an. collection of super short drabbles. i dunno; i just feel like it today. right before i have to go to work, haha.

disclaimer: i own nothing.

characters: colette brunel & zelos wilder.

genre: friendship, and you could probably read further into it, if you wanted.

She watched him, sometimes, and smiled. Because she knew him, even though they didn't speak very often. He was Chosen, and so was she. Even if they didn't like it, even if they didn't want it. They were, and that made them the same.

She smiled to avoid their eyes. He hit on girls so they'd never see past his body.

They were alone. They always would be.

(Years later, she voiced these thoughts to him. She was smiling when she said it, but he saw the exhaustion in her eyes. So when she told him, he answered gravely, which was rather unusual. "I'm not alone, Colette," he said, looking very seriously at her. "I have you.")