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The Custodian of Fujimi Gakuen (Academy)

It was straight out of a horror movie. Screams of terror and panic, blood, and actual moving corpses. If not for the awareness of the situation he had developed weeks ago when arriving he would have though it to be the work of a Dead Apostle. 'Well, actually, I still do.' Dressed in a custodian's outfit, a man somewhat in his early to mid twenties was moving around these undead creatures. What would have made the situation even more surreal were the twin chinese falchions the man was holding in his hands. One of the blades was pristine white, the blood on it not even staining its purity but sliding off of it. The other, was black with a hexagonal pattern on it. In his hands, they dance like partners. The three of them, partners, in a deadly dance that would eviscerate anyone or thing that would get near.

'It's like a plague, and just as virulent.' His name tag read Emiya Shirou, though he did prefer the use of his servant class as preferred to a name. It was a small comfort he took. A scream to the side and he tossed the white sword, Bakuya, in that general direction. He cut down another zombie with the Kanshou, the black blade. Soon the sound of rending flesh at the direction he tossed Bakuya reached his ears followed by the sound of scurrying feat. A twist to the left saw another head roll of a body and he held out his hand to catch the return of the partner blade as it tore through another two bodies that had tried to attack him from behind.

"Geez, just when I thought I had a little respite, I get pulled into this kind of thing again." He grumbled as he tossed both blades towards a group of zombies about to reach a pair of girls. The targets turned to confetti as he raced onwards, this time to another group. He leapt forward as his twin blades returned to him and promptly diced the zombies neatly.

"Better get out of here while you can. I can't protect all of you." He told the group as he sped off to look for more people to save. He was no longer disillusioned of his ideals. He knew couldn't save everyone, so instead he would save those he could. After all, wasn't that what he was?

A hero...

'A high powered drill?' He heard the scream, and the following noise. He reacted found himself racing towards the faculty room. 'If memory serves that is where the faculty keep the keys to the bus as well as their personal belongings.' Beheading each one of the undead after another that stood in his way. The custodian of Fujimi Gakuen then found himself facing a select few faces that he would see from time to time. "It looks like you six have everything already under control."

"Ah! Emiya-san!" He recognized Marikawa Shizuka, the school's nurse. He nodded at her. "We should get inside the faculty office while we still have some breathing room." He nodded back to the hallway where several more of zombies were starting to congregate. Everyone agreed to his suggestion.

"There, that should do it." Propping up a mop from the nearby utility closet allowed him to jam the door. "Shouldn't we barricade the door a bit more Emiya-san?" One of the other males, Komuro Takashi asked the oldest of the three men. "No, there 's no need, this is a sliding door, Just locking it would be enough of a deterrent as I doubt they have the motor skills to open it the regular way, but to be on the safe side, this mop should help. We should take this time to rest and recollect ourselves as much as possible." He then jerked his finger to Shizuka who snoozing slightly on her desk.

Komuro and Hirona Kohta, a student who he would talk from time to time and whom he knew as a sort of gun enthusiast, nodded to his advice and decided to take it. "Those are some interesting blades Emiya-san." Looking to his side, he saw Busujima Saeko, a known user and expert of the art of swordplay was overlooking his twin chinese swords on the desk.

"They are called Kanshou and Bakuya. The black is the former, the white, the latter. They are what you call "married" twin swords." He started to explain as Saeko was overlooking the craftsmanship, captivated by their beauty. "They were crafted by the blacksmith Gān Jiàng, whose wife, Mò Yé, gave her life in order to melt the metal used to create the swords during the Spring and Autumn Period. It is said that during their creation, they were made with no vanity. The two, lack a sense of purpose or pride that are present with other blades; and that their bond to each other is so strong that no matter what happens they will be attracted to one another and their owner."

"So they exist for no purpose. They exist because they do." He smiled. "That is one way of seeing it, Busujima-san." The two were then drawn to the television news that was being played out, as well as the ensuing discussion from the other five. "It would seem to be in our best interest to stay together. With the situation as it is, we can say that world may come to a societal collapse. Like I said, making our way to the parking lot through the front entrance is the quickest way." Takagi Saya, a girl who reminded much of his old master.

"And also the most dangerous." The sword wielding man added. Saya smirked. "Between Busujima-san, Hirano, Miyamoto-san, Takashi, and you Emiya-san, I think we can manage." He couldn't help it, she just reminded him too much of one Tohsaka Rin. "Indeed, what a frightening person you are Takagi-san. "What's that supposed to mean?" He just shook his head. "Nothing really." A small smirk dancing on his lips. He picked his swords, gave a casual flick to remove the residue left on them. "Alright then, let's go." He took the right wing position alongside Saeko, as the group formed up and moved out.

'Just how did it end up that I am the one doing this?' Grumbling in his mind, he hefted up Kanshou up and silently made his way to the nearest one of them. With the tip of his weapon he gave his target a not-so-gentle nudge with the tip. The corpse stumbled back a bit but remained standing before shuffling ahead into a random direction. 'So it looks like Saya was right with her theory. They have no sense of touch or sight.' But he had yet to test their sense of hearing. His eyes scanned the room, no more than a rough seventeen corpses littered the hallway. 'Let's see if we can thin those numbers a bit."

Rearing back his arm, he tossed Bakuya into the air. The blade arched and its metal sang its melody before rending the flesh of its owner target, at the far side of the room. It passed through two more bodies before it returned to the awaiting hand of its owner. Body parts hit floor and the others in the room began their gait towards the now twice killed. More and more passed him by, intent in seeking the source of the sound.

He quickly motioned them to move. One by one, keeping an eye on the mingling undead the group of seven, now twelve as they rescued a group of five students near the stairs began making their way to the entrance. All them still had a perplexed and awed look at him, more or less because of his display with his blades. They were almost to the door when murphy's law decided to interject itself. The sound of metal against metal was very deafening in the hall, one of the student's whom they had saved had a pole as a weapon and it banged against the metal railing. All of them had turned their heads, their blind eyes 'looking' at their general direction.

The twin wielding swordsman saw the look on everyone's eyes, but cursed the root the moment Takashi screamed for everyone to run while the doors were open. 'No choice...' "Busujima-san, I'll take rearguard, get everyone to the bus and watch yourselves. Don't stop for anything!" He roared out to the swords-woman who nodded. His hand flicked and this time it was Kanshou flying in the air as he cut down two which had tried to grab him. The blade returned to his hand before sending its twin out to slice through another five as he danced around three that had tried to tackle him, his hazy white blade slicing through what were once living beings.

Their numbers were numerous inside the school, but outside on the open grounds their number far exceeded what they had thought. During the mass panic earlier, a lot of the students and faculty were bitten and subsequently became more of what they were fleeing from and promptly attacked even more victims, creating even more of themselves. Still the group pressed on, their survival at stake.

Takashi and Saeko took the vanguard, crushing heads and swatting bodies away to clear the path for the rest. Kohta and Miyamoto Rei, which he had the pleasure of knowing during one of her late night lance training sessions, took the left and right wing respectively, keeping the group from being flanked. Saya, Shizuka and the other students came next, while he, the custodian, took the rearguard protecting the ones lagging and making sure none of them had the chance to catch them from behind.

He let both blades fly this time as he reinforced his legs and made a spinning round house clearing the ones trying to surround him. "Takuzo!" His eyes moved and saw that one of the students had been latched on to and was slowly being surrounded. Pushing more Od into his body he rushed to save the boy. 'If what we discussed earlier was right, then one bite and it's all over for him.'

His body, a body made to fight things that are not human to begin with went into hyperdrive. No longer was he the custodian of Fujimi Gakuen, it was time to shed that identity.

"I am the bone of my sword~."

These were the words she heard. Against the thrum of her own body, against the sounds that the undead made, against the sound of everything else, she heard these words. These words of power she would come to know as intimately as any part of her own body. It also seemed she was not alone, as another also heard it.

The two of them watched as one of the student they had rescued, Takuzo, was moments away from doom, when they saw a pair of spinning discs they had accustomed to seeing severing heads recently from the hands of the school's custodian, Emiya Shirou. For the two of them, he was now something of a keen interest.

From what they both heard when he had first arrived from their own respective sources, he was a recluse but kind individual willing to help out others that approached him. Now, he showed them apt swordsmanship and a mysterious pair of swords that by all means seem to defy logic and physics, as they flew through the air to return to his hands time and again.

Now they watched as he arrived just in time to save a young man on the verge of what was to be his death. Without missing a beat, he helped the boy up and pushed onwards towards the bus. "Go!" He shouted at the student at them who stopped to watch. With the urgency now placed again in the forefront of their minds they raced towards the bus and double the speed they were going at. They did wonder when multiple explosions occurred but that was pushed back as they reached the temporary safety of the bus.

"Emiya-san, everyone's in." He nodded at Takashi. Hopefully the explosions he had created would draw attention away from their current position, but that was not what was bothering him right now.


He turned to look through the smoke his work had caused. It was thick and obscured most vision, even his own, but out from the mist of dust, more survivors were making a break for the buss as well. A yelp and a tone for help reached his ears from behind the cover of soot, but before he could move his blood ran cold.

"This world we've known is now over. The powerless don't deserve to survive." It couldn't be heard by anyone else as they did not reinforce their senses to the utmost limit, but he heard it, and heard the scream of pain, of anguish, of betrayal and hopelessness of the unfortunate survivor. Then he saw the smirk on the face on the one responsible as he emerged from the kicked up dust. Koichi Shido, the man had a smirk which was quickly wiped clean in order to appear calm and collected and worried. It took every ounce of his will to not slaughter the man as came aboard the bus.

"Marikawa-sensei!" Deciding the safety of everyone else was priority, he urged the buxom blonde who was in the driver's seat of their escape vehicle. He watched in concern as she she told herself again and again that those bodies she was about to run over were no longer human, before revving the engine making their way to the gate and out of this now dead school.

He kept quiet during the ride, ignoring the selfish blathering of the idiot student he knew as Tsunoda; venting out his frustration. He had taken a sheet he had found under the seats to clean and wrapp around his traced blades, if only to keep up with appearances. He may be the only magi in this world in which he was thrust into but it didn't mean he wanted to be the center of attention due to his skills. 'Though that may not be an issue anymore with the way this world has turned out.' He thought. He then observed the rest of the motley crew.

Shizuka was trying her best to keep her attention on the road but the student's constant ranting was starting to grate on her nerves despite her patience. Rei kept looking at the back of the bus, her eyes directing an intense hatred for someone. 'Three guesses as to who.' He thought sarcastically. Komuro sat behind Rei, keeping to himself and observing the others like he was. Saya and Kohta sat next to each other, only paying half-attention to Tsunoda. Saeko was silently cleaning her bokken with her eyes close. Takuzo and Naomi were holding hands behind Kohta and Saya, their relieve smiles to each other were all that were needed to tell him that as long as the two knew that the other was safe, little else mattered. 'Which is good as most people tend to fall apart at the seams at an instant.' His thought turned to the other students who had arrived last on their escape vehicle, as they were still dealing with the shock . Then he directed his attention towards Rei's ire. Shido was currently at the back of the bus observing as well, his hands steepled in front of him, giving him the appearance of a scheming merchant or politician. From the outside he turned back inward. His thoughts going through every possible explanation to the situation. 'I've been in this world for almost a year, I have no contact with anything beyond normal. So it could be some genetic mutation going and that it truly is a plague, or there is a dead apostle I don't know about trying to take control of the world. Still to think things would end up this way.'

He thought back to what he remembered before arriving in this world. The fifth Holy Grail War. Being summoned as an Archer class servant to serve his master, Tohsaka Rin. Daughter of a notable magi family who participated only because she wanted to do the name of her father proud. Realizing the chance he was given he had tried to paradox himself out of existence, and that failed, and he got one of the biggest proverbial slaps to the face.

Then when he thought he would return to the Alaya, he was thrust into this world, with no inkling, warning or the like. It was like he was an old toy that a child did not want to play with anymore. He took the opportunity to set himself up, and after the incident with the Holy Grail War, he had allowed himself to take up the name he had long ago thought he had forsaken. The bus came to a screeching halt, and that jarred him from his thinking. "That's enough, lay off me! I've never driven one of these before!" The unexpected outburst from the bubbly and slightly ditzy nurse made it enough to for him to follow her rather forceful request. Tsunoda then looked towards Takashi and was about to continue his rant when a rather large hand clamped down on his shoulder.

"That's enough. You've clearly made your displeasure known, so there is no use in aggravating the situation." Shirou gave and even stare to the teen. This seemed to make the angry student redirect his ire towards him. "Oh yeah? You want me to stop? Then why don't you make me!" He smirked, that seemed to set everyone on edge, especially the angry young man. "As cliche as that sounds, I will oblige your request." He said with a smile, and his fist met the teens gut, making him bend over grasping for breathe and a bit of his spittle dribble out of his mouth as he fell backwards onto the floor of the bus hacking and wheezing, trying to regain the air that had been forced out of his lungs.

The bus was silent for only for so long as someone began to clap. "That was an excellent display of an appropriate action." It was Shido. "But, as wonderful as keeping the students in line is Emiya-san, would it not be better if these kinds of fights never broke out at all?" Shirou already knew the man's game. "I propose that we elect someone to act as leader for our little group. We need someone to not only keep everyone from going out of line but someone able to make a decisions that will ensure our very survival. The world we know is now over, we must learn to swim with the tide or drown."

"So you would be that fitting this person to take on this role?" Saya said scathigly. Shido smiled and chuckled. "Well, I am a teacher, I am the one most qualified to do so." Shirou was already having an extreme regret of his own personality now. 'I should kill him right now and save us all the trouble.' He thought, but decided against it, it was petty to do so, but more importantly there were matters that needed more attention. 'Besides, I can always make a little accident happen to him later.' Thoughts of a traced Hrunting spearing through the man's torso had some appeal to it after all.

Shido then turned around to face the students that followed him during their escape attempt from the school and gestured to them. "Please, for those who wish for me to lead us; to lead us to our continued survival. Clap your hands if you wish of me to take this mantle, this burden." One by one, those swayed by his words began to clap their hands, even the downed student, with a grimace was forcing himself to clap through the pain.

Shirou smirked internally. Despite that some of the students that he had helped earlier joining in voting for Shido, and even if the man himself gave himself the vote, it was still in their favor. Takashi, Kohta, Shizuka, Rei, Saya, Saeko, Naomi, Takuzo, and himself did not clap. "Looks like majority rules, Shido-sensei." Shirou said. It was nine to seven vote, and his comment seemed to have irritated Shido if the slight clenching of the jaw was of any indication. "It seems I have not been able to persuade all of you, still if that is your decision, I will abide by it." He repositioned his glasses, letting the glare of light bounce off.

"Still, it would do no good if we are to move without direction and guidance. If not I, who should take the burdens of leadership?" A small, weaselly, student seconded the question. "Yeah? Shido-sensei should be leader, he's perfect for the role." A long-haired brunette followed. "I agree, Shido-sensei has the credentials. I mean, with him as our leader I'm sure we can get through this." More and more, those who had supported Shido during the impromptu voting started to become restless.

'I see so that's his game, if doesn't get it through democracy, he'll strong-arm the others so that there won't be anymore dissent in the group. Fine, looks like I'll have to make the others play along for now.' It was becoming more and more appealing to spit the man on his blades, but he only let his contempt show by snorting.

"Really Shido-sensei, being a leader is more than you make it to be?" Shido nodded. "Indeed it is Emiya-san, but you have to agree, I am the one who can make the best choices." "So you make it to be; but you have to remember, being a leader is not about choosing the best decision, it is about example, action. Reality will not bend to your will and allow you all the choices you can make, sometimes the decision will be taken out of your hands and you will have to be the one who will mitigate the damage. You will be the one to decide in a dire situation, who will live and who will die; or you yourself will be the one placed on the path of danger or death just so that the rest of the group will be saved." As he said those words Shido started to falter back. 'You want to be leader so badly, then go ahead, but I will make you dance to a different tune to the one you had in mind.'

Shirou then smiled and patted Shido on the shoulder. "Then go ahead Shido-sensei." "There's no way I'll stay if he's leader!" Rei shouted suddenly. She turned towards Shizuka. "Marikawa-sensei, please open the door!" She was angry, that was plain to see. Without even waiting for a reply she immediately went for the passenger door at the front, opened it, and leapt out, weapon in hand. "I'd rather go alone than let him lead me." She started to walk away.

"Rei!" Without missing a beat, Takashi called out to her and began to gave chase. He watched as the two them argued in the streets, only for attention to be called to something else.

"A bus?" Shirou opened the window. "Look out you two!" That drew the attention of the two students. A bus, it was out of control, his eyes saw that inside the bus was complete chaos. Infected bodies clawing and gnawing at those trapped inside. A metal coffin on wheels.

"Komuro! Miyamoto!" Shirou quickly exited the vehicle and tried ascertain their status through the flames. "We're alright Emiya-san!" Thankfully the two were alright. Takashi had been able to shove Rei away by tackling her into the sidewalk; but the two were now seperated due to the raging fire. Through the crackling of the fire and the shuffling of the nearby undead who had begun to congregate to the sound of the crash.

"We'll meet you at Takagi Station passed Onbetsu bridge later at seven, if not today then the same time tomorrow! Until then, please keep everyone safe!" "You two take care as well!" He and Takashi gave each other a nod of affirmation, as he went back to the bus ushering back a worried Saeko.

"Do you see now Emiya-san?" He looked up to see Shido smiling. "Without proper guidance we have lost two more of our group." "You act like that they are already dead." Shido sighed. "As much as it pains me, we can't be too sure if they can make it to the station, or if they will last the night at all. It would be most prudent to reach Onbetsu bridge and see if where we will go from there. Is that agreeable to everyone?" The pinstripe suit wearing man more or less directed the question to his supporters, who gave their consent wholeheartedly.

"Is that acceptable to you Emiya-san?" Shirou just narrowed his eyes but nodded silently. "Marikawa-sensei, would you be so kind as to direct the bus to Onbetsu bridge, from there we can take stock of the current situation and decide where to go from there." Like a diplomat, Shido took a seat, but Shirou did not miss the smug smile casted his away.

As for Shirou himself, he sat down next to Saeko, bundled blades on his lap. "Will they be alright Emiya-san?" "He glanced towards her and sighed. "To be quite honest, I'm not so sure, but if their will to live is strong enough, then that might see them through until we can link up." She gave him a raised eyebrow. "You have no intention on following Shido-sensei, even after you let him take the role of leader?" "Just until Onbetsu bridge, and please, I had no intention on following that man. I am just going in the same direction he is." She chuckled. "Hu hu hu. You are quite an interesting person Emiya-san." He returned the smile. "More than you know Busujima-san, more than you know."

Author's Note:

Okay, for those wondering, real life has kind of taken most of my attention away so I'm low on the creative juice. As for my other fic, Magister Magi Berserk, I kind of lost my work due to virus and with no back up copy I have to rewrite it again, and right now, writer's BOULDER seems to be contetnt sitting on the it.

So right now, I'm toying with some other ideas, until I can move or chip away the stupid thing. So here's a little idea I've been toying with. I present to you the fic 'The Custodian'. As you can see it's a Fate/stay Night and High School of the Dead crossover featuring our favorite counter guardian. This Archer will be going by Shirou in this fic unless otherwise because I don't think that anyone would really call 'Archer' a real name.

Okay, not knowing how he got here in the first place, Archer had settled himself in this new world by becoming the custodian (Janitor) of Fujimi Gakuen. I've kept his status a secret for now as I'm playing with a few ideas for this fic. Of course, we'll get to see Archer bust out more that the standard Kanshou and Bakuya, but I want to keep this within the spectrum of survival.

For the reason of his appearance, well you can think of it as a cosmic joke, or maybe not, I'll reveal a reason, hopefully. Right now I decided to spare Takuzo and Naomi, two students Takashi's group had helped back in the school but didn't make it. They'll be giving a some contributions to character development as well as group survival. So far, I have planned on two more addtional survivors to join the group but that's the limit.

So I hope this will show, that I'm not dead yet, and hopefully get me to get back to my other story, I hope.