So this idea popped into my head and today I was just itching to write it.
It is another Kurt and Blaine mpreg with preggers!Blaine, but this one is a lot different than my other story, This Feeling. It might not seem like it just yet, but it's gonna get dramatic. And for those of you that also follow This Feeling... never fear! I'm still working on it; it's not abandonded! I just wanted to write this for now. :)

Some background info for this story: Kurt is currently in New York for college while Blaine is still a senior back at McKinley. It about... oh, the middle of October or so and our boys are missing each other dearly. They have cute little skype dates and they text, but of course that's nothing like the real thing. Ah, -sigh-
They also hope to spend the upcoming Thanksgiving Break together, buut, oh.. this author girl right here might just intercept those plans. Follow the story and find out what I've got up my sleeve. )

Anyways... enjoy!

I do not own Glee or Klaine... sadly. :(

When Blaine Anderson found out that he was eight weeks pregnant at just the tender age of seventeen, his reaction was anything but typical for your normal teenager.

He didn't gasp.

He didn't cry.

He didn't freak out.

He didn't try to deny that it was real.

Instead he slid a hand down to his stomach, his eyes wide with unshed tears as he gazed at the doctor. "Pregnant?" He whispered back.

"All the tests came back positive. You are most definitely pregnant, Mr. Anderson. Congratulations."

Blaine smiled. Not a small, shaky smile. But a huge, broad, happy grin that nearly lit up the whole room. "I... oh wow. I... thank you. Thank you. Oh my god... I'm pregnant!"

The doctor smiled back and gently patted the boy on the shoulder. "I'm glad you're happy, son." It was such a relief to see this type of reaction versus the normal freak out kids at this age had. It also seemed that maybe this one would keep the baby too, as the doctor could only hope. "Now there's a few things we need to go over..."

Thirty minutes later the teenager left the clinic, clutching information packets about babies and male pregnancy in his hands. He didn't even glance at them, though, because the only thing on his mind was the fact that he was pregnant. Right then. As in, carrying a baby. 'Kurt's baby!' His mind sang as he climbed into the car, suddenly fumbling before his phone so he could hear that angelic voice he loved so much.

But... wait, Kurt was in class, wasn't he? Blaine sighed and threw his phone into the seat beside him, remembering just last night while the two chatted over Skype, Kurt had mentioned that he had a big test today. Which would be going on right now. "I guess I can call him later..." Blaine mumbled, though he really wished he could drive over to the Hummel's and climb into the arms of the boy he loved right then. He wanted nothing more than to have Kurt holding him, but he knew that wasn't possible. Kurt was in New York, living his dream, while Blaine was... here. Stuck in Lima, Ohio to finish out his senior year of high school while the love of his life was off doing bigger and better things.

'I'll be there soon enough, though. And then we can have our apartment together and go to school and get married and... have a baby.' The thought suddenly hit him like a ton of bricks and he let out a breath, his eyes wide as the news replayed in his mind. Good god, he was pregnant. Pregnant with Kurt's child... and he was only seventeen! But some people dreamed of this all their lives and it never happened, so there was no way that Blaine was going to be bitter about it. No, he was happy, actually. So happy. Because he and Kurt had created a baby together, and young or not, they were going to be damn good parents. Blaine was sure of it!
...Right? He felt sure, but there was still this nagging feeling of wondering how in the world he was supposed to break the news to Kurt. He knew that just calling him up and dropping the bomb would be crazy, but... hell, he didn't know. Should he wait to tell Kurt? After all, he had only found out himself a few minutes ago.

Letting out a breath, Blaine pulled out of the parking lot and turned right down the street, knowing where he needed to go first. He needed to talk to someone and get this all figured out before he spoke to Kurt. And Finn Hudson was just the person to talk to.

Well, what do you think so far? Not much has happened yet but it'll get going soon, I promise! :) Review and tell me your thoughts... what do you think is to come? :)