This is another attempt at an AU of Sam and Dean that I started a few stories ago. In this, Sam is played as out of character. His name is Sam Campbell. He is not a hunter and is no relation to Dean. He goes to Stanford and is still with Jess. Dean is in character, and he and Bobby are hunters. In each of the stories, the boys meet in different situations, and my stories explore their reactions to each other during those meetings. You don't have to have read the others to understand this one. The stories don't follow any order. I hope you enjoy it.

This story has Dean becoming ill while fighting a monster. He and Sam end up sharing a room in a hospital. As you will see, Dean is a bit out of it, so he may seem a little out of character as well, but it's just the fever talking.

I usually have these AU's as one shots, but this one will be a two shot.

As always, I make no profit, nor do I own any characters.

Bad Medicine

Sam awoke in his hospital bed to Jess stroking her fingers through his hair. He gave her a quick groggy smile as everything started to come back into focus. The anesthesia was still making him a bit light headed, but otherwise he felt okay. He looked down at his foot, all wrapped up in a thick white cast.

"Did everything go okay?" He asked Jess, his girlfriend of three years.

She gave him a bright encouraging smile as she reassured him that the surgery had gone perfectly. His ankle would be good as new in six weeks. "Until then," she warned, "You need to stay off that foot and get some rest."

Sam smiled. "What I really need is to find a safer pastime than skiing. It seems like every time we plan a ski trip, something horrible happens." He winced as he looked at his toes poking out of the end of the cast. "I never saw the turn in the trail until it was too late." Sam then took Jess' hand in his. "I'm so sorry I ruined our weekend getaway."

Jess shook her head and sighed at Sam. "You didn't ruin anything, Sam. I'm just glad that you're okay." Honestly, sometimes that boy said the craziest things. "There will always be other weekends."

Just then Sam's doctor entered the room. "Well, well," He proclaimed as he approached the bed. "Look who decided to wake up and join us. How are you feeling, Mr. Campbell?"

"Fine, I guess. I can't feel anything from my knee down on that leg yet. Is that normal?"

The doctor nodded. "Yes, that's normal. It'll start to wake up in about an hour or so. Everything went very well, as I'm sure your lovely lady has told you already. We were able to remove the bone fragments from the break and repair the tibia. All in all it was an easy procedure. You'll be back on the slopes again in no time. Just….be more careful next time."

Sam smiled and nodded back. He then gave a questioning look at the I.V in his arm.

"What's this?" He asked, poking where the needle entered his arm.

"That's a low dose of Morphine, and it's to help with the discomfort you will most likely feel when your foot does wake up. It'll also help you to get a good night's sleep." He smiled at both Sam and Jess. "There shouldn't be any reason why you can't go home tomorrow morning. I'll be back then to give your foot another check and go over your discharge instructions. In the meantime, Sam, if there is any noticeable swelling or discoloration of your foot or toes, or if you begin to feel nauseous or have shortness of breath, let your nurse know right away."

"I will. Thank you."

The doctor exited the room just as a middle aged nurse was entering. The name 'Charlotte' was in bold black letters on her name tag. She was followed by two orderlies pushing a gurney with a semi-conscious young man on it. They transferred the man to his bed on the other side of Sam's room. He was a handsome man who appeared to be in his late twenties, had short dark hair and a medium build. His eyes were closed, but he was moaning something incoherently and turning his head from side to side.

Jess raised her eyebrows at Sam. "Looks like you've got a roommate." She said.

The nurse went right to work preparing an I.V for the man and talking soothingly to him as he struggled to regain full consciousness. As soon as the needle was inserted and some medication began to flow from the bag to his bloodstream, she turned her attention to his vitals, taking his blood pressure, his pulse and temperature. Within a few minutes, he began to calm down just a bit, most likely due to some sedation, and finally focused on the nurse's face. He stared at her in confusion.

"Where am I?" He demanded to know.

"You're at Mercy General Hospital." Charlotte answered, "And you're going to be just fine. Can you tell me your name? You didn't have any identification on you when the medics brought you in."

His eyes darted back and forth for a moment, and then he slowly answered. "Dean. Name's Dean."

Charlotte nodded at him and smiled. "That's good, Dean. Thank you." She reached behind his head and fluffed his pillows. "Can you tell me what happened?"

Dean's eyes suddenly grew huge as he remembered the events that had taken place. "I never saw him coming towards me. He was a sneaky son of a bitch." Dean rambled. He then paused to explain himself to the nurse. "You see, I'm usually a really great hunter. I can spot those monsters a mile away. I just have this natural sense about them, you know?"

She smiled compassionately at him as she wiped the sweat from his brow. "Yes, I can see that about you." She indulged him as he continued his story.

"Yeah, so…..but this guy…he came out of nowhere. With talons and fangs, before I knew what was happening he had his hooks in me. I started feeling all wheezy and knew it wouldn't be long before I passed out." He looked around the room. "The next thing I knew I was here."

"Did you see what color it was?" Charlotte asked. "Was it brown or black?"

Dean stared at her blankly as he caught his breath. "Um, no. It was actually kinda pale. But big!" He declared as if he were remembering something of vital importance, pointing his finger at Charlotte. "He was a big bastard."

She patted Dean's hand reassuringly. "Okay, thank you. Now listen, Dean. You need to try to get some rest. You're having a bad reaction to the bite and you're running a really high fever as well. It's normal for you to feel groggy and a little confused right now, so don't worry if things are fuzzy. You're also on some medication for the fever and pain, and we've added a sedative to help you get some sleep."

Dean shook his head frantically. "NO! I can't sleep. Not with that thing still out there! I've gotta get out of here! It's got my scent, it'll hunt me down! I've got to get back there and kill that thing before more people get hurt!" Dean tried to sit up and swing his legs over the side of the bed, but the room began to spin for him and he started to lose his balance. Charlotte had no trouble pushing him back down on the bed.

"Not in this shape, you're not." She countered, "Listen to me. You've got to get better, and to do that you need to let us do our jobs. These meds will help you, and once they've had a chance to work for a bit things will seem a lot clearer to you. In the meantime, you need to rest." She reached into her smock pocket and pulled out a syringe. She inserted the tip of it into Dean's I.V line, pressed the plunger down, and watched as a clear fluid flowed into Dean's arm. As the medication hit Dean's bloodstream, his eyes began to fog over and, although he fought it, within seconds he had lost consciousness.

Charlotte then turned her attention to Sam and Jess, who were both staring at her in disbelief. She smiled as she approached Sam's bed.

"So," She asked, "How are you feeling?"

Sam exhaled as he continued to watch Dean. "I….I guess I'm doing a lot better than he is."

"Don't worry about him. He'll be fine as soon as the medications we gave him start to work their magic."

Jess looked up at the nurse. "What was he saying about monsters?"

Charlotte looked back at Dean and gave him a thin smile. "I'm not sure about monsters, but he does have a nasty bite mark on the side of his neck. I'm assuming it's a spider bite, and a bad one, but we won't know for sure until the toxicology reports come back. Snakes don't generally bite people in the neck, unless they were being handled. No one witnessed a snake, so my instincts tell me that it was a spider."

Sam gave a sympathetic look in Dean's direction. "Poor guy. He seemed pretty out of it."

"He most likely has venom in his bloodstream. That would be more than enough to cause some delusions and possibly some hallucinations."

A look of concern crossed Jess' face. "Could he be dangerous? I mean, under these circumstances anyway? If so, I don't feel right with Sam in the same room with him, especially where he can't walk….."

"Jess, c'mon." Sam argued. "I'm sure he'll be fine. I don't blame him for being a little freaked out. Having some gross, creepy spider crawling up and biting my neck would freak me out too."

Charlotte smiled at Jess. "Don't worry. Sam will be perfectly safe here tonight. As a matter of fact, the sedative I gave Dean will be more than enough to make him sleep soundly through the night. It'll be like Sam has the room to himself."

"See?" Sam said to Jess. "I'll be just fine."

Jess bent down and kissed Sam's forehead. "Okay, I'll stop fussing then. I just worry sometimes."

Sam nodded. "I know you do, and that's one of the things I love about you. But you've been worrying about me since I fell this afternoon, and you can stop any time now."

"I know." Jess defended, "But it was a really nasty fall, enough to warrant an immediate surgery at five o'clock on a Friday evening. I think I had a right to be worried."

Charlotte turned her attention to Sam, checking his vitals quickly and making sure his foot was propped up comfortably on some pillows. "Okay," She added as she headed toward the door. "It's almost eight o'clock now and I'm going to leave you alone and let you get some rest. I'll try not to bother you any more than needed so you can get a good night's sleep. If you need anything at all, just press the buzzer wrapped around the guardrail of your bed and I'll be right in."

"Sounds good." Sam answered her as she left the room.

Sam sighed as his attention returned to Jess. "So, what are you going to do for the rest of the weekend? Are you going back to the slopes with Brady and Steph?"

"No, I'm not." Jess replied. "I noticed a motel a few blocks from here, so I'm going to stay there tonight so I can come back here first thing tomorrow to see you and help get you checked out. I've already called and changed our flight so we can go home tomorrow afternoon. That way you can get some good rest in our own bed."

Sam couldn't help but smile at her. God, he loved this girl so much. "You take such good care of me. What would I do without you?"

"Crash and burn, I'm sure." She retorted, giving him a warm smile. God, she loved this boy so much.

Jess stayed with Sam for another hour, making sure that he had everything he needed and was all tucked in for the night before leaving him to go check in at the hotel. Sam made her promise that she would call him as soon as she was settled there to be sure that she was safe for the night as well. It wasn't until he received that call that he finally allowed himself the luxury of relaxing and concentrating on getting a good night's sleep.


Even before Sam opened his eyes, he knew something was very wrong. He could sense that something or someone was very close. He could hear breathing and even feel the warm breath against his face. He lay still for a moment and listened as he tried to regain enough of his senses to fully understand what was happening. He cracked his eyes open just a tiny bit and could make out a shadow looming at his bedside, its face just a few inches from his own. As his eyes flew open, he brought his arm up and swung into the dark, hoping it would make contact with whatever was hovering over him. However, Sam was still very groggy, and his movements were slower than he anticipated. The dark figure had no trouble dodging Sam's swing and countered by pinning his arm up over his head against the pillow. Sam then felt a very warm hand clamp down over his mouth.

"Don't move, and don't make a sound. You hear me?" The figure accentuated his question by tightening his grip on Sam's mouth and sharply shoving his head deeper into the pillows.

Sam's heart was in his throat as he vehemently nodded his head, his eyes locked on his aggressor's form as he tried to make out his features in the dark. Sam instinctively struggled slightly against the hands holding him, but it didn't take long for him to realize that he didn't have any leverage to fight back. He focused instead on trying not to panic.

"I ain't kidding. You make one move…..ONE, and I'll break every bone in your body."

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you're enjoying it so far. Please take a moment and let me know what you think.