I had written this back in 2008 for a challenge for a group I had joined. It's a companion to my other story Undoing What Was Done. However, unlike Undoing, I was able to find this one all in one piece and I find myself not having to rewrite most of it; so updates will be faster.

It tells the story of how I met The Winchesters and wound up joining the Brigade in their crazy attempt to break Dean out of Hell as well as an A/U look at how things end. I hope those who take the time to read enjoy.

Becca sat in her favorite rocking chair by the fireplace watching, through the open curtains of her living room window, the snow as it drifted down from the thick blanket of gray clouds which hung heavy in the evening sky. Candles burned over the mantle casting small shadows around the room. The only sounds that could be heard were the creaking of the chair as she gently rocked back and forth and her soft humming as she focused on the needle point in front of her.

Becca loved this time of day. The peace and quiet was a much needed distraction from the noise and hustle of her busy days. She had retired from her job as office manager just a little over a year ago, thinking that this would be her time to relax and spend some quality time with her husband; but, who had she been kidding. Her days had become more than busy with running her grandchildren to and from school, their various appointments and where ever else they needed to be, while their father worked.

A creak from the hallway floor had her reaching for the shotgun she always kept by her side. She laid her needle point down on the table beside her chair and listened through the silence that had settled over her house. The creaking noise once again came from the hall and she quietly moved in that direction. Her heart had started to beat faster and her breathing had quickened as her anxiety started to rise. She had made it to the doorway just as a bunny slipper came popping around the corner.

Becca quickly lowered the shotgun and placed it behind the chair that was sitting next to her. Taking a deep breath, to steady her nerves, she placed a bright smile on her face and jumped around the corner yelling boo. She let out a hearty laugh at the sight of her granddaughter jumping back in fright, her big blue eyes opened as wide as they could possibly go. "Gotcha," she said as she picked the girl up, "Why are you out of bed, Ari? Are you trying to scare your old grandma again?" When the child only shook her head no Becca tried once again, "Arianna Marie, why are you up? Did something scare you? Did you have a bad dream?"

Arianna looked at her grandmother her eyes still as wide as saucers, "Because," she started to answer only to let her gaze fall.

"Ari, because of what? Come on you tell grandma," Becca said as she tilted the child's head up so she could see her eyes.

"This," Ari answered raising her tiny hand and opening it. Becca let out a small gasp as she looked at the items that her granddaughter held out to her. "Grandma I'm sorry I know that I'm not supposed to play in the attic but we were bored and when Jackson suggested we explore the attic I thought it sounded like fun. He found this old trunkā€¦.I..I told him not to but he opened it. Grandma he broke the lock. I'm sorry," the girl said once again as she grabbed her grandmother around the waist and gave her a tight hug.

Becca stared at the faded photo and necklace she now held. She wrapped one arm around her granddaughter and led her into the living room. She guided the child to the couch, after having told her to sit, Becca did the same. "Ari, you're absolutely right, you are not to play in the attic. I don't care if Jackson thought of it or not. You are in a lot of trouble young lady. Rest assured that your brother is as well. There are many reasons that you are not to go up there the least of which is that it invades my and your grandfather's privacy. That trunk that your brother opened holds memories that are both very dear and very painful for me. I was going to tell you about it and what it held when you were older but seeing as you have found it I suppose I should tell you now," Becca's eye's misted over as she let the memories come to her.

"Grandma, are you ok? You look so sad," Ari's sweet voice found its way through the memories bringing Becca back to the present.

"Yes, sweetheart, I'm fine. I'm just remembering," Becca answered a sad smile gracing her lips. "You see what you have discovered is a secret that I have kept from most everyone who knows me. The only people to know about this are you're Aunt, Cousins Steven and Xavior, Stacy and your grandfather. Your father doesn't even know," Becca paused and took a deep breath. This was going to be harder then she thought. "Do you know why I always lay salt around the doors and windows? Do you know why I always insist that you and your brother wear the necklaces I bought for you the very day you were born?"

Ari shook her head, "No, I don't. I have wanted to ask you but daddy told me not to. To be honest I think he thinks you're a bit crazy."

Becca laughed, "Honey I'll tell you a secret I think so to." The smile faded from her face and the laughter left her voice, "Ari, I do that for protection. The salt acts as a barrier against ghosts as well as other supernatural beings and the necklaces are protection charms against possession. I know you have seen the books that I keep in my library and I know that you and Jackson have looked at them. The things in those books are real. I know. I have seen and even fought against them. This picture is a picture of someone who was once very close to your grandfather and I. His name was Dean, Dean Winchester. He and his brother Sam traveled across America hunting those creatures in my books. They are the ones who showed me how to protect my family. In fact I owe my life and your grandfather's life to them."

"Wait a minute Grandma, you're telling me that monsters really do exist and that this man," Ari said pointing to the picture in her grandmother's hand, "hunted them and showed you how? Let's say that I believe you, then what's this and who is Aislinn?"

"Aislinn is me," seeing the confused look on Ari's face Becca continued, "When I found out what was out there I took on an alias and hunted the monsters that were close to the town I lived in. I guess you could say I was a weekend hunter. I didn't want word getting around about me so I adopted the name Aislinn and it stuck with me. What you are holding there is a charm that Dean had given me. It says Aislinn because that is what I went by when I was with them."

"Them, Sam and Dean, you mean?"

"No," Becca answered shaking her head, "but, yes. Look it's getting late and you need to turn in young lady. I promise, I will tell you everything tomorrow. Now, off to bed."

Ari understood the no-nonsense tone that her grandmother's voice had taken on. She stood up gave her grandmother a quick hug then headed off to bed. Becca watched as the child turned towards her room. "Oh dear, I'm not ready to relive this just yet," she mumbled as she reached for the phone. She quickly dialed the number she knew by heart and waited for the answer. "Michael, I need you and J.D. to come home now. Jackson and Ari found the trunk. We need to fill J.D. in before we talk to the kids. I know, I know. I'm not ready either. OK, I'll wait up. Honey, please don't take to long."

Placing the phone back in its cradle she laid her head back against the cushion of the couch. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she clutched the picture and necklace to her chest. She knew that the past wouldn't stay hidden forever but she had hoped it would have if only for a teeny bit longer. She was proud of her accomplishments as a hunter, even if she mostly hunted just on the weekends. She held no embarrassment for what she believed or did; however she did hold a fear of her grandchildren losing the innocence she had fought so hard to protect. To late now, tomorrow they would learn about how she met Dean and Sam as well as how and why she joined the Brigade.