CHAPTER 8: True Friends

"Wario," I began at the next day's meeting, "may I make an announcement?"

"Hmm..." Wario considered. "No."

"Please? It's important."


I glared at him and stood up, deciding I would make my announcement anyway. Wario could deduct my pay all he liked. It didn't matter. I wasn't going to be here much longer. Mona, 9-Volt and Orbulon exchanged worried glances, knowing and dreading what my announcement was going to be.

"I'm no good at speeches, so I'll make this short," I annouced to everyone. "I'm leaving WarioWare."

There were some gasps and a bit of murmuring amongst my soon-not-to-be-co-workers. I heard Ashley mutter 'whoop de do'. I didn't know if she meant it or not. I glared at her anyway. She glared back.

"Why are you leaving, Mystery?" Kat piped up.

"We don't want you to leave," Ana added.

"Why?" I asked out of curiosity.

"We like you," they said in unison.

"And why do you like me?"

The twins paused and thought hard. Then, Ana said, "You're good at telling stories."

"That's all I need to know," I said harshly. "Does anyone else have anything to add?"


"I didn't think so. Today is my last day. I'm not even supposed to be here. I was hired by mistake. So I'll do us all a favor and clear off." With that, I slowly sat down again, giving everyone an evil glare as I did. There was a long silence.

Wario broke the silence by yelling at me, but I didn't really listen. I didn't listen to much of the meeting either. When Wario announced the meeting was dismissed I was the first one to get up and leave. For some strange reason, everyone else stayed. I listened to what they were saying once I was gone, my ear to the door, but I couldn't hear much. I heard 'Mystery mumble mumble leaving mumble mumble party' followed by cheering. So they were celebrating my departure? I knew they never really liked me. Well, good riddance to them.


I decided to keep out of everyone's way that afternoon by taking a nap. When I woke up I went along to the meeting room to see if everyone was still there. I put my ear to the door again. I heard whispering and giggling. They were still there, no doubt whispering and giggling about me. So they see me as a laughing stock, do they? We'll see about that.

I twisted the door knob, pushed the door open, and got the shock of my life.


I screamed. "What the f-"

I was cut off by Mona choking me to death. Well, she called it a hug, but I felt a little dizzy afterwards and gasped for air.

"What's going on, Mona?" I demanded. "Why is everyone celebrating because I'm leaving? Did you all really hate me that much?"

"No no no! We're not celebrating your leaving at all!" Mona laughed. "It's a farewell party. We decided that if we can't persuade you to stay we might as well have a happy goodbye," she explained.

"I'll miss you, Mystery," 9-Volt whimpered. "You're the best I know at playing video games. Well, next to me and 18-Volt, of course."


"You were very heroic when you rescued us from the burning bookstore," said Orbulon, which wasn't true in the least, but it was sweet of him all the same. "You shall be missed dearly."

"Yeah, I'll miss our girly chats together," Penny sighed.

"Your sense of humor was fantastic," said Dr. Crygor.

"What do you mean 'was'?" said Ashley. "You said that as if she's about to die or something."

"Good thing she's not!" said Dribble. "It's bad enough she's leavin'."

"We'll still keep in touch, right, Mystery?" said Spitz.

"We loved it when you came with us on Shadow's walks," said Kat.

"You're good with animals," said Ana.

"Your taste in music is pretty weird," said Jimmy, "but that's what I like about you."

"Where am I gonna find another comic artist?" Wario moaned. "Mystery was great at that! Her comics made me loads of money!"

Wario had actually remembered my name. I looked at everyone, all my friends, one by one. I guess they really like me after all.

"Come on, everyone! Let's make Mystery's farewell party the best party she's ever had!" Mona declared. Everybody cheered. Everybody except me. I tapped Mona on the back. She spun around. "What's wrong, Mystery?"

"Mona. I'm sorry for everything I said to you yesterday."

"Hey, what about us?" 9-Volt demamded, rushing over with Orbulon. "You said stuff to us too!"

I laughed shakily. "Yes, I'm sorry to you guys too."

"You should tell the others," said Mona. "You know, what you told us."

"I don't trust them as much as I trust you three. Besides, I think Dribble and Spitz suspect something already. And I didn't exactly tell Orbulon and 9-Volt."

The two eavesdroppers blushed guiltily. 9-Volt took out his 3DS.

"I'll delete the recording," he said.

"Thanks, 9-Volt."

"Come on, you lot!" Wario called. "You're missing all the fun!"

"Yeah, come on," said Mona, taking my hand. "Let's go dance."

"Wait, Mona."


"I've decided to stay."

"You WHAT?"

"Why so shocked? I thought you wanted me to stay."

"I do!" Mona hugged me again. "You mean it? You're really gonna stay?"

"Of course I mean it."

"Yay!" 9-Volt cheered, joining the hug.

Orbulon joined too. "That's wonderful."

"Hey, you guys!" Wario bellowed. "Are you deaf? Get your butts over here and join in!"

"We'd better do what his Highness says," 9-Volt laughed.

"Race you!" I grinned, and the four of us made a mad dash for the dance floor.


I didn't think anyone could be stranger, crazier, and loopier than me. But that's what I like about them. My strange, crazy, loopy friends. But none of them are as mysterious as I am. They don't have a secret identity. Some of them(though I won't mention any names) probably couldn't keep a double life secret for five minutes.

My name is Mystery. Well, it's not my REAL name. My real name is Gemstone Rose. And I am truly a Mystery.