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"Alice. Alice! What is it, what do you see?" Alice, Rose and I were watching tv alone, Bella and Nessie were shopping, and everyone else were in Paris, taking a well needed vacation. My dainty little cottage hadn't changed, except Nessie wasn't in a crib anymore, she was a fully grown teenager. Alice had frozen, and I knew if she could she would be crying, she would be. "Please, Alice, what is it?" She was blocking me, I couldn't see a thing inside her head, and that was starting to get me even more freaked out.

She turned to me, and spoke in a broken whisper. "They're coming." Before the words had even left her lips, Rosalise started to run. "Rose. It's pointless, we can't run, we can't hide, and we can't survive." Her voice broke on the last word, as Rose started running back to the main house, the place I have truly called home.

I dropped to my knee's, the pain surging through me. "Why? When?" This couldn't be happening, we hadn't done anything. It had been five years, five peaceful years. We had a life, a happy one.

"About eight minutes. They had to have planned this.. They wouldn't come unless we were alone." She finally let me into her head, and I watched along with her as Jane, Alec and Felix ran through the woods leading up to our house, clearly set to kill. "Edward." Alice whispered. "We can't do anything." I looked into her eyes, and they mirrored mine. Acceptance, anger, and as dead as the night. We should be at the main house, at home. She didn't have the strength to speak anymore, so I read from her mind. I looked into Roses's, and she was already at home, curled up in her bed, hugging the stuffed toy bear Emmett bought her, and it broke my heart.

"Go. I'll be right behind you." I murmured, letting go of her hand, and she headed home, her engraved 'A+J' necklace in her hand. I grabbed a notebook, and began writing.

My dearest Bella

I love you. And I'm so sorry, there was nothing we could do, they are coming already. We are heading back to the main house, to be closest to our family. But never forget, I will love you always, you will always be in my heart. It was dead up until I met you, but you put life into my soul by marrying me, and joining me in immortality. My heart is forever yours. We may not physically be together, but we always will be.

Your Edward.

I ripped it out of the notebook and set it on the mantlepiece. I ached to write one for my Renesmee, my baby, but I didn't have the time. I looked around our home one last time, letting my mind drift over all my memories. The meadow, Italy, the night we got engaged, out marriage, our first time, having Nessie.. I didn't know how amazing my life could be.

The three of us sat on our couch holding hands, gracefully exiting this afterlife. I closed my eyes. I wouldn't let them take my dignity, as well as my life. My final thoughts were of one thing, and one thing only.

Be happy, my Bella.