characters: lloyd irving & zelos wilder.

genre: friendship, i suppose.

pairings: colloyd, sheelos, mild zelette.

"So, what did you want to talk about, Bud? Because dragging me off into the dark with a threatening look on your face isn't the best way to start a conversation."

"Shut up, Zelos. Why do you keep spending so much time with Colette?"

"Oh, is that what this is about? You're afraid I'm going to interrupt your crush on her?"

"No! I dont - gah. I just don't want you to mess with her, so stop it!"

"I can't help it, Bud. She's such a cutie I can't avoid her. My favorite hunny."

"I swear to Martel, Zelos, if you don't - "

"Dude, chill, okay? Since you have the weapons in this scenario, give me a chance to actually explain."

"Fine. So tell me. Why are you messing with her?"

"I'm not. Okay? I spend time with Colette because she..."

"Go on, finish. Because she what? Does she - does she like you?"

"Ha! No, she doesn't. She never would, you should know that. And I don't like her, not in the way you assume. Freaking bumpkin."

"Quit the insults and just talk."

"Okay. Fine. Colette is... You know her. She's so happy, even in the face of everything."

"I know she is. I've known her my whole life."

"I've never been around someone like that. She's so innocent, you know? I'm not happy like she is. I didn't know a Chosen could be so honestly okay. She smiles, like, all the time."

"You sound like you like her."

"I don't, Lloyd. I mean, I do. I lo- I mean, I like her. A lot. She's incredible. She listens to me, she cheers me up, she always has something positive to say. I can't get enough of that sweetness."

"So you like her."

"No! Not romantically or sexually or any of that. She's just refreshing to be around. If I were to want anyone in this group, it would be -"


"...How did you know?"

"You're kind of obvious about it. That's why I was so angry about Colette."

"Okay. Well. Yeah, since we're being honest. Sheena and I go back a long way. I don't just want her. I like her. Since that's the terminology we're using here. I like Sheena, and Colette is someone I like talking to because she has the ability to make me smile."

"Okay. Okay, that's fine, I guess. But don't mess with her or flirt with her or make her like you!"

"Don't worry, Bud, she's decidedly into you."


"Yeah, really. Can you please put that sword down? I'd rather not lose an eye."

"Oh! Yeah, sorry. Want to go back to camp now?"

"Oh, yes, let me just fix my hair, we wouldn't want the others to know what we've been up to. We really can't keep sneaking off like this, Lloyd, they're going to catch on."

"...Um, what? Why are you talking in that voice? It's weird..."

"Oh, never mind. I forgot how dumb you are."


"Hahaha, I'm just kidding Bud."