So Realisation has been finished for a month now.

I wanted to fully say thank you. I have enjoyed writing so much, it has taught me a lot too. I love Realisation, I have never been prouder of anything in my life. A lot of hours went into this, so I'm very proud. I want to thank all the people who have favourited, followed, reviewed or read it even. To know that people are enjoying something that I wrote myself.. it's one of the best feelings I will ever have.

A lot of people have asked me if I'm writing another one. I have an idea for another Twillight fanfiction, but I'm waiting a month or two. I started Realisation in January 2012 and finished in September 2012, so obviously, its time consuming. But yes, I will write another one, maybe more.

To have the support that I've had is unbelievable, and I hope that the support will stay there for when I write my second fanfiction. Review with your thoughts.

So that's me! Thank you, everyone.