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Omega POV

I stepped out of the vortex into the Olympian throne room. All of the Gods sat upon their respective thrones, and all of them looked curious as to why they had been summoned.

Chaos waved his hand and all of the thrones were shunted apart. There was now a space between the thrones of Zeus and Hera and in this, a new throne was formed. It was an exact replica of Chaos' throne on Abyss and he walked forward and sat down. Zeus looked furious at this but Chaos ignored him.

The Gods looked at me as if they expected me to bow but I ignored them. Instead I looked at Chaos and asked what bothered him.

"In one week's time it is the Summer solstice. But this is not just a regular solstice. This time, something very unusual will occur. The planets in this solar system will align, which only happens once every 10,000 years."

Chaos paused, and looked around. "I am assuming that you all know of the Aztec civilisation? They dated to before you but alas, they have faded. Their gods allowed them many advances, and one of these was they were very knowledgeable about the stars. The Aztecs figured out this alignment, and learned how to harness this power into a weapon, which they called Jagok"

Chaos waved his hand again, and a black screen formed in the centre of the throne room. On this screen, images of a blue gauntlet formed. The gauntlet was inscribed with swirls and patterns, and glowed a light blue. It looked dangerous.

Chaos continued. "Their Gods were careless, and did not watch as the Aztec civilisation ripped itself apart. A dictator by the name of Zarrk seized this weapon for himself and destroyed anyone who dared deify him."

The screen was now showing images of a man using this gauntlet to fire beams of blue light at buildings. There was death everywhere and all around him, buildings burned.

"When the Aztec gods realised what was happening, they attacked Zarrk. They defeated him, but not before he used Jagok to destroy one of them."

Chaos paused and let this sink in, as I realised what it meant. This weapon, Jagok, was strong enough to kill a god. I looked around the throne room. Aphrodite looked scared, Athena looked thoughtful, Artemis looked determined, and, as always, Dionysus looked bored.

"The Aztecs split the weapon in two and hid it around the world, hoping to prevent it from ever being used again."

The black screen changed to show Earthborn, servants of Gaia, marching through a jungle. They broke from the trees into a giant clearing, and when I say giant, I mean about 2km in each direction. The clearing was completely roofed over by ancient trees, but that was not all. In the centre of the clearing stood a massive temple of Aztec design. The screen faded and disappeared.

"I am unaware of how they know this, but Gaia knows the location of the first piece. If she acquires both, you are doomed" As Chaos said this he looked directly at the Olympians. "A quest must be created, to acquire both pieces before Gaia can use them to destroy Western Civilisation." Chaos looked directly at me and spoke. "Omega you will lead this quest. Two other campers will accompany you."

I nodded. Chaos waved his hand and the throne room froze except for him and I. "Percy. Most of the campers have heard or witnessed your adventures. If you reveal your identity, it will encourage them that they can win this. And I think that some of your old friends would like to apologize" I considered this. I missed my friends, but I don't know if I'm ready to forgive and forget yet.

Chaos waved his hand and the throne room unfroze. I was about to open a void when Chaos frowned. "Interesting" he muttered. "Gaia has freed Hyperion from his prison and he marches towards Camp Half-Blood." The Olympians' eyes widened at this. "He will arrive in 2 hours. Omega; defend camp, tell Chiron, and instruct the campers to build defences. After you have defended the camp, you will leave on your quest. I will send the Blades." I smiled at the thought of the Campers seeing the Blades in action.

"Omega, you are dismissed". I turned around and stepped through a void back to Camp Half-Blood.

I appeared at the archery range, startling Chiron and a group of campers he was teaching.

"Omega" Chiron said, bowing.

"Hello Chiron. Can we please speak in private?" Chiron looked startled, but agreed and the way to the Big House. We both sat in the rec room, with Seymour the leopard staring down at us.

After I explained what was happening, Chiron asked "In The Chaos Blades, is there a soldier called Percy Jackson? He was a beloved camper who went missing, and this sounds like exactly like something he would join."

I wanted to smile. Even after so long, Chiron never gave up on me. Chaos' words sprung to mind again, as I considered telling Chiron.

"No. He did not join the Blades, but I do know where he is. Summon the campers to the pavilion. I will tell them what is happening, and where Percy is."

The conch horn sounded thrice, meaning attack. Campers rushed to the pavilion, But calmed once they saw that there were no monsters. As the campers settled down, I explained what was happening yet again. When I finished one of the campers shouted out a question.

"Have you ever heard of a camper called Percy Jackson? He went missing years ago. Did he join the Chaos Blades?" I looked up and saw that I didn't know the camper who had asked the question. When my name was mentioned some of the campers looked distasteful. The rest, including all of my old friends, looked happy. Looking over at the 'distasteful' crowd, I saw Aaron, my half brother, at the front. I figured they had swallowed some bullshit about how amazing he was.

"Actually yes, I do know Percy." I replied to the camper. I looked to Thalia , finding her in the crowd. She smiled and nodded at me. I lifted my hands to my hood and removed it, revealing my sea green eyes.

"I know him very well".

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