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There it was. The final note had been played. The song was complete. The Chrono Cross had been used... The Time Devourer was disappearing from time itself. In its place was a small girl. But, although she was small, she was in no way young. She was, in reality, thousands of years old. Three teenagers, a blue-haired boy with a swallow-like weapon, a blond-haired girl with a dagger, and a brown-haired boy with two swords watched in awe. The blond-haired girl, an exact copy of the first girl, stepped forward. "Yer really her, aren't ya? Yer really Schala." Schala looked at the second girl and just smiled. Then Schala began to speak.

She spoke for what seemed to be a long period of time. All the while, the three teenagers listened. The blue-haired boy and the girl were holding hands. And then it was time. It was time for the dimensions to be restored, and for the teenagers to go back. "Serge! No! Please don't leave me!" The girl cried. Serge, the blue-haired boy, held her compassionately. "I–I have to, Kidd. It has to be done.  You know that..."

"I–" Kidd was cut off as Serge softly pressed his lips to hers. "Shh... It's okay." He said quietly. "But, I–" Her shoulders sagged as she accepted the truth. He couldn't stay. It was  just the way things worked. "Kidd. It's time." Schala said. Kidd whirled to face her. "You! You just–You just SHUT UP!" She screamed. Serge put a hand on Kidd's shoulder. "Kidd..." Kidd broke down into years worth of held back tears. Serge took her into his arms again. After Kidd calmed down, Serge said his goodbyes to his faithful friend, Glenn. "It's been good knowing you, Glenn. It's not gonna be the same without you and your Einlanzers. Go back and become a great dragoon. Finally get out of your brother's shadow and create a shadow for yourself!" Glenn nodded. "I will do that, Serge. It's been a pleasure to fight along side you, my friend. I hope that, even though we won't remember each other, we'll be able to meet up again." And with that, Glenn disappeared. All who were left were Serge, Kidd, and Schala. Serge looked into Kidd's eyes. "Don't worry, Kidd. Our fate is ours to decide now, remember? If we want to find each other, then we will!" Kidd smiled at that. Even in the darkest of times, Serge was still being optimistic and keeping everybody's hopes up. "I know–" Serge began to disappear. "I'll– I'll find ya, mate. I promise. And Serge... I lo–" And then Serge woke up.