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Bad Medicine, Chapter 4

Sam could hear the sound of footsteps moving around the room. It took every ounce of strength he had to lie still and not make any noise. After a moment, the footsteps stopped and everything went quiet. In spite of having been warned to keep his eyes closed, Sam couldn't help himself and he cracked one eyelid just a tiny bit to try to see what was happening.

A tall, painfully thin man stood at the end of Dean's bed, studying Dean as he lay. For a moment Sam thought that this may be another false alarm, as it looked to be just a maintenance or cleaning person, as the man had wheeled in a large laundry bin and was dressed in what appeared to be a cleaning uniform. However, something about the man wasn't right. He was studying Dean too closely and seemed too interested in him just to be a maintenance employee.

The tall dark figure then began to move about Dean's bedside in awkward, lanky movements. The placement of each of his feet seemed very deliberate, almost exaggerated, as if he were a newborn colt taking its first steps. He stopped between Dean and Sam's bed and carefully leaned over Dean's body, observing every detail. Sam knew that Dean was awake, and he wondered how the Hell Dean could lay there so still while someone, or something, was so close to him.

The man took one more look around the room and then tipped his head back, looking straight up at the ceiling. Suddenly, there was a crackling, crunching sound that seemed to be coming from the man's body. His head was moving violently back and forth as the nauseating sound of what could only be bones popping out of their sockets filled Sam's ears. The man then opened his mouth unnaturally wide, his jaw seemingly becoming unhinged and let out an animalistic growl.

From out of the man's mouth appeared a large set of jawbones, emerging slowly as the cracking noise continued. The horrific mandibles opened and closed in a sideways motion, opposite the direction a human jaw moves and clamped together like a pair of pincers. Once the maxillae were set in place, it tipped its head back in its normal position and looked back at Dean, its eyes now perfect black little circles jutting from its head.

Sam gasped in horror and disbelief as terror began to overtake him. He tried to holler out a warning to Dean, but quickly realized that he had no control over speech. The only thing Sam could do was make a few 'Gah!' and 'Ung' noises as he sat up and tried to get his body to move off the bed.

The creature quickly turned toward Sam as it heard him cry out and it distracted the monster just enough for Dean to make his move. He drew his gun and fired it, hitting the arachnid just below its ribs. Undaunted by the bullet, the giant insect grabbed Dean's arm and violently shook it with supernatural strength, forcing Dean to drop his weapon, sending it crashing to the floor. Dean countered the loss of his gun by drawing out the syringe that held the venom, taking direct aim at its chest. Before Dean could inject the needle, however, the creature clutched him by the shirt, pulled him out of his bed and threw him. Dean sailed through the air, completely flying over Sam's bed and landed with a heavy crash against the wall of the room.

Bobby had charged the being as well, delivering his own rain of bullets, each striking the arachnid in its back. Realizing quickly that the bullets had zero effect on it, Bobby drew his own needle and attacked, forcing the thin spike deep into the back of monster's head and pushed the venom into its brain.

A vicious screech sounded throughout the room as the spider-like monster reared its head back, flexing its hideous mandibles and writhing around the room. In one last desperate attempt to escape, the arachnid crouched down, placed its hands on the floor and sprung itself high into the air. It landed effortlessly in a corner of the ceiling and somehow adhered to the wall in a true spider motion.

All three men in the room were frozen and awestruck and stared as the creature remained hovered in the corner, obviously struggling to stay alive as it gasped for breath and consciousness. Little by little, the spider began losing its strength as each appendage lost its suction to the wall and hanged lifelessly. With its dying breath, the creature looked one last time at the trio watching it, shrieked at them, and then dropped dead to the floor.

Bobby and Dean hurried to the creature's side as Dean checked for a pulse. Dean looked up at Bobby and nodded his head.

"It's dead." He announced.

Sam let out a deep, labored breath and collapsed his body flat down on his mattress. "Holy Christ, what the Hell was that thing? I've never seen anything like that before in my life!" He sat back up and searched both Bobby and Dean's eyes for some sort of answer. "How was that even real? How did that even happen? Did you see….?"

Dean nodded at Sam as he raised his hands up. "Yes, I saw, and I know it's a Hell of a thing to witness, especially for the first time. You've got every right to be freaked out right now, but please do us both a favor and try to pull it together a little bit longer. Bobby and I still have to take care of this thing and get rid of it before anyone else comes in here, so if you could just chill for a bit then that would be great."

Sam, still obviously traumatized, shook his head and tried to wipe some of the sweat from his face with the back of his hand. He watched as the two other men diligently worked to lift the half spider, half human from the floor and carry him to the large laundry bin. He couldn't understand how they could both possibly be so calm about everything.

"So, it's over then?" Sam asked.

Dean didn't have a chance to answer. At that very moment a shriek came from the doorway of the room, forcing them all to stop and turn toward the sound.

Charlotte the nurse stood at the door and stared in horror as Bobby and Dean stood with the dead body in their arms. A look of panic crossed Dean's face as he scrambled to let go of the body and stop the nurse before she would inevitably turn and run from the room screaming.

Much to Dean's surprise, she stood stunned for a moment, taking in the full view of what was going on in front of her. Then, without any warning, a malicious expression crossed her face as she began to scream.

"What's happening here?" She cried, running toward them, "Hector! My beautiful mate. What have you done to him?" With those words, she drew back her arms and swung them savagely at Dean and Bobby, sending both of them soaring backward and landing hard on their backs. She bent over her mate's body and held the dead creature's face in her hands. She then looked toward all three men in front of her as she violently shook. "You're all going to pay for this! Each one of you will die!"

Bobby crawled toward Dean as he quickly realized that this nurse was the inside person at the hospital they had been seeking. "Dean," He hollered, "Where is the other syringe?"

As Dean desperately tried to get to his feet, Sam watched in horror for a second time as yet another human being transformed into a hideous monster right in front of him. Charlotte's head tipped back as the familiarly gruesome sound of cracking bones and gnashing jaws permeated the room.

"I dropped it when I got thrown earlier." Dean cried as he searched in vain for the needle. "I don't know where it landed."

Charlotte didn't take long at all to convert into her true form and within a few seconds she was jumping across the room, landing on the backs of Dean and Bobby, slashing at them and sending them flying.

Sam forced himself to regain his senses long enough to look around for the syringe, realizing that it was their only hope of survival. Miraculously, it occurred to him that Dean was just about to use the syringe on the first creature just before it threw him over Sam's bed and against the wall. Sam quickly dragged himself to the edge of his bed and looked down to the floor. A searing pain jolted Sam's ankle and sent a wave of scorching heat all the way up his leg to his knee, making Sam shout out in agony.

Just beyond his reach lay the weapon they had been searching for. Sam took a quick look over his shoulder just as Charlotte heard him crying out. She twisted her head towards him, her eyes narrowing into tiny slits as she saw Sam reaching over the edge of his bed.

Simultaneously, Sam dived head first over the side of his bed for the syringe and Charlotte dropped Bobby down to the floor and made a massive leap on all four limbs toward Sam.

Dean and Bobby could only watch in horror as Sam's body crashed off the bed with a loud thud just before Charlotte's hideous figure landed squarely on top of him. Both bodies were then out of the hunters' view as they continued to hear brutal wrestling on the floor beside the bed. After a brief moment, the struggling suddenly stopped and everything went still and quiet.

Dean scrambled to his feet and ran to Sam's bed, pushing it forcefully out of the way so he could reach Sam. Bobby was by his side just a moment later. They stood holding their breath as they saw Sam lying on his back with Charlotte on top of him, her face buried in the crook of his neck. Neither Sam nor Charlotte showed any signs of life.

Dean was the first to reach them. He gave a questioning look to Bobby as he nudged the creature with his stocking foot, not quite ready to put his face too close to its menacing jaws. "Is it dead?" He asked.

Charlotte's body rocked involuntarily at the nudge, but still remained lifeless. However, the slight kick was enough to resuscitate Sam, who upon awakening jerked backwards violently, trying to free himself from the monster on top of him. "Help!" He screamed as he thrashed on the floor. "Get it off me!"

Dean and Bobby nearly jumped out of their skins as Sam reacted, but quickly came to his aid as they lifted the creature's carcass off Sam, who quickly pulled himself out from under it, dragging his heavy casted foot along the floor behind him. When they flipped Charlotte's body over, they found the needle of the syringe buried deep into its chest with all the venom plunged into her heart with the weight of her body on top of it.

Bobby turned to Sam. "Looks like you got to the syringe in the nick of time." He observed. "You're one lucky son of a bitch."

Dean left Charlotte's side and kneeled down next to Sam, checking his neck and shoulders for wounds. "Did it bite you?" he asked.

Sam brought his hands up to his neck and felt with his fingertips. Finding nothing, he shook his head at Dean. "No, I don't think so."

Dean smiled at Sam, "Then I agree with Bobby, you're one lucky son of a bitch."

Sam winced at both hunters as he leaned his back against the wall, panting and sweating from both the event that just took place and the pain pulsing through his body.

Dean patted Sam on the shoulder. "C'mon, kid. Let's get you back into bed."

Bobby went straight to work loading the two monster carcasses into the laundry bin. He then covered them with some sheets and tucked them into a corner of the room. Dean helped Sam get back between his sheets with his casted foot once again propped comfortably atop some pillows and reattached the morphine drip tube into his I.V , which had popped off in the scuffle.

"There," Dean assured, "You'll be good as new by morning."

Dean sat down for a moment and wiped his face as well. "Whew," He declared. "I think the adrenaline is wearing off for me, too. I'm starting to feel the effects of the flu virus again." He turned to Bobby with mock anger. "We ever have to do this type of undercover work again, it'll be you who gets the virus, not me. This thing is kicking my ass."

Bobby scoffed slightly at Dean as he poked some fun back at him. "Suck it up, Nancy. You're gonna live."

Sam smiled at them. He marveled at how completely in their element they appeared to be. Sam still had his heart racing in his chest and was still physically shaking, but they both appeared to be perfectly calm, even joking. He took a deep breath to try to collect himself.

"I still can't believe what happened in here. It's all so unreal." Sam looked toward the laundry bin anxiously, half expecting one of the creatures to pop out of it and attack again. "I mean, the nurse….she seemed so nice, and normal."

"Yeah," Dean agreed, "She did. I honestly never suspected her, even though looking back she was an obvious choice." Dean followed Sam's gaze to the laundry bin. "Freaky chick, that one was."

"You know," Sam continued, "It's ironic how her name was Charlotte, as in 'Charlotte's Web'." Not getting any response from Dean or Bobby, Sam tried to explain. "You know, the children's book about the spider."

"I thought Charlotte was a pig. Wasn't that a story about a pig?" Dean asked.

Sam shook his head. "No, the pig was Wilbur. Charlotte was the spider."

"Oh," Dean answered. "Did the spider die in the book?"

Sam couldn't help but chuckle a little as he nodded his head. "Yeah, it did."

Dean stood up from his bed and walked toward Sam. "Then, yeah, I would call that ironic," then, smiling at Sam, "And I would also call you a nerd for knowing about geeky crap like that."

Bobby snickered at both of them as he joined them at Sam's bedside. "Okay kids, time to get things back to as normal as possible. It's almost four a.m., which means I've gotta get the Hell out of here with this laundry bin before anyone sees me."

Dean smiled as he thumped the hunter on the back. "Sounds like a plan." He then pointed his head in Sam's direction as he continued to speak with Bobby. "We just got that one last thing to take care of. You got the stuff?"

Bobby reached into his bag and pulled out another syringe. "Yeah, I got it." He turned to Sam. "Kid, it's been great to meet you. You did an awesome job tonight, really. You really came through with keeping your cool as well as you did." He stepped to the I.V stand at the head of Sam's bed and brought the syringe to a port in the line. "But Dean and I decided that if he did end up with a roommate tonight during all of this, it would be better if he didn't clearly recall all the things that took place tonight, so this is to help you." With that declaration, he inserted the syringe into the I.V line and pushed down the plunger.

Sam jumped and sat up straight, reaching for Bobby's arm. "What? Wait! What are you doing? What is that stuff?"

Dean gently pushed him back down and shushed him. "Don't worry, it's alright. It's not going to hurt you whatsoever. It's just some happy juice, that's all."

Sam started to protest some more, but Dean continued to talk over him as he held him down against the mattress. "It's gonna be fine. You'll just wake up tomorrow a little confused, that's all. Trust me, it's better if you don't know what's out there. When you know the stuff Bobby and I know, it can mess you up sometimes."

Sam could feel the contents of the syringe beginning to take effect, and he blinked hard a few times to try to keep his head clear. "So, I won't remember this?"

Bobby dropped the empty syringe back into his bag. "You'll remember bits and pieces of it, but it'll be all jumbled and make even less sense than it did to begin with." He smiled down at Sam as he placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "You'll most likely think it was all just a crazy dream."

Dean got close to Sam. "Anyway, like Bobby said, Sam, you really did great tonight. We couldn't have pulled this whole thing off without you. You're a hero." Dean patted Sam's arm. He could see Sam was now visibly struggling to keep his eyes opened. "You take care of yourself and your girl. You hear me?"

Sam nodded as his eyes finally closed. "Yeah. You guys take care too. It was great meeting you t…" Sam's sentence remained unfinished as he drifted off to sleep.

Not surprisingly, Sam slept until almost eleven o'clock the following morning. He opened his eyes to the sight of his beautiful girl sitting next to him. He couldn't help but smile up at her.

Jess seemed relieved to see Sam awaken. She took his hand in hers as she greeted him.

"Good morning, sleepyhead. You had me a little worried there for a while."

Sam yawned and stretched as he regained his sense of where he was. He frowned in concern at her reaction. "Why? What were you worried about?"

"You were so sound asleep I couldn't even wake you earlier. You're not normally such a sound sleeper. It worried me." She cocked her head at him. "How are you feeling?"

A dull headache throbbed continuously just above Sam's eyes. Something in the back of his mind was nagging him, but he couldn't figure out what it was. "Okay, I guess. My head aches a little, but my ankle's not too bad."

From out of Sam's line of vision, a voice chimed in. "It looks like he may have had a slightly bad reaction to the Morphine he was given last night." Sam jumped at hearing the voice and seemed alarmed to see a nurse standing on the other side of his bed. She continued to explain. "His t-shirt was soaking wet earlier this morning when I checked on him. I changed him into a clean, dry one and he never even stirred. I took the I.V out so it should be out of his system by now." She placed a hand on his forehead and smiled down at him. "He seems cool and dry now, though."

Sam gasped as the sight of the nurse brought all the memories of the previous night flooding back to him. He sat straight up, looking furiously all around the room, his eyes darting back and forth. He looked into Jess' eyes.

"Something horrible happened last night!" He said, clutching Jess' hand. "There was something in the room, something evil, and it tried to kill me!"

Jess' eyes widened in fear and astonishment as she heard Sam's words. "What are you talking about? What happened?"

Sam continued speaking as he squinted his eyes to focus on what he was saying. "I'm not sure exactly what it was, but it was some kind of monster."

Sam moved forward more, looking behind the nurse who had been blocking his line of vision to the bed beside him. He sighed in relief at what he saw.

Dean was sitting on the edge of his bed. He was now fully dressed and was bent over tying his work boots. He casually looked up at Sam, as if intently listening to an interesting story.

"Him!" Sam shouted as he pointed to Dean. "He can tell you. He was here the whole time. It almost killed him too."

Jess' brow frowned as she looked from Sam to the nurse. "What's wrong with him?" She asked. The nurse looked just as confused by Sam's behavior as Jess was and shook her head.

Sam could tell he was losing Jess' faith in his recollection. "No, Jess, just listen." His eyes widened as he recalled another event. "You were here for some of it, remember? You were visiting me and you were roller skating, and you had Bones with you, but he wasn't a dog he was a kangar…." Sam suddenly realized how crazy everything sounded and he started to get confused. He frowned and shook his head. "No, wait. That part was a dream, but the monster part was real. It was stuck to the ceiling…"

Dean lowered his head and chuckled. Sam heard him laughing and stared blankly at him.

"Sounds like a pretty intense dream you had there, buddy." Dean smiled. He honestly felt bad for the poor bastard and the lost puppy dog expression on the kid's face damn near broke his heart, but he knew deep down that this was for the best. "You were thrashing around in your sleep quite a bit last night. It's a wonder you got any rest at all."

Jess smiled pitifully down at Sam and ran her fingers through his hair, brushing the bangs from his face. "So, Bones was a kangaroo and I was roller skating around the hospital while a monster was attacking you?" A wide grin spread across her face in spite of her attempt to remain serious. "Wow! No more Morphine for you."

Sam desperately looked from Dean to Jess and then lowered his head and chewed on his bottom lip. His face remained creased, still trying to process what was going through his mind. He then thought of an important piece of information. He looked to the nurse standing next to him. A snide smile crossed his lips.

"Is Charlotte working today?" He asked, knowing all too well that she wasn't.

The nurse smiled as she shook her head. "No, sweetie. Charlotte's last day was yesterday. She and her husband were taking a year's sabbatical and were going to travel the Amazon. We threw her a going away party yesterday."

Sam fell back against his pillow in defeat. From the other side of the room Sam could hear Dean laugh as he gathered his coat and bag together in his arms. Sam watched as Dean opened the door to leave. Dean turned one last time to Sam.

"Take care, now. Don't go fighting any more monsters without me!"

Sam was just about to look away in disgust, when something about Dean's expression made him continue to watch. Just before Dean left the room, he looked Sam straight in the eyes and winked at him, mouthing the words, "Thank you."

Sam sat stunned. Just as he was beginning to wonder if he was truly losing his mind, that little act from Dean validated that he wasn't going crazy after all. He sat quietly for a moment, contemplating whether or not he should continue to try to convince Jess that his story was true, but ultimately decided against it. He would just end up sounding like a lunatic.

Jess leaned in close to Sam, giving him a soft kiss.

"Are you sure you're okay, baby?" She asked.

Sam smiled up at her. "Yeah, I'm fine." He sat up and cautiously swung his legs over the side of the bed, favoring his bad ankle. "It was just a crazy dream." He leaned forward and kissed her back. "Just get me the heck out of here and let's go home."