"Why would you think he'd exchange his soul for my freedom?" Persephone questioned as she sat on a chair, eating some dish the imps prepared and watching Hades move the tiny figurines on his board.

"Because babe, that's just how heroes work. If there's one thing a villain can count on for a hero, it's for them to be predictable."

She rolled her eyes and started fiddling with the corners of her robe, bored. Less than two hours she's been in the Underworld and she's learned three things:

1) The temperature is actually quite nice, despite what mortals may believe

2) Pain and Panic were excellent cooks

3) There wasn't much to do

He glanced at the mortal across from him every now and again; at first he was annoyed, mortals, nothing could keep them entertained, all they did was complain. Then, he realized, she hadn't complained once and even if she had, he couldn't blame her; he would be bored out of his mind down here too if he wasn't always pre-occupied trying to destroy the son of Zeus.

"Why don't you tell me something?" This surprised him; he stood straight up and looked at her questioningly, "What?"

"Answer me one thing first, babe," she glared at his pet name for her and he smirked before continuing, "why aren't you trying to escape huh? Try to get yourself out of this situation, call on the demi-yutz and get rescued?"

"Is there a way out of here?"


"Is there a way to contact Hercules?"


Persephone shrugged her shoulders, "There you go. I'm a teacher, I'm not an idiot; I can tell when to try and control a situation and when to just let everything play out while I sit back and watch,"

Hades raised an eyebrow, "That's an oddly…twisted view point, don't you find?" She didn't answer and looked down on the ground. He noticed her cheeks getting flushed and he smiled to himself, focusing back on the map, "What do you want to know?"

Persephone thought about it; this was a once in a life time opportunity. If you could ask a God one question, what would it be? "Tell me about yourself," She responded finally, "About you, and your kingdom,"

He rolled his eyes, "You sure you're only a teacher? You don't do a lil' philosophical what not on the side?" She chuckled and shook her head, "Could'a fooled me. Alright, where do I begin?"

Aphrodite walked to the Fate's place, letting herself in. She saw them weaving the tapestry of Fate and heard Clotho groan, "Oh shoot,"

Lachesis smacked her sister's arm, "I think you caused an earthquake somewhere in the Roman Empire again!"

"Um, hello? Goddess of Love in the room here!" Aphrodite shouted out,

"We know!" The Fates responded at the same time, stopping their weaving. They stepped out from the shadows to greet their guest. Athropos spoke first, "We also know you had a visit with Demeter yesterday?"

Aphrodite nodded nervously, what did that have to do with anything? She didn't like the Fates. In all honesty, she loved love: making people fall in and out of it, making the perfect couples with just a pluck of an arrow, but when she visited the Fates it was always the same. They told her the names of two people and she had to make it happen, which reminded her that every couple she made was because they weaved it. It made her feel like a pawn, and she didn't appreciate it.

Clotho spoke, bringing back the Goddess' focus, "And you know about her little godling on the way?" Aphrodite nodded again.

"Well," continued Lachesis, "we need a favour from you involving her,"

Aphrodite scoffed, "Oh no, you want me to step between Demeter and her future child? You know her, she's very… maternal… and aggressively defensive when it comes to her baby."

"But, you don't have a choice," Lachesis reminded the Goddess, "We've already woven it,"

Aphrodite groaned and folded her arms across her chest, "Fine," she spat out, "what is it?"

"You see, we already have everything planned out," Clotho informed, running a green, bony hand across the tapestry, "but her feelings seem to be moving… slower than anticipated…"

Athropos cut in, "We need you to make her fall in love,"

"Obviously," Aphrodite mumbled,

"With Hades!" All three Fates shouted, arms spread out.

"What! No, I'm sorry, I'm the Goddess of Love here and I can't see that working out well… for anyone! I won't do it and nothing, not you or your stupid tapestry will make me,"

"Really, I'm sure I could convince you," A voice called out from behind the blonde haired Goddess. The voice was firm, yet sweet; very motherly. Aphrodite turned around and dropped her angry and defensive stance, changing her appearance to one of shock,

"Sweet Mother of Gods…"

"...and I swear on all of the souls in the Styx, Pain and Panic are the worst little putzes to be around. They're just so annoying!"

"Oh, hold up!" Persephone stood up and stalked over to the God, straining her neck to look him in his eyes. She opened her mouth to speak, but something struck her; his eyes, she noticed, were black, but seemed so… warm.

He raised an eyebrow at the slack-jawed mortal in front of him, "Uh, hello? Babe? You still in there?" He waved a hand in front of her face. She closed her mouth and coughed, trying to pretend that moment never happened, and also trying to ignore the strange feeling that was growing in the pit of her stomach,

"What I was going to say-"

"Before you were captivated by my gorgeous looks?" He joked. He was surprised when she simply blushed and continued talking,

"Anyways, you want to talk about annoying company? Try teaching my class; all idiotic pubescent teens. And Hercules? Don't even get me started!" She shouted, throwing her hands up and pacing, "He always talks the talk about being a hero, being a god, being this great person, but when it comes to school work? He couldn't care less! He should be failing every one of his assignments, but the principle said I couldn't! 'Do you want the wrath of Zeus upon this fine institution?' he said! Ug, and the 'hero-in-training' has a crush on me? Please, as if I'd even consider Jerk-cules as a suitor,"

Hades' eyes widened at her name for the boy-blunder, perhaps this mortal wasn't so bad after all. Then, something hit him, he watched her rant, her hips swaying with each step, her blonde locks following and her thin, delicate fingers clenching in anger. He smirked and walked up behind her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder, "Babe? I think we're going to get along just fine!"

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