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This is my first fanfic. It's pretty much fluff as of now but if people really like it I may turn it into a real story with conflicts and add the other girls and stuff like that. But we'll see. Oh and in this story, Spencer's parents accept her and Toby as a couple :) Well this is turning into me rambling...so now, enjoy!

Chapter 1: Jealously at its finest.

Wren's POV

I was looking forward to this day. I couldn't wait to go to dinner with Spencer. Well, technically I was going with Melissa because I "realized how big of a mistake I made and that I really loved her." Yeah right, the only mistake I made was not staying in touch with Spencer. Well, this dinner with the Hastings was my chance to flirt with Spencer and hopefully get closer to her.

However, all my excitement about tonight suddenly turned into me dreading it when I discovered Spencer was bring her boyfriend. Every time she talked about him or he was brought up in conversation, her eyes glazed over and she turned all love-struck. I've never seen Toby since they are always in her room together, and I don't exactly live with Melissa again, since she is still in the process of fully forgiving me. I just don't understand why Spencer is with him, when I am clearly a better choice. It makes me sick that this special boyfriend of hers makes her so happy.

Melissa and I were sitting on the couch, watching TV and waiting until we left for the dinner, when Spencer emerged from upstairs. She looked absolutely stunning in her short powder blue dress, which was lined with small powder blue flowers at the bust. The top was sparkly, but not tacky and she topped it off with nude colored heels and a cream clutch. I quickly diverted my eyes when Melissa put her hand on my thigh and said something I didn't quite make out. The only thing I was focused on was how crazy it was making me that I could run up to Spencer and kiss her passionately.

She made her way into the kitchen and got a glass of water. After she set it on the counter there was a light knock on the side door. Her face instantly lit up and she ran to the door the best she could in the heels she had on. I laughed to myself at how cute she looked until I realized why her face had lit up in the first place. When I glanced back over she was passionately kissing some boy with her arms wrapped around his neck and his hands rubbing circles on her tiny waist. So, that was Toby. I hope he's ready to fight for Spencer.

Spencers POV

I saw Wren glaring at me and Toby as we made out. When I caught him staring he quickly turned around and pretended he was looking at something else. Come on, I'm a Hastings, I'm not dumb Wren. I know he's jealous and I don't care. This was the first nice dinner out that Toby and I would be going to with my parents and I wasn't going to let Wren ruin it. Toby started lightly kissing my neck and whispering how much he loved me. I giggled like a school girl and I felt him smile against my neck. I knew this was going to set Wren off and as if he read my mind, Wren got up claiming he was going to the bathroom. A few seconds later, Toby and I broke apart as we heard my parents approach the kitchen. They both said hello to Toby and suggested we head over to the restaurant.

There wasn't enough room for all of us in one car, so my parents got a limo. Yes, it's crazy I know, but my parents are business people and this is everyday transportation for them. Toby and I got in first and sat towards the back. Melissa and Wren got in next and sat across from us, but a little further up and my parents sat right by the doors and proceeded to get out there phones and work. The restaurant was about 20 minutes away and I was glad I had Toby with me, or this ride would be hell.

General POV

A little bit into the ride, Toby had his arm around Spencer and was whispering to her as she buried her head into his neck.

"I know this Wren guy has feelings for you still..." Toby confessed to Spencer. She sighed and lifted her head out of his neck to look into his beautiful eyes. "Hey, I'm yours and I always will be. Don't let Wren ruin tonight." Spencer whispered to him. She rested her hands on his rock hard chest and lightly pressed her lips to his. It quickly became heated and Melissa had to clear her throat to break them from their trance.

"Geez guys, take it easy. Leave that for when your alone," Melissa teased. Wren clenched his fists and attempted not to look at the two lovebirds.