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"The shower has got to be big."


"Yes. Big. It's got to have everything- the cutest decor, cake, tons of gifts. Blaine deserves that."

"He certainly does."

Kurt smiled from where he sat in the Lima Bean, sipping on his coffee as Blaine's mother, Michelle, sat across from him. The two had agreed to meet up and discuss the baby shower that Kurt was avidly (and secretly) planning for his wonderful boyfriend. "I just have to figure out where to have it. I mean, it could just have it at home, but that would be hard to get set up without Blaine finding out about it."

"Hmmm," Michelle nodded at that as she took a sip of her drink, seeming to be thinking about something. "Well, you could just have it at my house. It's large enough for all of the people, and Blaine wouldn't be there to ruin the surprise."


"Yes, really," the woman nodded with a smile. "I would love it if you had it there. I think Blaine might as well... It's been so long since he's been home." She gave a small sigh at that, seeming a bit sad for just a moment.

Kurt noticed and reached over to pat her hand. "Yeah, but everything with Jack-"

"There's a no contact order now."

"Huh?" Kurt blinked in surprise as he realized what the woman had said. "Really?"

Michelle nodded. "Yes. He's not around to be near Blaine, and he's going to appear in court soon for a hearing about the accident. Apparently he was intoxicated... I didn't realize that until a few days ago when I was speaking with the lawyer."

"Oh, wow," Kurt blinked, though a small smile appeared on his face. "That's..."

"It's good," Michelle offered for a moment, nodding slightly to Kurt. "I think it might help Blaine not be as stressed. I know he's been worrying about the situation with his father a lot."

That was true, Kurt knew. Blaine tried not to let it show, but it was pretty obvious that he worried about it often. "Yeah. And then this baby shower will definitely help get his mind off of things."

"It definitely will. And speaking of which, I found the cutest invitations!" Michelle took a sip of her coffee and then reached into her purse to pull out a little pack of invites, each decorated with tiny baby booties and the words 'It's a girl!' written on the front in a pretty script. "On the inside it's got an adorable poem about children, then the lines where you can fill out the information about the shower. You know, the date and the place and all that," she smiled. "I got a lot of them, too, because I knew you boys have plenty of people to invite. And you want this to be big..."

"I do."

"Alright then, let's get started!"


"Hey, sweetie. Have a nice time?"

Kurt looked up as he headed into the house, smiling slightly at Carole, who was just entering the living room as he was. "Yeah," he nodded at the question. "We got a lot of things sorted out. The invitations, what food we're getting. And I started getting decorations," he turned to take his jacket off and hang it up in the jacket closet nearby.

"That's great. Sounds like you'll be completely planned in no time."

"Mhmm. And I'm going to make sure everyone has access to Blaine's baby registry. That way we can get things we want. Speaking of Blaine... How is he?" he glanced down the hallway and quirked an eyebrow, wondering if his boyfriend was sleeping right now. "Been okay today?"

Carole gave a small shrug at the question. "He's alright. Just feeling frustrated about the bed rest situation, as usual. Can't say I blame him," she murmured as she slowly sat down.

"Frustrated... yeah," Kurt murmured. Frustrated, hormonal, and cranky, he wanted to say, but he refrained. He knew the instant he did Blaine would somehow hear it and freak out for the comment. It was okay, though; Kurt understood that Blaine couldn't control the wacky hormonal mood swings that came with being pregnant. "But he's feeling okay?"

"Seems to be. Looks like we don't have to worry about health issues at the moment. Everything seems to be going well."

"Well, I'm glad," Kurt sighed as he leaned back against the couch cushions. The last thing he wanted was for Blaine and the baby to have anymore scares and hospital trips. They'd had enough already.

"Glad about what?"

Kurt glanced up to see Blaine waddling into the room, one hand habitually resting on his stomach. "Hey! You're not supposed to be up," he chastised, brow furrowed with concern. "Bed rest means-"

"I don't have to be confined to the bed," Blaine stated as he moved to sit down on the couch. "It's acceptable to sit other places. Besides, the doctor said it was okay for me to walk from room to room. I have to stand occasionally, Kurt." There was an obvious hint of annoyance to his tone, but he smiled tightly.

Kurt opened his mouth like he would protest, but then thought better of it. After all, he didn't want Blaine to freak out if he said the wrong thing.

"Hey, Kurt? Did you guys decide we're you're having the-"

Kurt's head snapped up when he heard his dad, and his eyes widened.

Burt stopped in the doorway to the living room, blinking when he saw Blaine. Oh. He'd almost gone and blabbed about the party. Shrugging, he just dropped the subject altogether and moved to sit beside Carole. "So, what's for dinner?"

Blaine looked suspicious, because he had clearly heard the slip, but didn't pry. If it was important, he guessed that he would find out soon enough. Sighing, he rubbed a hand over his stomach as he felt the baby shift inside. "Can we get pizza?"

"Again? Kid, we had pizza two nights ago, and you had the leftovers for lunch," Burt said with a small chuckle.

Blaine just shrugged. "Apparently the baby likes pizza. She's giving me cravings for it." He looked down at his midsection in accusation. "Can't help it."

"We know you can't." Smiling, Kurt silently thought that he just might have to add pizza to the menu for the baby shower.

Two days before the shower.

"Nearly everyone I invited is going to come," Kurt said happily as he walked into the Anderson home, a bag of goodies tucked under his arm. Michelle walked in behind him, carrying several party trays of food. They had just gone shopping to find the things they would need for the baby shower, and Kurt was ready to begin decorating. Better to get it finished early than to put it off until the last second.
"So... I should decorate in here, don't you think?" he asked as he entered the large dining room. "And in the living room, of course, since we'll have the games and things in there and the food here"

Michelle joined him after having put the food items in the kitchen. "Sure, that sounds fine."

Kurt nodded as he pulled a few things from the bag. He found the pink and white streamers that he wanted and then looked around, his gaze critical as he tried to decide where he wanted them. "Ah-ha," he murmured to himself before he pulled out a chair to stand on. He then got to work, hanging up the streamers just how he wanted them. In the end, the result looked great: pink and white streamers hanging around the edge of the room, along with a huge "IT'S A GIRL!" banner over the window.

Michelle, who was getting out a few party favors to put into goodie bags, turned to Kurt as he hopped down from the chair. "Looks great, sweetie. Blaine's going to love it."

He smiled slightly at that as his eyes flickered to the banner again. "Yeah," he reached out to grab one of the small party favors, too. "I want this to be perfect for him. He deserves it, you know?"

Nodding, Michelle met his gaze. "I know."

Baby shower planning... how cute. :) Hopefully the shower will actually happen within the next chapter or two!