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"What? Whoa, wait a minute. Did I hear you right? Did you just say that you volunteered to go into Hell," Jake asked his mother; his voice a mixture of surprise and anger, "Is that even possible." Jake's eyes had gone wide and his mouth hung open while his brain tried to digest the last thing his mother had said. Jake pushed away from the table and the chair he was sitting on flipped over as he jumped up and began pacing around the kitchen.

"This is crazy. This is complete and utter insanity. Mom, please tell me exactly what you meant by you volunteered to go into Hell." He had stopped his pacing and was now leaning against the kitchen sink. Jake looked deep into his mother's eye's and the pain he saw there was an easy match to the bewilderment in his.

"Jake it was about two and a half, maybe three years, after I had met Dean and his brother Sam. I had taken to the hunting life and spent my weekends helping those I could. I had built up a circle of friends that I knew I could depend on for anything. Not wanting anyone to know who I really was I had taken to wearing a small disguise and had adopted the name Aislinn. I had always loved that name; it means dream, you know. Anyways," Becca quickly continued, her son's I don't give a crap about the name look, spurring her on, "I had grown to love and care for each of my new found friends. Our bond was like that of a family. Sam and Dean would stop by whenever they were in the area. I was at a good place in my life. I had found a place in a calling that actually helped people; even saved lives. I won't lie, it was hard and at times it took an emotional tool, but I enjoyed it. Then…." Becca trailed off as the memory hit her full force.

"Then what…" Jake started but was cut off by his father. "Jake, give your mom a moment. It's not like she's telling you about a day at the park; this is where the memories start to get painful. Please, be patient."

"Then," Becca continued her voice sounding as if it was coming from far away, "Then Sam, was murdered. His death tore at Dean's very soul and proved to be more than he could handle. In a moment of grief induced insanity, Dean went to the crossroads and offered his soul in trade for Sam's life. The usual length of time given to someone is ten years but the demon offered Dean only one. Dean accepted and when he returned to Sam he found him alive. For the next year Sam tried everything he could to save his brother. What Sam didn't know was; we were doing the same.

We had formed a brigade under the leadership of VampySix. That's her brigade name," Becca quickly explained when she noticed the puzzled look on her sons face. "We went into action and devised a plan to break Dean out of Hell. We called ourselves The Bust Dean Outta Hell Brigade and we were over 80 members strong. Some of us submitted battle plans and together we chose the one we thought was the best. It took us four months to get everything in place and get ourselves ready. Then one September day in 2008 we went into Hell itself and busted Dean out. We lost quite a few members that day, but overall it was a successful campaign, we saved Dean."

To some the revelations his mother had made would probably have not been that big a deal…..Oh, who was he trying to fool; it wasn't everyday a person finds out their mother was once kid-napped, beaten, strung up to be a sacrifice, had murdered their tormentor and had decided to become a monster hunter. Nope, it wasn't everyday someone hears this about their mother. And, to top it all off to find out that his mother had made a conscious decision to go into Hell, well it was getting to be a little surreal. Jake stared at his mother. He wasn't sure if he should call for the Sanitarium to come pick her up or if he should keep listening. His mother was very clearly insane.

He could believe the story about Megan, up to the point about the witches and their master. He could believe that Megan and her followers were warped and had really believed that they were bringing back an all powerful master. What he found hard to believe was that his mother believed it also. He had chalked it up to the trauma of the event and held off judgment, but now she talking about having gone into Hell and rescuing someone from there.

"Mom, stop. Please, this is crazy. You think you actually went into Hell and saved your friend? You really believe that you were able to pull him out," Jake asked. The note of fear for his mother's sanity was clearly heard, "That's insane mom. No one can do that. You actually believe that you hunted monsters and that Megan was a real witch that was trying to bring forth her master? You really believe all this is real? That's crazy. And, dad what about you? You're just sitting there, say something; anything, you know this isn't real."

"I wish I could tell you what you want me to. But, all this was real, it did happen. Jake, I was there. Believe me, son, I would have felt the same way you do…it's just that I saw it myself," Mike said to his son. He stood up, went to Jake, and wrapped his arms around him in a tight hug. "Jake I know this sounds crazy, that's one of the reason's we kept it hidden. I see now that was a mistake. I think that we should have told you about it while you were younger. We knew that this would come out, eventually. I guess we just never gave hope that it wouldn't."

"As to be expected," Becca continued so lost in her memories she couldn't stop, "Dean came back carrying some serious baggage. He wasn't the same man, he had changed. But, Dean wasn't the only one who had changed so had Sam. When we had failed to keep Dean out of Hell in the first place; Sam dropped off the radar. It wasn't until after he was reunited with Dean did we hear about what he was up to. It seems that Sam had gone against his brother's dying wish and had joined forces with Ruby, a demon who was teaching him how to use the powers he was given by Azazeal. I know you don't know about Azazeal and I promise that I will tell you about that, just not now.

To add to the brother's turmoil it seems that Dean was chosen by Heaven itself to be some kind of leader for them. Dean was being visited regularly by an Angel named Castiel. Dean, who had spent most of his life not believing in Angles or a higher power for that matter, had at first found this hard to believe. He believed only in things that he himself had seen. It didn't take long for him to accept that Castiel was the real deal and that in fact the apocalypse was at hand and that the fate of the world was in his and Sam's hands.

The major problem with that whole scenario, however, was that Dean was told if he couldn't stop Sam from using his powers then Heaven would. Now, anyone who knew Dean knew that threatening Sam was a sure fire way to get on Dean's bad side. So now Dean was dealing with his haunting memories of Hell and a direct threat to his brother; not to mention the impending apocalypse.

While the boys were dealing with their new reality; the Brigade had remained tight and offered a hand to the Winchester brother's whenever we could. For me though things were just a bit different. I found out that I was pregnant, with you, a month after we had brought Dean back. I was overjoyed. It was something that I had wanted for a long time. Naturally, my hunting activities stopped. Well, not all of them. I still did research and allowed my fellow hunters to stay at our house if they needed to, but I no longer went out on actual hunts.

Around your due date I called Dean and asked if he would be your god-father. I knew that he was dealing with a lot, but I hoped that this would offer him a little light in the darkness that had become his world. To my relief he agreed and was there when you were christened. Dean wasn't the only one who was there. Sam had come as well as various other members of the Brigade. It was hard explaining who everyone was to the family, but we managed.

The celebration didn't last long, that night the guys were called away; as were the members of the Brigade. A part of me wanted to go with them; I guess I had begun to miss the hunt, but I knew that I no longer could. I knew that my job was to stay home and to protect you, and I swear that I have not once ever regretted that. You and your father were my life and I had to protect the precious gift I had been given, the gift of a family," Becca began to sob as she once again felt the sadness build over the fact that Dean had missed out on having a family of his own. Dean had wanted a family of his own but had always known it wasn't meant for him. It was something that he had talked with her about often.

Jake watched his mother as she struggled with her memories. He could see how much they troubled her. He knelt down in front of her and took her face in his hands. He wiped the tears from her cheeks and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead, "Mom, as hard as this is for me; it has to be twice as hard for you. I'm not sure just how much of this I think is real, but I know that you believe it to be. If you want to stop for the night we can. You must be exhausted from this."

"Jake, you were always such a considerate boy," Becca said as she raised her hand and placed it gently on her son's cheek, "But I need to get this out. If I stop now I'm not sure I'll be able to go on. So if you don't need a break then I think I'll continue."

Jake stood up, righted the chair he had flipped over and sat back down. He looked his mother straight in her eyes and said, "Ok then, continue."

"Jake," Becca said as she returned her son's stare, "I had so hoped that when you heard of this it would be under a much different set of circumstances. I know that this is a lot to take in. I know that is all so fantastical. I know you think I'm insane; how could you not? But, what I have told you is the truth. It all happened. I had hoped to have more time to get myself together, more time to actually prepare the story for you; but with Ari and Jackson having found the trunk and Ari coming to me for answers, well I," Becca shrugged.

Jake took his mom's hands in his and smiled warmly at her. His heart beat quickened as he searched her eyes and realized, God help him, she was telling the truth. He gave her hands a reassuring squeeze, "Mom, it's alright. I understand, I think. I'm just happy that you are sharing it with me now. Whatever your reason's for keeping it hidden are yours. But," he said his eyes sparkling with a bit of mirth, "the truth always comes out. Isn't that what you always told me…..Fess up now, Jacob Dean, the truth has a way of coming out."

Becca shook her head and couldn't suppress the smile that tugged at her mouth, "You got me there. But, I honestly hoped this would be the one truth that didn't find its way," the smile faded and the haunted look replaced it, "Jake, we fought hard for 2 or so years after Dean came back. We couldn't catch a break. Just when we thought we had figured out the next seal to be broken, Lilith would throw a curve ball and break a different one. We were losing ground and losing faith. Morale had fallen and we had begun to worry even more so for Dean and Sam. I was struggling with the thought that I hadn't been on the front line for so long. I was feeling guilty for being holed up safe and secure at home, even if that wasn't the truth. Those of us who for some reason or another couldn't be on the front were under attack as well.

There was a time you had become mysteriously ill. The doctors couldn't find anything medically wrong with you. We brought a psychic in to have her tell us that you were under attack by a malevolent being bent on distracting from my research duties. She said that it had somehow managed to break through the protective barriers we had set in place. We did a cleansing and reset the barriers and your health improved. Even with the being gone, its work continued, I was distracted.

Our ranks were dwindling, injuries, more than casualties, were taking their toll. Then by a stroke of luck we actually found the last seal Lilith was going to break. It was a place the Winchester brothers were all too familiar with. It was an old cemetery located somewhere in the west and the brother's first heard of it when they went there to stop Azazeal from opening the Devil's Gate located there. It seems that the last seal Lilith was going to break was located there and that she planned to reopen that gate as the gateway for Lucifer to be free once again. We couldn't allow that to happen.

We formed a battle battalion and readied ourselves for the up coming battle. We were way under prepared. The sheer mass of Lilith's army was more than twice our own. But, we refused to back down. We stood and we fought. We took out many of those evil creatures, in fact we took out way more of them then they did us. Lilith was actually getting worried. She looked like she was afraid that she might actually fail. But, she managed to break the seal and to open the gate. We stood and watched in terror as the image of Lucifer walked towards the gate a triumphant smile plastered on his face. Lilith bowed low to him and so did the other creatures.

My heart sunk to the very souls of my feet. This couldn't be how it would end. I thought of you, Jake, my sweet little son at home your once bright future turned dark by this hideous turn of events. That's when it happened. Before any of us knew what was going on, Dean and Sam took the opportunity that the lull in the action had created. They grabbed Lilith and carrying her with them, they charged the gate. We watched as Sam used all the power he had keeping Lucifer at bay long enough while Dean closed the gate's doors in effect trapping them inside.

We trembled at the awful howling that escaped behind the closed doors. The creatures of darkness seemed to be confused and at a lost. They started scampering this way and that. Enraged by our loss we dispatched with whatever creature was unfortunate enough to get left behind by their fleeing mass. By daybreak the cemetery field looked as if all the world's wars had been played out upon it.

We left the cemetery defeated even though Lucifer had been stopped; the Winchester Brother's were gone, there was no way this could be counted as a victory. Yes, the world would go one living in its false sense of peace and security. Yes, the seals had been reset and Lucifer was again trapped unable to be released. But, we, the Brigade, had lost the heart and soul of our existence, the Winchesters. We went our separate ways each dealing with the pain the best we could. The very man we had fought so hard to free from Hell sent himself right back when it became clear to him that would be the only way to save the world.

There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss him and cry a tear or two over the torment he and his brother must be going through. There was no way we were going to be able to save him this time and believe me we tried. That is another reason I couldn't tell you about this. The thought of him there is too much to bear. I just….." Becca was interrupted by a soft voice from just behind her.

"But, grandma, he isn't trapped in Hell. He and his brother we're saved they were pulled out and taken to a higher plane, you know Heaven. It was their reward for all the years of self sacrifice they gave. Dean has visited me many times; I just didn't know it was him. He watches over me and Jackson. I have never seen him, that is why I didn't recognize his picture. I have only felt his presence and at times heard his voice. He told me that he is our guardian angel and that he has been watching over us and our father since daddy was little. He has told me that, he and Sam have been keeping watch over all the children of the Brigade. It makes him sad that he can't talk to you and let you know he's alright, he said you wouldn't have believed. He asked me to tell you this tonight because he has been watching and he feels that tonight you would believe. He wants you to let go of the pain and the feeling that there was something you could have done. He says that everything has worked out as it should."

Becca turned to look at her granddaughter. How could it be? Could Ari be telling her the truth, or was it some illusion created by a demon, another way to torment her? Then she felt it, the gentle hand on her cheek and the soft kiss on her forehead, much the same as Dean had done many a year ago. She felt herself melt and knew that Ari had been telling the truth. She opened herself up and she too felt him there with them. Ari wrapped her arms around her grandmother's neck and said, "Grandma, please don't cry, it's alright. I told you he's alright."

"She's right you know," Becca stiffened as the sound of the voice she had feared was long ago silenced reached her ears, "I'm alright. I did what I had to and I would do it all the same if given the chance." She felt another soft kiss on her forehead then she knew that he was gone yet again. Becca looked at Ari and pulled the girl into a tight hug. Letting go she stood up and took the child's hand, "I think it's time we get you back into bed, young lady," turning back she looked over her shoulder at her husband and her son, "It's late, I think we all should head off to bed."

Becca found herself unable to sleep. She padded back out to the kitchen and started rummaging through the memories that the old trunk held. Sighing she put everything back into the trunk and once again closed the lid. She had decided that the children having opened the trunk had turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. She realized that telling her son her secret had helped to start healing the wounds that had refused to heal for so long. She also realized that it was the catalyst needed for her finding out what had happened to her best friend all those years ago. She flipped the light switch off and whispered, "Good night, Dean," into the night air.