It was sunset and he was sitting far up into a tree, with his chest almost completely exposed and fiddling with his necklace from sheer boredom. Whoever thought that a vampire could get so bored?

He'd already made at least five sacrifices to Jashin-sama and couldn't think of how to pass the time now. He wished he had a mate; maybe he wouldn't be so lonely then.

The only problem is, he couldn't find anyone, man or woman, that interested him that way. He didn't know how much longer he could wait to find one, but a huge noise coming over the hills interrupted his thoughts and decided to go investigate.

The closer he ran, the louder it became. Sounds like a battle. He hid behind a tree and watched with wide eyes at a tall, masculine man beating the fuck out of at least fifty shinobi. He watched in amazement at his skills and started to grin. This guy's powerful for a human.

When the fight was over and the unknown man was finished, he couldn't help but follow him. The man's torso was covered in stitches and kept his face hidden with a mask. This intrigued him even more. What does he look like?

He watched him go into an inn and once he found which room he was in, he sat in a tree to observe this interesting man. I NEED to talk to him; maybe he's the one I've been looking for? Why is he so fascinating to him? He pondered this and accidentally let his guard down.

He felt a hand grasp his throat and pull him into the room, with himself crashing on the floor. "Who the hell are you?" He coughed out some blood and rubbed his head; that voice is so deep and sexy. The thought of that voice calling out his name would be sheer bliss.

The other man obviously didn't like that broad grin and attempted to punch him in the face. The vampire quickly escaped his grasp and glided to the other side of the room.

They just stared at each other for minutes without making a sound or speaking any words. One glared daggers and the other just gazed with wonder. "Answer my question!" The vampire gave him a small grin and slightly bowed, "My name is Hidan. What's yours?" "Kakuzu. Why have you been following me?"

Hidan gave him a cocky grin, "I wanted to meet you but didn't know how to make an approach." Kakuzu was skeptical, "I don't believe you. You probably were waiting to assassinate me?" "I just wanted to fucking talk!" Hidan knew vampires shouldn't lose their temper but he's always been like that.

"Talk?" "Yeah!" "Tch, fine." Kakuzu sat down at the table and motioned for Hidan to sit across from him. He did and casually started licking the blood off his chin while flicking some bits of dust off his bare chest.

He wanted to see Kakuzu's reaction. "Well, are you going to talk?" He seemed unfazed by this little tease, oh well. "You're very fucking strong. I like that."

Kakuzu stayed silent, "Why's your body covered in stitches?" "My kinjutsu." Hidan leaned closer and gazed into his eyes, red and green, very nice! "What?" "Your eyes are fucking beautiful." Kakuzu raised an eyebrow at the unexpected compliment and overlooked it. He then noticed the necklace Hidan was wearing, "What's that symbol mean?"

Hidan held it up, "This is Jashin-sama's symbol. I wear this to show my full devotion to my master." "You don't seriously have a master do you?" "Yeah, so what." "You're so weak to have someone manipulate you like that."

Hidan flared up and yelled, "I'M NOT WEAK YOU FUCKING PUSSY! Jashin-sama saved me from death and I'm more than grateful to serve."

"That's no damn excuse you idiot." "It's not like I'm a fucking slave! I became immortal and get to go whatever I fucking want as long as I sacrifice people in his name!" Kakuzu quickly approached him, "You expect me to believe you're actually immortal?" "YEAH I FUCKING DO!" "THEN PROVE IT!" "FINE!"

He pulled out his iron spike and rammed himself straight through the heart. Kakuzu was taken aback, not actually believing his own eyes from this weirdo that stood before him.

This fool just stabbed himself and is still alive. Hidan pulled it out with shudder, "Convinced." "Interesting." "What?" "We have something in common."

Once again they stared in silence, but this time, with amusement. "You're immortal too?" "Technically." Somehow, Kakuzu hated him at first, then the next, found him entertaining. Hidan could tell he did and made him glad. Kakuzu looked at the clock and muttered, "I need to get some sleep now. I have a bounty to do in the morning."

Hidan was disappointed and asked hopefully, "Right. I'll take my leave but, can I…." "Spit it out!" "Can I fucking talk to you tomorrow when the sun sets?" "Alright, I'm not busy." "Good, you need to fucking tell me how you're immortal." "On the condition you explain yourself as well. "Deal! See you later old man."

"OLD MAN!" Hidan flew out the window before he got hit and quickly headed back to where he lived with a silly grin on his face. He found his soon-to-be-mate! Such a strong manly one at that; Kakuzu was better than he even imagined!

I hope he'll come to want me as bad as I do him. If not, I'll fucking seduce him and force him to be mine if I fucking have to!

To be continued: