It's been three days since Kakuzu was turned into a vampire and now living with Hidan. Talk about an interesting few days at the mansion. Hidan proudly introduced his mate to the few friends he had; a blonde boy who's an artist, a tall man with blue skin, and a childish boy with a mask.

Hidan also had to rub it in on the vampire called Pein, literally. He was all up in this face, "You were so fucking wrong, he's my mate now and you said I was wasting my fucking time. IN YOUR FUCKING FACE! Kakuzu had to quickly get him out of the office before he was impaled by a table set.

He then showed him the terrain and told him everything he needed to know before bragging about him again to some servants. Kakuzu found this all unnecessary but Hidan seems exceedingly proud to show him off. That did please him, even though Hidan was going overboard.

It was about time to turn in for the night and Kakuzu was sitting on the bed curious, "How come I haven't seen Jashin yet?" Hidan rubbed the back of his head, "Well, Jashin-sama's more than a vampire. He's also a god of death, so you probably won't ever see him in person."

"What about you?" "I've only seen him in my dreams and made contact with him that way, that's how I was turned."

"Tch, that's ridiculous way of doing things." "Hey, what's with the fucking attitude? Listen, you can't insult Jashin-sama, he's my master and therefore, that means he's your fucking master too."

"Damn, are you serious?" Hidan sat on his lap, "Yes I fucking am!" Kakuzu smirked and then murmured seductively, "Hidan, it's my turn to be seme." His partner cocked his head to the side with that cocky grin, "I don't know. I'm not fucking into men."

Kakuzu narrowed his eyes disapprovingly, bastard using my line against me….I'll change his attitude quick enough.

He roughly pushed him on his back and pinned him down with his threads. Hidan didn't resist for he was longing for this moment. Kakuzu attacked his mate's mouth and plunged his tongue inside as he stripped their clothes off.

Hidan moaned loudly and tried to keep kissing him even when he retreated, but those damn threads were interfering. "Kakuzuuuu, I want to touch you." His lover smirked at his partner's impatience, but didn't comply.

He teasingly traced Hidan's nipples with his tongue and murmured, "I like you in this situation Hidan." He traveled lower and engulfed that fully erect cock inside his mouth, only to bob at an agonizingly slow pace.

Hidan's back arched and whined from the torture he was being put through, "Kakuzu! Don't, let me mfffh!" His whine was into a muffle when some threads entered his mouth, "Suck Hidan."

He happily obliged as Kakuzu went back to what he was doing. Hidan bucked his hips up again, making his mate have to hold him down as he hummed on his cock.

Hidan made a muffled shriek and released himself. Kakuzu lapped up his lover's load and smirked, "It's so easy to make you come." He removed the threads and made them wriggle inside his uke's welcoming, tight, virgin core. "Nnnnrggggh, oh fuck yeah."

Kakuzu watched his lover moan uncontrollably as his threads stretched him to his limit. He sucked on his neck before gently sinking his new fangs into him. "Oooooh, Kakuzu!" He gently sucked and groped his mate's hardening cock.

"Please get rid of these fucking threads! Fuck me!" "Be patient Hidan." He removed his fangs and tenderly kissed that pale neck before he stuck his cock in front of Hidan's face, "Lubricate it." Hidan willingly leaned up to suck on that delicious cock and pouted when it was taken away.

Kakuzu spread his legs and positioned the head at that puckered entrance, "Ready?" Hidan nodded frantically and he slowly pushed in. Kakuzu didn't want to hurt him, since he knew it was going to hurt like hell at first. Hidan gasped and gritted his fangs, "Keep going."

He never told him to stop gliding it in, but he still wanted to be gentle. This is Hidan's first time after all. Once Kakuzu was fully sheathed inside him he had to control himself from the tight pressure. It felt so good; it was hard not to pound him already.

Hidan's expression softened after a minute and nodded, "Go." He slowly thrust in and out, feeling that wonderful friction pulling against his cock. "Hidan." "Fuck me harder Kakuzu." He didn't hesitate to lift his hips up higher and pumped him harder.

He made contact with the spot that sent Hidan almost screaming with ecstasy, but Kakuzu got an idea, removed the threads and stopped. "Nooooo, don't fucking stop." "Get on your knees." Hearing that, Hidan shifted carefully around, not wanting to lose contact with that huge cock.

When he was positioned to Kakuzu's liking, he continued. "Ooooh, that's deep!" "I knew you'd like it." He pounded into his lover, hitting that prostate with every contact. "That's it, right there, fuck me right there Kakuzu!" Kakuzu couldn't help but smirk, "You're so vocal Hidan."

"HARDER!" He slammed into him relentlessly and watched his lover keel over on his elbows, making a lot of loud, lust filled moans. Kakuzu was reaching his climax and didn't want to be to one who comes first.

He leaned down and took hold of that neglected cock to pump it in time with his hard thrusts. "Don't tease me!"

"Come for your mate Hidan." A few more hard tugs and thrusts Hidan screamed, "KAKUZU!" He trembled as he covered his chest and Kakuzu's hand with his seed. Kakuzu followed suit with a growl, "Hidan!" and released his load into the man that was his.

After he shuddered from his orgasm he gently pulled out and stretched out next to his lover. Hidan smirked and pulled the blanket over them, "You sure know how to fuck, are you sure this was your first time?" "Are you sure that you're a vampire?" They both chuckled and Hidan curled up against his mate before he fell asleep.

Kakuzu; the mate I finally found and will spend an eternity with.

I've never going to let you fucking go.