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Ride Off Towards the Future

Shirou sighed.

Some time had passed since arriving at the Takagi Estate and he found himself falling into a disturbingly peaceful state. Apparently, Saya's parents were able to organize civilian survivors to form a paramilitary organization. They had been able to cordon off the area from the undead and were able to procure provisions for everyone currently taking shelter within the grounds.

The custodian sighed again as he flipped the pancakes he was making. He was alone in the kitchen with his thoughts to keep himself company. Both Shizuka and Saeko had separated from him looking for the others. For the former, it was to check on Rei, for the latter, it was for her to get cleaned and to catch up with the situation. As for himself, Shirou decided in making a snack for the group, and for anyone else hungry at the moment.

Turning off the stove, his thoughts wondered again. So far, the situation seemed stable, but he knew things were going to deteriorate soon enough. Food will start to become scarce unless a renewable source could be found, same with water. Power wasn't an issue now but will be soon once the plants become abandoned, gasoline as well. Things were going to return to the dark ages without the everyday utilities people would take for granted. Shirou wasn't sure how much time was left until the status quo will change, and knowing his luck, maybe some time soon.

"Delicious, you are quite talented Emiya-san."

Shirou turned around to the source of the compliment. There, tasting the blueberry pancakes he made was Saya's mother, Takagi Yuriko.

"I thank you for the compliment, Takagi-san, I am not one to boast, but I do find a little pride in my culinary skills." Shirou replied with a small smirk.

Yuriko nodded to his assertion. "Then that pride is well founded. Even something as simple as pancakes, you seem to make it more than what it appears to be."

"You are too kind; still, I doubt the reason you are here is to judge my cooking." Shirou folded his arms, and a calculating gaze crossed his features.

Saya's mother nodded, but kept her stance passive. "As much as I would like to disagree, you are correct." For a split second, Shirou saw a glint in Yuriko's eyes, the same glint Saya and Rin would have, but this glint was far colder, and far more calculating. She almost reminded him of Makiri Zouken, save for the fact he knew that she wasn't as lost, or deranged as that old magi was.

"I have seen the way you move Emiya-san, not only that, I have heard the tales of your...unusual abilities..."

Shirou held up his hands, stopping her from continuing. "If we are to discuss this properly, then wouldn't be better for all those concerned to be present."

The Takagi matriarch narrowed her eyes. "So... you noticed after all."

Shirou nodded. "Of course I did, the moment I set foot on your land. I would have to be extremely oblivious to miss a presence such as that. Though there is something to wonder..."

"Such as?" Yuriko tried to pry, but Shirou just shook his head.

"Maybe for later, Takagi-san. It would be easier to discuss this with both your husband, and your guest present." He told her.

Yuriko nodded. "Very well, we shall pick up on this discussion later on." The purple haired mother turned to leave, but she stopped and looked over her shoulder to him. "By the way, Emiya-san, thank you for protecting my daughter." She then left without waiting for his reply. Shirou continued looking at the door she left through, mind still working.

Ever since stepping on the grounds, Shirou felt that something was off; he felt the presence of a servant. It was diluted, but it was still a familiar feeling, after all, he was part of the grail war as both a master and as a servant, so he got used to the sensation. He had yet to see this other servant, no doubt keeping himself hidden or in astral form, something Shirou himself can't seem to do use, for the time being.

Not only that, but both of Saya's parents seemed to have honed in on his person. That would lead to several conclusions, but one of which stood out was the reaction Yuriko gave. 'It would seem that one of them, most likely Saya's father, is this servant's master. In any case, best to tread lightly.' With those final thoughts, Shirou took a large tray, some plates, cutlery, and started on bringing his latest creation to the others.

Looking for the others wasn't so hard; their voices could be heard in the hallway, and if any indication, it seemed that Rei was spouting obscenities at Takeru. "It seems you guys are having fun."

Everyone's attention was drawn to him. "Ah, Shirou-san." "Welcome back." Both Takuzo and Naomi greeted him immediately.

"Nii-san!" Little Alice immediately ran to the man to give him a hug as soon as placed the food down. Shirou laughed as he placed one hand on the girl's head.

"It's good to see you again, Shirou-san." Takashi smiled at the older man.

"Yeah, we were worried when the three of you took-off like that." Kohta added his own.

Shirou nodded to the two males before looking on to the scene on the bed, and the reason why neither Shizuka nor Rei had did not say anything to him. Rei was moaning and groaning face down on the bed; almost naked as the day she was born. Shizuka straddled the other girl, applying a clear slime-like solvent on her patient's back, but the impish giggling was making the faker wonder what was going through the older woman's head.

"You took your time." Saya said pointedly. "Most people would take to taking a bath after the episode you had, Busujima-san is doing so right now, as did Marikawa-senesei earlier, but you, you decided to raid my home's kitchen and make us pancakes." The pink haired girl pointed to him, or more appropriately, the apron the older man was wearing, which read 'Eat well, be well'. "And where on earth did you find that?!"

Shirou just smiled. "I found it, and be that as it may, I am not what one would consider as most people. I find cooking to be a really soothing activity; and besides, with the ingredients I found you may really like these."

Saya just flushed, irritation was starting to build, and everyone knew it. "Y-You!"

"A-Anyway, Shirou-san, we're glad you're back with us, also about before... we uh, well, we're sorry." Takashi cut in before Saya could start. Everyone agreed with Takashi, even little Zeke barked from his perch on a nearby chair and Rei who moaned out an agreement when Shizuka placed more of her salve.

Shirou just nodded. "Well, that's in the past. Just remember, not everything is what it seems, always try to find the source and reason it out in your mind before you jump to conclusions." His tone then turned serious. "By the way Saya-san..."

"Eh?" Saya was startled out of her frustration by sudden change in mood.

"Have you..." Shirou then looked at the other teens. "Have any one of you noted someone odd within the estate since arriving here?"

"Now that you mentioned it..." It was Rei who answered. "The man who helped bring me inside, he was kind of strange." Looks of realization dawned on the teens.

"Oh you mean that man, I think he called himself Iskander, he was a bit of, well, to put it mildly, very odd." Naomi opined.

"Yeah, he started to bark out orders for Rei to be accommodated here in the mansion, that and he was tall, extremely tall, and muscled." Takuzo added.

"Then there was the incident with Kohta." Saya added. Shirou then looked towards the bespectacled boy who nodded in confirmation.

"He stood up for me, told-off some of the adults who were bothering me saying it was impossible that I could handle any of the firearms. He said something I think it was... 'There is nothing impossible to him who will try'. He then started saying that I have much potential in using guns as the next man." The young gun enthusiast said he then looked thoughtful for a moment before adding. "He also said, that by just looking at me that I was already taught well. He then patted me on the back and said that he was looking forward when the time came."

Shirou's eyes narrowed. "I see..."

"Is that man something we should be worried about?" Saya asked, already the gears in here heads were turning. "Is he a magus like you are?" she questioned.

Shirou just crossed his arms and sighed. "Maybe, maybe not. For your second question, I'm not so sure. In any case just be careful." The once counter-guardian turned and left. "Don't forget to eat those pancakes; you guys need some nourishment, and it is lunch time." He turned to point t them before leaving.

As he closed the door and began walking back Shirou's thoughts were working into overdrive. 'Iskander, Alexander, Alexander the Great... a servant... or something else.'

"Ah, Shirou, I was just about to visit the others."

Looking from his thoughts, Shirou found himself staring at Saeko, now wearing a blue kimono with a floral pattern. She looked stunning with her indigo hair done up giving her an elegant and regal air.

Shirou shook himself.

"They're in there." He said pointing back to the door from which he had just exited. "I just dropped off some lunch. Best that you join them, keep up your strength."

Saeko nodded, but then tilted her head and looked at him curiously. "Is something the matter Shirou?"

Shirou sighed and ran a hand through his white locks. "A little but it's something you shouldn't worry yourself over." He then moved past the young woman. "Go ahead and join the others. I have to take care of some things."

Quickly parting with Saeko. Shirou went into his thoughts once again. Already he was thinking on the possible moves the group would take. 'On one hand we can stay here, but with the way things are, I don't think the others will function well within this setting.'

Shirou saw how the teens were treated; like kids that couldn't do anything. Only he and Shizuka were the only ones being treated properly. 'Then there are the other survivors.' He could already see the other civilians who were taken in already beginning to break down due to stress to the point that they were trying overly rationalize the situation before them as a sort of plague.

'They do have a point though.' Shirou argued with himself. 'The origin of this incident can't be explained, but perhaps it is tied to the reason why I exist here now.' Then his thoughts went back to each member of the group.

'No doubt Takashi and Rei will leave and try to look for their parents. Kohta might go with them if he can't stand being treated condescendingly here. Alice will just take Zeke and follow them.' He thought. Then that left remaining four, excluding himself. 'Our group is too tight-knit to abandon anyway. So either way, we may be leaving this place... maybe sooner than we all think.'

'Then there's Iskander.' He hoped this was not another Heaven's Feel. Despite his renewed reserves there were a lot of unknowns already happening. Why was he there? Who or what summoned him? What is the goal of all the events happening around him?

'It's still too early to make an enemy from that scale. Hopefully, Iskander won't try to pick a fight.'

Shirou's thoughts were then interrupted. Looking out of the window he had been standing in front of, Shrirou saw a convoy pulling into the estate grounds, as well as a display that was happening. 'Well, now, this should be interesting.' The red knight thought as he saw a peculiar figure.

The figure was large, muscled, bronze skin underneath a plain set of a white shirt and a pair of jeans and sneakers. The man, Iskander ~ Shirou had deduced ~ radiated a certain effect as well as power from the way his frame towered over everyone else. He watched the scene unfold.

He watched his partner try to reach out to the survivors of this plight. He tried to raise their fighting spirit, the spirit that all known living beings posses, the spirit of survival; but it was an effort in futility, few truly listened to the words this man, his partner, said. Stepping in front of the podium, only glancing at the dark haired, stern-faced man, he would try rallying the people once again. Just as he had done whilst alive, just as he had done when he had been able to kindle the small flame within his old friend Waver.

"Everyone, I want you all to take a good look at the person next to you!" All the civilians did as told confused though by his request. "The person next to is most likely one of the last few you will see for a long while. The whole world has gone into madness. Undead roam the streets. You may deny it, rationalize it, outright ignore it, but you cannot escape the fact what you see before you is real. Resources are becoming scarce, the undead swell their ranks with more of the living that they consume, and soon few will be left to face this rising hoard."

Everyone was listening to his words, good; he could already see the fire in their eyes start to kindle, turning into a rapidly growing ember. It was time to fan that ember into a roaring flame.

"We are not asking you to fight. We are asking you to stand-up and protect those closest to you, to protect those who cannot do so themselves. For those that cannot or will not take arms to protect the others, that is fine we will not force you; but can you allow yourself to do that? Can you allow yourself to hide and shrink in fear, knowing that there is someone out there giving everything he or she has to protect you when you find yourself perfectly capable of doing the same?!"

He took a deep breath, and said words he once said before.

"Remember the conduct of each depends the fate of all!"

Shirou continued observing. If anything Iskander did live up to his title as king. The behemoth of a man raised his fist and cheered. Slowly, starting with the ones already part of the estates security detail, people began cheering with the red haired man. "My, oh my." Shirou just sighed at the display of charisma before deciding to head back to the others.

Only for Kohta to come barreling past him.

"Eh…? Kohta?"

Kohta rounded a corner and his footsteps soon faded.


Naomi was soon beside him. "Emiya-san, did you happen to see Hirano-kun run by?"

Shirou nodded and pointed down the hallway. "Yeah, he ran right by and went down the corner there. What happened?"

Naomi had worry marring her features. "We saw the display from the balcony. Hirano-kun became angry for some reason and started to argue with Komuro-kun and Busujima-sempai."

Shirou clicked his tongue. 'What a time for this….' "Let's go, maybe we can get to Kohta before this escalates."

Naomi nodded and soon the two were off racing after their friend.

It wasn't long till Shirou's enhanced eyesight saw Kohta stumbling over with all the armaments they had, and was slowly being surrounded by a group of older men. 'That idiot!' The situation was turning bad. He was about to rush in when an imposing figure stood in front of him and Naomi, stopping their progress.

Shirou narrowed his eyes. "Naomi, get the others and get to Kohta."

Naomi saw the look Shirou was giving the other man and silently nodded before running to fetch the other members of their group.

"Is there something I can help you with, Iskander?" Shirou asked coolly, crossing his arms but quietly activating his circuits.

Iskander himself had a grim look on his face, and for a minute Shirou thought a fight was going to ensue.

"That's good! You have a fine air about you! You would be a welcome addition to the ranks of my army if you feel so incline to join!" The gigantic man gave a broad and enthusiastic smile.

Shirou abruptly lost his balance. Out of all the scenarios he had envisioned that might have happen, this was not even remotely one of them. So surprised was he that the taller man walked up to him and was patting a meaty hand on his shoulder.

"I can see your burning fire in your eyes. I can tell by the air about you; you're a finely honed blade you are." Still smiling, Iskander continued with a jovial tone.

"Do you do this to everyone you meet?" Shirou asked regaining his posture and deciding to keep the conversation civil as he saw the forms of the others rallying to Kohta's aid from behind Iskander's broad frame.

"No, just to the ones who I know are interesting; and I can tell you are one. After all, are you not a servant after all?" Though the sentence became serious, Iskander still sported that warm and gentle tone.

"Servant huh, I suppose you spotted my noble phantasm two nights ago?" The white haired man chuckled. He knew Murphy's Law was bound to hit him, always had in the past. "I have not been called that a long time, nor am I proper servant now. Is it safe to assume that Takagi Souichiro is your master?" Shirou asked, eyes already darting towards the stern-faced father of Saya.

Iskander looked over to where the man in question was. "Yes…and no. He is my partner; and you speak the truth about my situation as well. I came here roughly a month ago. Souichiro took me in, after I stopped a minor attempt at his life. The rest is history, or as the saying goes anyway."

"A month ago you say?" Shirou mumbled, his thoughts already churning again.

"Indeed, though I find myself with a lot of questions as well." Iskander continued.

"If it's anything like mine then you and I both know that…" Shirou said.

"This is not the heaven's feel that we have come to know, or for that matter, the world itself is not the same one we have known, regardless of time." Iskander finished.

"There is a deeper character behind that façade of yours, King of Conquerors." The faker intoned with a smirk.

Iskander just laughed, not as loud but just as hearty. "I have not gone by that title in a long time." He sighs.

"Yet here you are, inspiring these people and taking command. What's next, out to establish your territories once again?" Shirou pointed out. He already noticed the situation with Kohta slowly diffusing, from their expressions everything seemed to be smoothing itself out.

"Well it seems for now that things have settled, you have quiet a group with you and I even got to meet my partner's daughter." Iskander said looking behind him as he noticed Saya giving a good tounge lashing. "Quite the little spitfire, reminds me of a lad I used to know." The king of conquerors snickered at being reminded of his old friend, expertly changing the course of the conversation.

"Old master?" Iskander just nodded, the two didn't need words to express their mirth. It was clearly written on their faces. Through their small merriment, they easily understood one last thing that needed to be said.

If there was one thing Takagi Souichiro cared for the most, it was his family. Despite outward signs, Souichiro was a man who valued pride, family, integrity, and he could see that in the man who had stopped an attempt on his life.

Iskander is the name that which he called himself. He was a strange man, even more so as he had revealed his nature. While he himself was someone who took great fulfillment in his own nationality, he knew the exploits of figures of legends; and when he was shown the power with which the giant wielded so easily, he couldn't help but be in awe, even though he didn't outwardly show it. Iskander, Alexander the great, was a man who lived life with no regrets, taking whatever he wanted in front of him and inspiring people along the way.

He had just finished talking with the heir of the Busujima name when in came the man he was thinking about, along with his wife. Then behind them was another man he had not yet seen before, not doubt this was the man his daughter told him about, the man whom his wife, colleague, and himself had talked about, another servant.

The man's name was Emiya Shirou, at least that was what he had been told by Yuriko. Saya may not have confided in him much as of late, but she still held close relations with her mother. Through Yuriko he heard tales of this man; a man who wielded numerous blades and made them appear out of thin air. Just by looking at him, Souichiro could tell that he was just like Iskander, not as grand as the former king is, but he held a subtle strength only warriors of a high caliber could detect. This man, he was an existence that seemed to have shaped itself into what it is now.

A blade.

Shirou held his gaze at the three people seated in front of him. Saya's father took center view siting formally, back straight and eyes forward. Souichirous wife sat behind him to the man's left elegantly, her eyes two held a stern gaze. This in contrast with Iskander, who sat cross-legged slightly in front of the Takagi patriarch, and though Shirou knew the once human was looking at him lazily he saw the sheathed steel in the king's eye, just waiting to be drawn.

"First and foremost…" Iskander's partner began. "I would like to thank you personally in keeping my daughter safe. My wife has told me that me the things my daughter has told her, and while most scoff at the tales, I tend to keep an open mind on such things."

"I guess it must be easier to swallow, what with Iskander already a part of your lives." Shirou stated.

Souichiro nodded. "Indeed, and though we are thankful for what you have done for Saya, I have to ask you of your intentions. Iskander has also told us of other things."

"I imagine that he has told you of the Heaven's Feel. I am puzzled just as Iskander is, but if it will make you feel better in your security I have no hostile intentions. My only acts are for the safety of the group I travel with. That and getting to the bottom of this mystery, of both the undead, and the reason for our existence." Shirou followed, already knowing the reason of this meeting.

Souichiro nodded. "That is good to hear, with the survivors as is we would hard pressed to keep stability if a disagreement were to break out." A disagreement was putting it mildly, with his newly restored levels of prana and the power Iskander was packing if his legends were of any indication the entire area would have been leveled.

"Out of curiosity though." This time it was Iskander who spoke, as if remembering something. "What was your class during the war?" Shirou had to hand it to the king, he knew what to do, and it seemed everyone knew the value of information; still he obliged Iskander of his question.

"I was that of the Archer class, and you?"

Iskander smiled broadly. "I was of the Rider class myself, though I hope you can live up to my expectations, the Archer of my war was a class of his own, though some of his personality left something to be desired."

Shirou remembered something, but a smirk formed on his face.

"I see… then I hope I can live up to what you expect of me."

Their talk continued well into the day, their subjects vary between the current situation as well as the mystery of it all. Their conversation would have continued until a distinct knocking was heard upon the door. Everyone locked onto the body of the person who entered once Souichiro had given his permission.

"Um, excuse me."

It was Takashi. Shirou kept silent as the young man came in, he was already dressed once again in his school uniform, and judging by the black leather fingerless gloves he wore, was about to leave the estate. The youth explained his plan for him and Rei to leave and look for their parents, after being told that the survivors of the estate may leave within two days to relocate the young man did not falter. At the end, Takashi turned to Shirou and asked the older male to look after everyone else.

Shirou just huffed. "You do know that the others will accompany you and Rei regardless of your feeling on the matter don't you?" He said; it was more of a statement than a question.

Takashi eyes hardened, but he nodded in understanding. "I know, and I was hoping that they would stay and respect our decisions for us to go alone."

Shirou snorted. "Fat chance of that happening kid. Short as it may have been we all have developed a sense of camaraderie few get to develop within their lifetimes, including myself as much to my chagrined." He then added a small smirk. "When are you planning on leaving?"

"This afternoon, as soon as the rain stops." Takashi replied.

Iskander nodded. "Good plan, best to let the rain run its course, it will be easier for your health and your trip in the long run." He then grinned. "I could use someone like you. Would you like to join my army?"

Shirou just smirked at the confusion and subsequent fluster the young man was receiving from the once before servant. He was not alone as both Souichiro and Yuriko joined Shirou in his mirth.


The merriment was destroyed when Kohta in through the door unannounced. The tone of urgency of his voice became a signal for the adults.

"We have a problem. It's Miyamoto-san."

Shirou watched the scene between Shido and Rei play out, of course he was not the only one as Souichiro, Yuriko, and Iskander were with him all observing. When it looked like things were heating up Souichiro stepped in to diffuse the situation. Namely, he sent Shido and his merry lot packing. Both Iskander and Shirou though hung back.

"It seemed another one has entered the fray." The custodian said, spotting a small shadow hovering over the bus. "And not the only one as well." He continued spotting several more moving around the encampment, all wearing a white skull mask. Though at first they were moving closer to them, both Shirou and Iskander decided to step forth from the door. Immediately, the shadows stopped, and the grin Shidou was suppressing dropped.

"Well, at least we know who is pulling the strings." Shirou said as he watched the shadows begin to fall back.

"And it looks like Assassin has learned his lesson from last time."

Shirou did not pry into what Iskander said and continued looking onwards. Soon, the bus left quickly without anymore incident, but Shirou doubted it would be the last they would see of Shidou, or of his servant(s).

Things were beginning to settle until something flashed way above the sky. Then Shirou knew that the status quo had changed.

Shirou watched impressively as Iskander's trained security force of the Takagi estate immediately went to work. The custodian could see the influences of the Macedonian king.

A line of men armed with riot shields made a semi-circle around the broken gate, slowing the advance of the undead but barely. More men came out to help keep the shields up, as another group armed with naginatas came up from behind and began stabbing the walking dead through the small cracks that would open up. Still the tide would not be denied as despite their efforts, the men of the security force were slowly being pushed back. Soon, the undead would come in and overrun the complex.


Shirou acknowledged his old class and looked at Iskander, no, Rider as he came into full view. He was clothed in a Romanian style armor with a large red cape; strapped to the large man's side was a spatha. Shirou's mind began analyzing and information came to the forefront of his mind.

Sword of the Kupriotes ~ The Sword of Cryptos

With it images came, a chariot pulled by bulls, Iskander himself riding a large horse, leading his army through a desert; raising his sword with a cry of victory. His vision ended and Shirou found himself looking at Iskander's grim face.

"Despite their training, I do not think they will succeed." The large man said.

Shirou nodded. It wasn't because of lack of skill, or even numbers. A better trained and armed group of men can hold against many more than their own. History had one example of such a situation with King Leonidas and his three hundred spartan warriors who held of many more than their number with skill, bravery, and trust. It would not be the case here though as the undead were as such; the potential strength they had when they were alive coupled with a tireless body, and unending hunger, an opponent that should not be taken in a contest of strength lightly.

Dressed again in his old red and black attire, his bow materialized in his hands.

"You can trust me to watch your back."

A silent answer to a silent request.

Rider grinned. That was all he needed. Without a word, the large man unsheathed his blade, raised it high above his head, and those watching were gifted with a sight no-one save a select few were able to see.

Never would they thought they would see such a peculiar sight. Two majestic bulls pulled a large and beautiful chariot. As the two large beasts of burdens pulled, the wheels turned and lightning lanced across the ground.


It was the large man Iskander riding atop of the chariot. His burly arms holding the reins which steered the oxen towards their destination; right into the undead hoard. Those who made the first line of defense instantly heard the warcry, and the accompanying tremors.

Their line broke to make way for the cavalry that had come, some of the undead the spilled out were instantly trampled and vaporized as the chariot plowed through the ranks of the returned. The smell of charred flesh was apparent as well as the squelching of blood and guts spilling from the once-living.

While the majority of flesh-eating corpses were destroyed by the pass, not all perished. The few that survived the initial assault continued their assault; but none of them even moved an inch forward as arrows rained.

To those that looked for the source, it came from above, and to those that followed, they saw a tall man, tanned, his white hair and garments of black and red gave his identity to those that knew him personally, Emiya Shirou.

Between the magical chariot rider and the precise bowman, the encroaching undead hoard wither from its monstrous size to nothing. For all watching this sight gave them something, to hold on. That despite these dark times, despite death hanging in the air, and every unknown twist, turn, or corner, there was still hope. Hope, in that in their time of dire straits that there are those willing to step up to lead, to show, that there are still heroes in this world to lead the way.

Lead the way to the future with which they must seize with their own two hands.


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