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3rd Person POV

Percy Jackson rolled to the left to avoid being made into a Percy Pancake. Porphyrion swung again, narrowly missing Percy but killing several Earthborn in the process. Percy stabbed Riptide into Porphyrion's ankle, causing him to cry out in pain. Percy looked around, taking in the situation. Thalia and the Hunters of Artemis were backed into a corner by a large group of Dracaena but they fired volley after volley of arrows and seemed ok. Annabeth, Leo and Jason were fighting together to defend the wounded and unconscious.

"You cannot defeat me Demi-God!" roared Porphyrion.

"Oh really?" smirked Percy.

Percy drew on his powers and took moisture from the air. He hardened it into two wickedly sharp spikes of ice and launched them at Porphyrion's knees. The King of The Giants screamed in pain and collapsed. Golden ichor dripped out of the wounds and ran down his legs. Percy scrambled onto the giants chest and, praying to his Father, plunged Riptide deep into the Giants heart. Riptide began to glow and the scent of the sea filled the air. The battle stopped as everyone looked. Percy jumped off Porphyrion's chest and retreated to his friends. The giant began to thrash and scream. With a final piercing scream, Porphyrion faded, leaving Riptide in pen form on the ground. The demi-gods cheered and shouted. Without a leader the monsters were disarrayed and were soon finished off.

The demi-gods cheered again and lifted Percy on their shields, chanting, "PERCY PERCY PERCY!"

Percy POV

That was six months ago. Everything was perfect; I had my friends, my Mum and Paul, and Annabeth. In exchange for my service, the gods offered me immortality again. I declined (politely!) but did ask for Hades and Hestia to be made Olympians again. Zeus agreed to this and so it was done.

Then, five months ago, my obnoxious half- brother Aaron Richards came to Camp. He didn't like me and I didn't like him. He made it his goal to ruin my life. It started with little things at first, name calling, rude comments, and the like. I didn't respond so he made it worse. He started vandalising and stealing things and blaming it on me. He ruined Katie Gardner's plants, broke Clarisse's spear among other things. Eventually it was just Nico, Grover, Thalia, and Annabeth who liked me. They knew I would never do those things. Then, when Aaron came back from a quest to kill one hydra (big whoop) everybody loved him even more. Poseidon appeared and named him the greatest hero ever and his favourite son in front of the whole camp.

Then things got worse. ( ) Nico was called to help his dad in the Underworld, Thalia left with the hunters and Grover was always busy being the Lord of The Wild.

But I still had Annabeth. I loved her so much, that I bought her a ring and was going to propose.

I was walking around Camp, looking for Annabeth. I walked onto the beach and saw a couple kissing a few metres away. I recognised my half-brother Aaron and what was probably some Aphrodite girl. I turned to leave when I heard him say.

"I love you Annabeth"

I froze. I turned around slowly and heard.

"Shhh Aaron, I don't want Percy to hear us"

My heart snapped in two. I walked towards them and said,

"Why? I thought you loved me Annabeth."

Annabeth turned around and said

"Please, You! I was only ever in love with your fame. You are weak, pathetic, ugly and stupid. Everything Aaron isn't .What girl would love You?"

Forget two. My heart just snapped into a million pieces.

"Well then, I guess I won't be needing this" I snapped and showed her the ring. She gasped as I whirled and threw it straight into the sea. After that I walked off.

I trudged back to my cabin as my anger faded. When I got there I found Chiron pacing outside. When he spotted me he said,

"Percy I'm sorry but your mother and Paul have just been found after a fatal car crash with a truck. I am truly sorry."

And with that he trotted away. My world began to crumble around me. I ran into my cabin, collapsed on my bed and began to cry. (Real Men Cry). I had lost everything. My friends, my family, my girlfriend: all gone. I cried my heart out and after fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up to the conch horn blowing once .Dinner. I sighed and got up. I decided then and there that I was leaving. I packed a small bag and slung it over my shoulder. I left the minotaur horn on the bed as a sign that I had left, and then walked out of the cabin for the last time.

3 Weeks Later

The hellhound turned to dust as I plunged Riptide into its chest. I was exhausted. For the last three weeks monsters had attacked constantly. I had run out of money and drachmas and didn't know where to go or what to do. Then I heard clapping, slow and steady, from behind me. I turned around, Riptide at the ready. The clapping came from a tall man wearing a black pinstripe suit. His skin was pure black with… stars? swirling across it.

"Peace Perseus, I mean you no harm" He said with a smile.

"Who are you? And how do you know my name" I questioned.

"I know your name, Perseus, because I have watched you since the day you were born. ("OK, that's not creepy at all" I thought.). And as to who I am- I am Chaos, Creator of The Universe and Master of The Void" Chaos stated.

I dropped to my knee, not because I had to, but because I felt I should. I mean Chaos is the elder to the Gods, Titans and Primordials!

Chaos chuckled quietly. "No Perseus, do not bow to me. Now, onto business. I want you to join me Perseus. I will train you and give you a home. And in return you will serve me as my assassin. You will be my second in command, and leader of the Chaos Blades, an organisation who serve me in keeping peace in the universe."

I stood there, stunned, trying to digest the proposal. Finally I managed to mumble

"Why Me?"

"You are a gifted fighter, have vast power and have no ties left on this planet. So Perseus, will you join me?"

I thought about it and nodded, excited that I would have a purpose in life again.

Chaos smiled and waved his hand. A mini black hole appeared and together we walked through it.

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