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Alex:Welcome again to Jeopardy. Today's contestants are last weeks winner, Sean Connery...

Sean:You forgot your mother's bra, Trebek. *holds up bra*

Alex:Not even going to ask...Cherry Valance...

Cherry:*seductivley* Hi, Alex. *waves creepily*

Alex:*sigh*Might need a lawsuit again..and Two Bit Matthews. . .


Alex:You asses get stupider and stupider every episode. Here's your categories...The letter after q, Alex Trebeck, appetite, countries that begin with chin, Greasers, and what's that smell. Sean, since you came back, you go first...

Sean:Ape tits for $200 AN:I got this one from the show :)

Alex:Sean Connery, that says Appetite.

Sean:You're just upset because your mother has ape tits!

Alex:Shut up...the question is-

*Cherry buzzes*


Alex:Again, it says Apetite not Ape tits! Sean, new category.

Sean:Alex Trebek.

Alex:For how much?

Sean:Hmmmmmm how much did I think your mother was worth? I'll just go with 200.

Alex:*sigh*What game show does Alex Trebek host?


Alex:Skank- I mean, Miss Valance?

Cherry:Hot Guys Gone Wild

Alex:*sighs* No. That's not even a show. . .maybe in your mind it is, but not really. . . does anyone have a gu-

Cherry:*interupts*Does this mean I can strip tease now? *smiles evilly*

Alex:*eyes go wide* No! Who told you that you could, you firecrotched bimbo?

Cherry:Two Bit.

Two Bit:*waves to camera* Hi, Mommy! And I only told Cherry that because she's secretly Minnie Mouse *grins slyly* That'll be a show to see!

Cherry:*scoffs* I am not some rat!

Two Bit:*jumps on to podium and points angrily at Cherry* YOU! YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH ABOUT MINNIE YOU FUCKING HOE MOUTHED LESBO!


*everyone gets quiet*

Alex:Good. . .now, lets go back to the game before I shoot everyone here. Anyone else besides Miss Valance have a guess on the show I host?

*Sean buzzed in*

Alex:Mr. Connery?

Sean:How To Wipe Your Mother's Ass

Alex:No, Mr. Connery. . .am I dead yet?. . .Two Bit? Do you have a slight idea?

Two Bit:*sobs* No!

Alex:Why the hell are you crying, you greasy faced icitope?

Two:That red headed hoe bag talked about Minnie!

*Alex face palms*

Alex:Someone. . . just. . . kill. . . me. . .

*everyone else blinks*

Sean:Now, Trebek, don't get suicudal on us. . .

Alex:Wow, Sean, that's the nicest-

Sean:If you do, your mother won't have a fuck buddy anymore.

Alex:-thing you've ever said to me. *sigh* Nevermind. Why don't we just skip to Final Jeopardy? *rips up some cards* I can't take you fatass fudge bags any longer. I think you're killing me with stupidity. Final Jeopardy question is: Name a Color.

*music begins playing and everyone begins to write*

Alex:It can be any stupid color in the world. . . hell, if you scribble something, I'll take it. Anything goes at the moment. Anything from a gorilla getting a blow job to an AIDS infected Howard Stern raping Justin Bieber. I'll take that as a color.

*Two Bit starts scribbling hard as if he's panicking*

*Cherry starts dancing a little*

*Sean looks sleepy*

*music stops*

Alex:Okay, Lindsay Lohan, what do you have?

*Call Me*

Alex:You said. . . Call me? I want to hit you so much. . And you bet?


Cherry:Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe!

Alex:Now I really want a gun. . . Two Bit?

*Two Bit has nothing actually down. . . just some dots and a cracked screen*

Alex:*blink* What-what the hell did you do?

Two Bit:YOU RUSHED ME THAT'S WHAT! *gets in fetal position on the ground and sings* M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E...

Alex:Whatever. . .Sean, please tell me you wrote something and had an actual wager.

Sean:*snores then wakes up* Huh wha? Sorry, Trebek. I didn't write anything. I was thinking of your mother again *smirks*

Alex:*slams head on table* Well, no one won. . .but since I have nothing better to do, you all get a sticker for trying. *gives each a sticker*

Two Bit:*slams fist on podium* I WANT A MICKEY STICKER!


Sean:*eats his sticker*

Alex:*sighs* I don't care, okay? I'm leaving! *looks at camera* I'm sorry you all had to watch this. Hopefully. . *sigh* tomorrow will go better. I won't be surprised if you don't even watch tomorrow. . .I'll be surpirsed if I'm still alive. Good night. *Alex stomps off set while the contestants scream at each other*

*audience reluctantly claps*

Hope ya liked! :) Sprry I didn't put this up soon enough but I was really busy and stuff :p Next week is Darry, Steve and YOUR CHOICE!


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