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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

"E-Elizabeth?! Is coming here? NOW!" the black haired butler nodded "Why didn't you tell her I was busy!" Sebastian kneeled down to pick up the broken shattered cup off the now tea soaked floor.

"Because you would be breaking your promise "Ciel stared at him confused

"What promise?"


Ciel was sitting in his office. Desk covered in mountains of paperwork. He was so focused he didn't hear the sound of pounding heels getting louder as it got closer to the office door.

He also didn't notice the door being slammed open by his loud, pink wearing, obsessed with everything cute fiancé Elizabeth Milford. "Ciel, Ciel, Ciel!" the teen sitting at his desk massaged his temple with one hand

"Yes what is it Elizabeth? And whatever it is you want can't it wait until later, as you can see" 'Or probably ignoring the fact' "I am very busy" the blonde pouted

"Ciel call me Lizzy! And my carriage home will be here any minute" Still concentrating on his work Ciel just hummed like he was actually listening. "Ciel can I come back over in two weeks ?"


"Are you busy that week?"

"Hm" noticing her fiancé was not paying attention she pouted again then smiled mischievously

"So I can come over right?"


"And you are going to dress up in whatever I bring over right?"


"Even if you say no?"


"You promise?"

"Hm" her blue eyes sparkled.

Just then there was a knock at the door and Sebastian walked in "Lady Elizabeth your carriage is waiting" She turned `to the butler and changed into her more lady like self

"Thank you Sebastian" she calmly walk to the door ,which Sebastian was holding open for her, and turned to face the still working Ciel at his desk "So I'll see you in two weeks Ciel" and she continued on her way out of the mansion and out to her carriage.

Sebastian walked to the side of his still working master's desk

"Young Master you have no idea what you have put yourself into do you?"



Ciel face palmed "Oh I guess I did". Sebastian finished picking up the pieces of glass off the floor and on the silver tray.

"Well Master you can't have her seeing you like this think of your reputation, the towns' people will think you did some sort of witch craft and burn you on a cross in the middle of town." Ciel sighed

"Well there is only one thing to do. Just tell her I have caught terrible fever and I don't want her to catch it "Sebastian smirked

"Well I never thought you could come up with a lie so well my lord" Ciel glared at him

"Oh shut up a Phantonhive never lies only stretch the truth" Sebastian picked up the silver tray which held the pieces to the once beautiful tea cup

"Well then young master I should go tell the servants of the plan" The boy nodded and Sebastian walked out the room.

Going down the hall the butler pulled out his pocket watch and flipped open the lip to check the time.

"It early in the afternoon and so much work to do, hopefully the other are not up to their usual destructive shenanigans" Just then he heard frantic scream closely followed by many plates meeting the floor in a loud crash. The butler sighed 'never mind' he thought. He walked quickly, but gracefully, walked down the stairs with the tray perfectly balanced on the palm of his hand. He was quickly stopped by a bawling Finny with little specks of dirt on his shirt, elbows, and knees.

"Mr. Sebastian t-the flowers in the garden a-are" the butler pulled out a white handkerchief out the inside of his tailcoat and handed it to the crying…uh…boy?..teen?

"Come now Finny stop crying. Go get Maylene, Bard, and Tana- oh never mind he is already here" the mini-butler stood beside the taller butler while holding his green tea cup.

"Ho". Finny took the handkerchief and wiped his face" Right away " and he walked towards the direction of the kitchen.

A few minutes later the blonde came back with Bard and Maylene in tow. "You said there was an meeting Mr. Sebastian?" asked May-lin.

"Yes Lady Elizabeth is coming over his afternoon but the young master is sick and-" Bard interrupted

"Does it 'ave to do wit' what happened thus mornin' with the young master getting' smaller?" Sebastian glared at him for the rude interruption

"Yes and the Master does not wish for the Lady Elizabeth to enter this house so when she arrives quickly but politely turn her away tell her the Master has caught a horrible case of the fever and doesn't want her to catch it, is that understood?" They saluted

"Yes Mr. Sebastian"

Sebastian raised one of his eyebrows and frowned "Why do I smell something burning"

"Oh I forgot I was whippin' something up for lunch and –"


An explosion could be heard from the kitchen that shook the walls and the floor of the mansion Sebastian sighed while rubbing both his temples.' I'll have to clean that up too.' "Listen up everyone, Lady Elizabeth should be here any moment now and I need everyone's help for it. Maylene, sweep up the broken plates. Bard and Finny get started on the kitchen. Got it?"

"Yes Sir "they yelled then scampered off to do their cleaning duty.

The butler started walking into his room took off his tailcoat and folded it neatly on his bed. He then he walked to the door out to the garden and rolled up his sleeves. "Now to get started on the garden" As quickly as his awesome demon butler powers could do he pulled up all the now dead flowers and replaced them with the beautiful white roses they once were. He watered them too to make them look like they sparkle when the sun hit it just right. "There as beautiful as the Phantomhive flowers should be"

Just then the butler heard the most heavenly sound coming from under the bushes. He turned toward the sound and lifted up the bushes branches and saw a white cat nursing four white and brown kittens. "What beauty. The soft white and brown fur mixed together to create the perfect blend for a kitten. The soft pink pads of their paws that always stay the soft shade of pink but also hold their deadliest weapon, their claws" he picked up one of the cute kittens, seating it on his lap and began scratching it behind his ear making the kitten purr.

If the butler wasn't indulging in his ….feline fetish he would have heard a carriage pull up to the front the yard. And a girl dressed in a frilly pink dress stepped out and walk to the door and knock.

In side Maylene was just putting the last plate into the cabinet when she heard a knock at the door "Must be Lady Elizabeth" then she began to panic "Oh no! L-Lady Elizabeth I can't lie to a noble! I must find Sebastian! No, I can't just have the lady to stand there! Oh what will I do, what will I do?" she heard a knock on the door again and squeaked 'I guess I have no choice then' she sighed stood straight and calmly walked to the door. 'You can do this Maylene' she exhaled and inhaled then opened the door. Elizabeth was standing there with a smile on her face. "Good evening Lady Elizabeth"

"Good evening Maylene" the blonde started to walk passed the maid but noticed she didn't move "Is something wrong?"

"Lady Elizabeth I-I am sorry to say that the young m-master has caught a t-terrible f-fever and cannot meet w-with you today. You will have to c-come back another d-day" Elizabeth cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow

"Is that so?"

"Y-yes it is my lady"

"But Ciel did promise to spend the day with me no matter what" she pouted. "Well then as his fiancé I'll just have to help him get better" Maylene was so stunned that she let the hyper blonde slip past her and up the stairs to Ciel's room.

"N-no my lady!" yelled Maylene coming out from her shock. "Oh Sebastian is going to kill me" and she chased Elizabeth up the stairs.

Unknown to of the coming danger Ciel he was still in his too long nightgown sitting on the windowsill looking out at brown, orange and red leaves that cover the ground. 'It should be mid-afternoon by now and Sebastian he has yet to come with tea and a snack I wonder what is taking him so long?'

"CIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!" and a thunder of feet could be heard coming toward the room.

'Elizabeth! Oh no I need to hind' so the 4-year-old dropped down to the ground and rolled under the bed just in time to hear the bedroom door open.

"Ciel I have come to take care of you while you are sick" the blonde girl looked all around the room and saw that it was empty. "Ciel?" the said person was under the bed was fuming mad

' How did she get in here? No matter I have to escape before she finds me like this' So when Ciel saw the frilly dress shoes enter the bathroom he rolled out from under the bed and dashed out the room.

Hearing feet running Elisabeth walked back into the bed room. "Ciel?" 'He must be trying to run from me just so he would have to be dressed up by me. Fine then cousin we'll play this game' "Ooooh Ciel! I need to take care of you." Her yell can be heard from all parts of the house, even to the young boy run down the hall.

"Where the hell is Sebastian!" he was running down the hall while also trying not to trip on his too large nightgown. When he ran passed a window that showed the garden he saw a black figure bending down and he stopped and looked at the figure more closely to see his butler snuggling with a white and brown kitten "Sebastian is playing with kittens while I am running for my life! When I get my hands on him I am going to-"

"Oh Cieeeeeeel" he turned to look behind him and noticed that the sound of running heels were getting closer

"Crap" and he began running down the hall again. 'I'll deal with Sebastian later right now I just need to get away' just as he turned the corner he ran in to someone and fell to the ground on. "Ow"

"Y-young Master?" Maylene said looking down at the fallen boy

"You know it polite to help someone up when you knock them down" said Ciel

"I-I so sorry Young Master" she bent down to pick him up by his arm pits 'he is as light as a feather' she blushed at the thought. "Young Master may I ask why were you running down the hall?"

"Because Elizabeth is chasing me and-"

"Ciel! " Ciel looked around the corner in panic and ran to hind behind Maylene's skirt.

"Young Master what are you doing?"

"Oh! Maylene" said Elizabeth as she came around the corner

"Have you seen Ciel anywhere?"

"U-uh no my Lady, but I will tell you when I see him"

"Well then I'll just keep looking." And she ran down the hall yelling Ciel's name.

When the cost was clear she looked behind her skirt "Young Master you can come out now" the little boy came out from behind her while wearing the biggest smile she has never seen on the Young Master.

Well she saw him smile before it was just a smile of victory or when he thought of a malevolent plot. This smiled was filled with joy and happiness. "Tat' was close she almost found me. 'Tanks" Maylene noticed that his pronunciation of his words was that of a 4-year-old's.

"Um your welcome young master"

"I nee a betur hindin' spot" then the boy ran off down the hall leaving the maid to stare at his retreating form.

"Oh my. I must find the young Master before Lady Elizabeth does"

Elsewhere in the mansion Bard and Finny finally finished cleaning up the burnt mess that was the kitchen. "Alrigh' Finny since we're done lets go tell Sebastian" Finny nodded. When Bard started to walk out of the kitchen .followed by finny, something ran into his legs making him fall down. "Ow what in the he-" he looked in front of him to see the mini young master smiling.

"Sowry" then he ran past them down the hall.

"W-was that the young master?" asked Finny

"yea" said Bard still staring at the space where Ciel stood just seconds ago.

"And was he smiling?"

"Yea?" the hall way was quite for a minute until Elizabeth stopped in front of them.

"Have you seen Ciel"

"Yea he just ran down the hall" said Finnny still in shock

"Great thanks" and she ran past them screaming "I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND DRESS YOU CIEL PHANTOMHIVE IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO!".

Bard being the first to snap out face palmed at what just happened

"Oh no" the smaller blonde snapped out of it too just as the older blonde stood up

"Finny, Lady Elizabeth wasn't supposed to see the young master. And you just sent her off like a hound dog to a rabbit."

"Oh no what have I done" Bard held finny by his shoulders and shook him

"GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF. Don't freak out now we have to find Ciel and hind him before Lady Elizabeth gets to him first!"

"B-Bard stop shaking me!" screamed finnny.

"Oh sorry. Now let's go!" and ran down the hall.

So while Ciel' mind reverted back to a 4-year-old he was running from Elizabeth while Maylene, Bard and Finny where chasing after Ciel before Elizabeth got to him, Tanaka was sipping his tea. Sebastian was still in the garden fawning over the family of cats and clueless on what is going on in the house.

Ciel was having the time of his 4-year-old life playing hide-n-seek. While he was hiding he heard three more people calling his name, so he just thought they were playing too. The three new people to the game, he noticed one was a maid, a cook, and a gardener, were easy to sneak past. But his cousin Elizabeth was another story she knew all his hiding places inside the mansion so he had to be extra careful.

Ciel was running out of places to hide, so he decides to run out to the garden and hide there until the game was over. So he ran out the back door deep into the gardens and hid in the bushes 'Perfet nobody will find me here'.

But soon the sun started to get lower and lower and Ciel was a getting scared, and he had a reason to the gardens were the scariest place in the estate at night, not that Ciel would say that out loud he was a Phantomhive after all and his mother always told him that the garden was a dangerous place at night.

"M-maybe they ended the g-game cus' they can't find me" so the little bot started to crawl under the bushes getting dirt and twigs all over him. He crawled this way and that, while apologizing to flowers after he crushed them. Pretty soon he found the front of the garden. 'Ok the cost is all clear' he thought while peeking out from under the bushes to make sure no one was there. 'OK I'll make a run for it in three… two….on-'

"Young Master what are you doing?" Next thing he knew he was being lifted off of the ground by a black haired man wearing a butler outfit.

'Fiddlesticks I was just about to make my great escape'

"Young Master?" Ciel looked at Sebastian in confusion then shook his head, as if he was clearing his mind.

"S-Sebastian?" the boy looked up at the man then looked at his surroundings

"Why am I in the garden? Why the bloody hell am I covered in dirt! And put me down!" the butler gently set his master on the ground

"I was going to ask you the same question my lord. I came to your room to give you your dinner when I saw the servants running around looking for you" Ciel groaned and rubbed his temples

"The last thing I remember was running away from Elizabeth an-oof!" right in the middle of his sentence he was tackled by a pink and yellow flash.

"Ha ha Ciel I have finally found you now you will have to try on the cute~ outfit I brought you" she said as he was spinning Ciel around and around like a rag doll.

"Elizabeth! Let go I c-can't breathe!" she stopped and squished his cheeks together with her hands

"Now Ciel I have been looking all over for you. And for the millionth time call me Liz-zy?" her eyes when widened and took a step back.

'Oh no now she is going to freak out' the blonde girl tilted her head to the side.

"Ciel….You're even shorter now" that place in the garden was dead silent as the wind blew causing their loose part of their clothing to move with it. Elizabeth was still smiling, Sebastian was smirking, and Ciel's face was…..well like this =o=.

Sebastian turned to Elizabeth "My Lady why don't we go inside and discuss this over dinner" she turned to the butler

"That would be wonderful Sebastian"

"Young master, lets clean you up before dinner shale we?" he said as he hauled him over his shoulder because he was still in shock.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At the dinner table~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"So" Elizabeth dabbed her mouth with a napkin and set it down next to her plate "Ciel woke up looking like a 4-year-old, because of some fairy but you can't tell specifically how because she cast some sort of magic on you that pinches your lips together when you try to" Ciel dabbed his mouth with the napkin as well after he finished

"Yes that pretty much it" the blonde girl tapped her chin with her index finger in thought

"This sound familiar" the blue haired boy turned to her in shock

"What do you mean that this has happen to someone else before?"

"Well yes and no. It did happen to a person but it was in a story book that my mother read to me when I was little, but I can't seem to remember what happened at the end. I can look for it and give it to you" Ciel nodded

"Thank you Elizabeth" the perky blonde smiled.

"Lady Elizabeth your carriage home is here" said Sebastian when he walked into the room. She ot up and walked to the door but before she left the room she turned toward Ciel

"Next time you'll see me I'll have the book for you… and new clothes" she while she smirked and her eyes gave a deadly gleamed. Ciel gulped

"G-goodbye Elizabeth" she smiled and curtsied to Sebastian then fallowed Tanaka, who randomly appeared, to the front door.

"Well now Young Master let get you to bed"

"Yes, I am I need of a good rest today was just too stress full" Sebastian pulled his chair back while Ciel slid off of the overstuffed pillow on the chair, because he couldn't eat when the table went to his chin, and fallowed Sebastian up the stairs and into his room and got tucked in. Before Sebastian blew out the lamp and walked out the room he thought

'Hopefully this can't get any worse' and drifted off to sleep.

But what the young master didn't know was that it was going to be way, way waaaaaay worse than it ever was before.

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