A/N: This was originally supposed to be a new chapter to my story "Inside Their Broken Hearts" but once I sat down to write it this idea popped into my head and I thought it would be much better. This story will be a series of 5 oneshots, each with one of the stages of grief and with a different intern. I honestly still miss VNM even thought it's been quite a while since he died and I'm sure there are some of you out there that also miss him.



He couldn't believe it when Dr. Saroyan told him the sad news, and he still couldn't believe it. Limbo was unusually quiet today, an eerie silence surrounded Dr. Brennan's grad students as they worked, none of them so much as whispering to each other, giving the first sign that something was not the same. But it was fine. Soon, he would walk into the room spouting random facts that no one was expected to know and bring the whole room to life, just like always.

He wasn't aware that he was doing it, but every few minutes he found himself glancing at the door. Where is he? He would wonder.

Despite the fact that he was sometimes annoying and seemed to get distracted easily, Clark had really liked Vincent. He was mainly the reason why his personality had changed so drastically. Once an uptight and serious man, he was now much more easygoing. Seeing how Vincent was always so talkative and a joy to be around, he tried to emulate that, something Nora found extremely attractive.

So what would happen now, he wondered. Many thought that he would go back to being serious, especially considering the antisocial behavior he had been displaying lately, but all with a good excuse of course. In his defense, nobody had been acting like themselves lately either. But he knew that it would have to change, they couldn't stay silent forever, pretending that nothing happened and wishing that it would somehow go back to normal. Something had to be done, and it seemed that he would have to be the one to do it. Surveying the room once more, he opened him mouth.

"Did you know that the flavor of bubblegum comes from a mixture of wintergreen, vanilla and cassia?"

They all looked up at him, shock and confusion registering on all their faces. The other grad students said nothing, choosing to ignore the random comment and return to their work. But the others didn't, they knew the hidden meaning behind his words. Daisy offered him a smile, something they hadn't seen in a while from the usually peppy girl. Arastoo and Wendell nodded their head in acknowledgement, each also giving a small smile while Fisher simply bobbed his head, showing that he had understood the comment.

He isn't coming back, but that's okay. They would never forget him, and if it took for Clark to burst out a random fact every now and then to keep his memory alive, he would do it.

Denial seemed to fit Clark the best and I thought the "back story" was quite good. I know it was short but I hope you liked it!

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