~He Stole From Me, So I Will Steal From Him~

I walked towards where Tsukumo Isshu laid dead. I kneeled and pressed one of human's hands on the dead fox's head. This one spirit beast followed my every order, my every command. He stayed loyal to me and only me, believing that I would free the spirit beasts so they would roam the Earth once again. After all these years, he was still my "right knee" till this moment. Now he's gone, killed only because of that man who stands above me. Akitaka- no, Nobuhisa Sandou, who hid in Tsukumo Isshu's hair all this time to be right here, to stand before me. I stood up, the yelling of "Get away from Sandou right now!" and question if "Eh?" barely heard in my head, as angry flames shot from this body, burning that man down to nothing but ashes. I glared intensely at the spot where I knew that fool will reappear. But he will die and never be able to be reincarnated after today. He stole Tsukumo Isshu, the Fox Spirit Beast, my right knee, my alley, and the one person who I can call a "friend", away from me. So I will take his life and dreams away, far from his reach, and watch him fall from the throne he thinks he has built.