Wario-"

"Where have you been? You're two hours late! Wario had almost given up on you, but I said that you had probably got lost. You did get lost, didn't you? You didn't forget?"

"Well... yeah, I got lost-"

"We shouldn't keep Wario waiting any more. I'll take you inside to meet him." The girl started leading me up a flight of stairs. "By the way, I'm Mona."

"I'm Mystery."

"I know, and I love your books. After I heard you had come to Diamond City I simply HAD to ask you to visit!"

"So... you sent that letter?"

"No, that was Wario. He got the wrong idea, thinking I was telling him about a friend of mine who wanted to work here."

"W-Work here? But I don't know a thing about making video games!"

"Don't worry, I told Wario you're an author and he suggested comic making. We've been looking for someone to write comics, but none of our current staff have any artistic talent." By this time we were standing outside a door with a big 'W' on it. Mona knocked on the door. "Good luck!"

"Wait, hold on on a second!" I called, but she had already begun scampering back down the stairs.

"Who's there?" came a voice from in the office. "Mona? Did you bring my doughnuts? If not, go away."

I eased the door open and poked my head inside. The floor was littered with candy wrappers and junk food boxes. At a desk in the middle of the room sat a man I recognised from a picture I saw on the WarioWare website last night. It was Wario.

"Um... hello?" I whispered.

"Who the heck are you?" Wario asked. "Oh, yeah! You're Misery, aren't you? Come in and sit down."

"Actually it's Mystery..." I corrected, entering the room on tiptoe, careful not to stand on any wrappers or boxes. Eventually I reached a chair in front of Wario's desk and sat down. "I got a letter from you yesterday-"

"Yeah, Mona said something about you wanting to work here."

"As a comic writer."

"Go see Mona, she'll show you your workstation."

"Wait... so I've got the job?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever," was the uninterested reply. Wario started picking his nose, so I walked out and left him to it.

I found Mona waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. "How did it go?"

"I think I got the job... Wario said you'd show me my workstation?"

"Yup! Right this way!"

I was led out the back door of the WarioWare Headquaters and to a small building shaped like a standing green pencil. A sign hung from the door that said 'Microgame Studio'. Mona opened the door and took me inside. There was a computer, a cork board, and some kind of machine about the same height as me. It read 'Super MakerMatic 21' on both sides.

"What's this?" I asked, pressing the 'on' switch. The MakerMatic thingy whirred into life and started making bleeping noises. Mona tapped a few things on the screen.

"Here you go! The Comic MakerMatic. This is what you'll use to make comics."

I peered at the screen. There were four blank panels waiting to be drawn, and a 'settings' button. I tapped the 'settings' button and it gave me an option to rename my comic. At the moment, it was simply named 'Comic'. I changed the name to 'WarioWare' and began drawing the first panel. In it, I drew a little picture of me walking towards the WarioWare, Inc. building. Then I drew the second panel; me meeting and shaking hands with Mona. I added a speech bubble above my head which read 'Hello'. I gave Mona a speech bubble too; hers read 'Nice to meet you'. Then in the third panel I drew Mona taking me up a flight of stairs. In the last panel I drew me meeting Wario. I remembered something Wario had said. Trying my best to keep a straight face, I drew a speech bubble above Wario's head. It read 'Bring me doughnuts'. Then I burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Mona glanced at the screen - and started giggling. "Did he really say that?"

"He said something like 'Mona, is that you? Where are my doughnuts?' when you knocked on the door."

"Oh, no! I completely forgot!" said Mona, still laughing. "Still, I suppose it doesn't matter too much."

"What are you two laughing at?" called a familiar voice. It was Wario! I quickly erased the fourth panel of the comic. I had given Wario crossed eyes and a few other features that I didn't think he would appreciate. "You're late for the meeting!"

"The meeting!" Mona cried, no longer giggling. "I completely forgot! Come on, Mystery!"

With that, Mona grabbed me by the arm and dragged me back to the WarioWare HQ.