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I do want to mention that I am not caught up with Glee, and this story will in no way be following the newest season. I'll also note that Finn will continue to be in this story, despite the extremely sad passing of both Cory Monteith, and also the character of Finn on the show. I'm choosing to keep him in this story, and most likely all my others.

Now, without further ado, here's my latest update... THE BABY SHOWER!

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"Now this is surprising, given that you've been keeping me cooped up inside the house," Blaine murmured as he shrugged on his coat, sighing as he realized it would no longer button over his protruding midsection. Kurt had just popped in and told him to get ready – apparently they were going somewhere – and Blaine had to admit that he was surprised. Being on bed rest meant he was literally confined to bed for most of the day, so trips out of the house were rare, but oh so welcome. He was ready to get out of here for a little while, given that he was starting to feel stir crazy and a bit bored just sitting around. He felt as though he had read every book and watched every movie that was inside the house.

"Hey, we've just been following the doctor's orders," Kurt defended himself. He adjusted his scarf and then turned to Blaine with a soft smile, eager to get going. The baby shower was starting soon.. Well, quite literally as soon as they arrived. The others were supposed to already be there, waiting as a surprise for Blaine. Kurt thought he would like that. "Well, ready to go?" He picked up his keys and looked to Blaine in case he needed help. He knew that a growing belly often got in the way of some tasks, and he wanted to be there in case the other needed assistance of any sort. It was second nature these days.

Blaine seemed fine, however, so they soon headed out to the car to be on their way. The ride was quiet, with the pregnant male watching out the window as they drove. After a while, though, he recognized the route they were taking and his attention shifted to Kurt with a questioning gaze. "We're going to my Mom's?"

"Maybe." The older boy provided a sly smile as he briefly glanced to Blaine. "You'll see." Of course, that was exactly where they were headed, and he knew Blaine would assume they were there to merely see his mother. With the cars of their friends hidden in the garage, he wouldn't have a way of knowing about the baby shower that was about to occur inside the house. The surprise would be perfect and Kurt honestly couldn't wait to see how happy Blaine would be; he truly deserved something like this after everything that had happened recently, and having a good time with their friends would do him some good. He was getting out of the house, spending time with the people he loved, and all the while getting to celebrate (and get gifts) for their daughter. It sounded pretty good to Kurt.

They soon arrived at the Anderson house and Blaine set to the task of getting up out of the car. Standing up from low spots was getting progressively difficult thanks to the baby, but he eventually managed to get out on his own. "Well," he sighed as he rubbed a hand over his stomach, feeling the baby wriggling beneath the skin. His being up and about had likely disturbed her. "Let's see what Mom's up to." Kurt soon appeared at his side with a smile, a hand coming to rest on the small of his back as they headed up the front walk together, the both of them seeming eager to get inside. Blaine was ready to get out of the cold while Kurt was brimming with excitement because of the shower awaiting behind the doors.

"Hey," Blaine called once he'd let them in. He shrugged from his coat and stretched, feeling his back beginning to ache already. That was normal with pregnancy, he knew, but it didn't make it any less pleasant, along with the rest of the aches and pains he'd been getting lately. "Mom?" Slowly, he started to the living room, Kurt on his heels. "Are you-"


The exclamation quite literally left Blaine in shock. Around him were his friends and family – the Glee Club, the Warblers, his mother and the Hummels – and for a moment all he could do was laugh as he watched them jump up, all of them looking positively ecstatic. "Oh my god," he finally managed, his grin so wide that it looked as if his face may split in two. "You guys.." One look around the room told him what this was. There were decorations all around, ranging from banners to balloons and tiny baby booties, and he could see (and smell) plenty of food. There was a stack of presents near the couch, and of course, the group of people beaming at him. It was a baby shower, and a surprise one at that. "Now let me guess…" He turned to Kurt with a grin. "You orchestrated this, now didn't you?" He just knew. This screamed Kurt, and his lover knew how much he loved being around their friends.

He blushed but nodded, a delighted grin on his face. "Of course," Kurt said, "but your mother helped just as much. We thought you needed something like this." Before anything else could be said, however, he was being interrupted.

"Not trying to be rude, but shouldn't we get Blaine off his feet?" That was Mr. Schue, smiling from where he stood beside the refreshment table. There was a murmur of agreement from the others and Kurt sprang into action. Of course. While Blaine could stand for short periods of time, it was necessary to keep him sitting or lying down as much as possible. It was all for the safety of the baby.

"You're absolutely right." Gently, he led Blaine to the couch to let him sit, and that's when it began – the belly touching. The girls were the first ones to make it to Blaine, with Mercedes shoving her way to the front with a huge grin on her face.

"Step aside, ladies, I've gotta feel this little angel move." She placed a hand on Blaine's stomach and smiled, waiting just a moment. "Now come on," she murmured.

"Give her a moment. She was just rocking and rolling…" Blaine trailed off as he pressed a hand to the side of his stomach, gently pushing as if he was trying to nudge the baby. Whatever it was seemed to work because Mercedes was soon shrieking with delight from feeling movement, and the others were seeming excited at the prospect of feeling the girl move.

"Patience, everyone, patience… We do have games to play, remember?" Kurt piped up. "Presents to open?"

Blaine, however, just shook his head. "They didn't hear you, dear." And that seemed true enough as Rachel shoved her way through, her hands excitedly sliding onto Blaine's baby bump. But it was fine. From the huge grin on his face, it was clear that Blaine didn't mind it one bit.

The rest of the baby shower will be coming in the next chapter! Thanks!