Me: Here it is-my latest Rukato/LeeJuri story! I don't own Digimon!

Takato: Now can you tell us what this is about? I've been going crazy all week!

Me: Okay-the basic plotline is this: you guys end up meeting Dracula! (laughs evilly)

Takato: (jaw drops) Are we talking about the same Dracula? You know-vampire, hunts by night, hard to kill, can only be beaten by sunlight, stake through the heart, decapitated head, holy water, etc.?

Me: Yeah.

Takato: Are you kidding?!

Rika: (yanks script out of my hand; starts reading it) Doesn't look like he's kidding, Takato.

Takato: Aw, nuts!

Me: What do you have to be scared of? You took on the D-Reaper and won!

Takato: Yeah-barely! I barely won!

Me: The point is that this gives you guys a chance to broaden your horizons, and it gives your Digimon a chance to fight other beings other than evil Digimon.

Takato: (sighs) I hope your right.

Rika: At least this chapter doesn't have anything bad happen to you. (turns toward Takato and kisses him gently)

Me: Of course not! The dangerous stuff doesn't happen until much later. Before I go, this takes place after the Tamers have beaten D-Reaper. And, even though Leomon is in it, this doesn't exactly pick up from where "The Lost Tamer" left off.

Digimon Tamers: Tamers V.S. Dracula

Prologue-Plans for Vacation

"You wanna fight? Let's fight!" -Rika Nonaka, "When is a Mon Justimon?"

Three months had passed since the Digimon Tamers had defeated the entity known as the D-Reaper, and two more months had passed since their partners had been returned to them in full. Now that the Tamers were enjoying summer vacation, only one thought came to mind:

"I don't wanna spend it here! If I have to spend summer break at home, I'll go bonkers!" Kazu complained to the others back at Guilmon's home on a hot, balmy afternoon.

"Bonkers!" Guardromon repeated calmly, and to prove his point, Kazu eyed his partner with a cock-eyed look and insisted, "See what I mean?!"

"It's not as if we can just go traveling the world for a few months." Rika said from Takato's left, her hand clasped tightly in his.

"We did while we were in the Digital World, and that seemed longer."

Rika whacked Takato upside the head, irritated with his response. "You're supposed to back me up, Gogglehead, not change the subject!"

"That wasn't changing the subject-I was just comparing how this situation seemed similar to that one."

"The point is-" Leomon's voice boomed over their argument, causing the others to turn toward the Champion Digimon. "-you all deserve a break after what happened concerning the D-Reaper, and going on a vacation sounds like what you need to calm your nerves."

"What about you, Leomon?" Jeri asked. "Don't you guys need to relax, too?"

"Wild Digimon could appear while you are gone, and we might be needed to protect Shinjuku in the meantime." Renamon said.

"I don't think so!" Impmon retorted. "I'm just as strong as any of you in here, so you all go with your partners, and I'll guard the fort while keeping an eye on Ai and Mako."

"Can't argue with that one, can you Renamon?" Terriermon asked cynically.

"Yay!" Susie hugged Lopmon so tightly, Terriermon feared she would burst from the pressure being put on her body. "I get to go with Henwy and his fwiends on vacation! Won't that be fun, Lopmon?"

"Yeah..." Lopmon gasped out. "...peachy."

"Hold on, Susie." Henry objected, always one to look out for his sister's well-being. "I don't think mom and dad would agree with you coming along with us. Besides, with Ai and Mako not going along, there wouldn't be anyone around your age for you to be with."

"But I'd have Lopmon and Tewwiermon to be with me." Susie protested.

"HOLD IT!" Takato yelled heatedly, stopping the fight only seconds before it would've started. "We haven't even told our parents about this idea, and we're already making flight plans?"

"Takato has a point." Kenta agreed. "I think we all have to tell our parents about this idea first."

"After what we've gone through with saving the Real World and the Digital World, I'm sure they'll let us go with no questions asked." Takato added.

"Absolutely not!"

Takato and Rika sweatdropped at Mrs. Matsuki's objection to the idea of the two of them and the other Tamers going off on a vacation during a Matsuki/Nonaka dinner. Since Takato had made the courageous/foolish notion of proposing to Rika-courageous in Takato's father's eyes; foolish in his mother's-the two families had come around to the idea of it eventually happening and as part of the parents paying for this entire thing, they had to attend combined dinners-basically, when one family had time to eat at the other's household.

"But why not?" Takato whined, feeling Rika's hand massaging his shoulder. "It's already been two weeks since school ended, and we're all going crazy! If we had to spend another week at home, we'd probably go back to the Digital World, look for a Digimon and beg him to start a fight with us!"

"I almost did that last week." Rika whispered under her breath.

"Really? And you didn't think about coming to get me?"

"What's Takatomon talking about?" Guilmon asked innocently.

Raising an eyebrow upward, Renamon replied, "They're discussing whether or not Rika and Takato can go on vacation on such short notice."

"Why wouldn't they?" Calumon asked through a mouthful of Guilmon bread.

"Obviously, their parents are worried that something dangerous would happen to them if they ventured on their own again."

"Didn't we prove ourselves when we fought against the D-Reaper and saved the city as well as the world?" Takato insisted.

"That was completely different!"

"But it's not different at all!"

Before Takato could've continued on his tirade, Rika pulled him away toward a corner, facing away from their parents.

"Gogglehead, let's try it your way for once."

"My way? I didn't know I had a way."

Sighing deeply, Rika raised an eyebrow at Takato before continuing. "We compromise. They agree to let us go on vacation with the others, and when we come back, we'll do whatever they want for..."

"A day? Two days? A week?"

"A month. Trust me; I know how parents work."

Takato facefaulted in shock. "'A month?' Rika, are you serious? I wouldn't have anytime to spend with you at all!"

"That's what this vacation's for!" Rika hissed under her breath. "Now, do you want to go on vacation, or not?"

Takato groaned as he imagined that his parents would have him making bread shaped like Guilmon's head the second he walked in the door. "Okay! We'll compromise."

"Glad you're starting to see things my way."

Henry and Jeri had to endure some of what Takato and Rika was going through, but at least Henry hadn't proposed to Jeri-not yet, anyway.

"Dad? There's something I've got to tell you." Henry said, a worried look in his eyes. Turning toward his son, Janyuu noted the tension that seemed to float around the room.

"Don't tell me-Jeri's pregnant, right?"

Henry blushed heavily and sweatdropped at the same time. "No, Dad! That's not it at all."

"Although, that came reaaaaal close to coming true last week-" Terriermon began, but Henry picked him up and covered his mouth.

"If you finish that sentence, Terriermon, I'll let Susie dress you up as 'Princess Pretty Pants' for the entire trip!" Henry cautioned, a finger swishing back and forth. His eyes bugging out, Terriermon agreed to the terms.

"Anyway..." Henry smiled while putting Terriermon back down. " friends and I really want to do something worthwhile for the summer, and we all agreed that going on a vacation would do us some good. Not to the Digital World, but somewhere you guys could reach us. We don't know where to go yet, but Takato suggested we clear it up with you first, right, Jeri?"

Turning to see Henry waving at him, Jeri nodded and blushed before heading off to find Leomon.

"And, Susie really wants to go with us. I told her it probably wouldn't be a good idea, but-"

"After you've just saved the world from total destruction, I see no problem in it! I'll discuss this with your mother and Jeri's father and stepmother, and I'll call your friends' parents and let them know as well. I assume the Digimon are going to go with you?"

"Yeah. There's no way we're staying here-we'd lose our minds! If we wanted to do that, we would've stayed in the Digital World." Terriermon noted.

"Then it's settled. Honey, can we talk?"

Henry sighed in relief as he collapsed onto the ground as Jeri, Leomon, Susie and Lopmon entered in.

"Well, Henwy? Can I go?"

"What did he say?" Jeri asked curiously.

"He has to talk about it with my mom and your dad and stepmother, as well as make some calls to Takato's parents, Rika's mother, etc, but other than that, we can go."

"YAY!" Susie cheered happily while squeezing Lopmon and Terriermon tightly.

"Henry, get me outta here!" Terriermon pleaded, his voice muffled under Susie's grip.

"There's only one problem." Jeri said while helping Henry up.

"What's that?"

"Where would you all go on vacation?"

"Oh! Uh..." Takato suddenly realized that they hadn't figured out where they would be going for vacation yet, so he just blurted out the name of a city without even thinking. "Transylvania!"

"Isn't that in Romania?" Mrs. Nonaka asked, waiting until the time was right to ask questions.

"Yeah, it is!" Rika agreed, grabbing Takato's hand and gripping it until she heard his squeak of pain. "So, if you let us go on vacation with the others-Renamon, Guilmon and, even Calumon included-we'll help out around here, with the models for a month when we come back!"

Mr. Matsuki focused his gaze on Takato and Rika, who both had stood up and had hopeful looks in their eyes. "I'm probably going to have to help out with whatever you two will be doing when you come back, so you've got a deal."

Both Takato and Rika dropped back into their seats in relief, pleased that they would have time to relax and not worry about schoolwork and other things.

"You won't have to worry about a thing." Renamon promised. "The three of us-" Looking back down at Calumon, who was eating up another portion of Guilmon bread, Renamon corrected herself and said, "The two of us will make sure no harm will come to them while we're in Transylvania."

"Mmm-hmm. Just make sure to pack lots of Guilmon bread!" Guilmon added.

"Takato, can I talk with you-outside?" Rika asked sweetly, keeping a firm grip on his hand.

"Actually, Rika, I'm still eating, but-ow! Okay, okay! We'll be outside." Takato noted meekly while he tried to regain feeling in his hand moments later.

"Are you serious? 'Transylvania?' Who would be crazy enough to go there for a vacation?"

"It was all I could think of, okay? Besides, I didn't hear you come up with any ideas!" Takato responded impatiently.

"What about Hawaii? Florida? The Sahara Desert? Any place is better than Transylvania!"

"The Sahara Desert?"

Rika blushed at the comment Takato had just made. "Okay, so I wasn't thinking that clearly, either. I guess we'd better get packed and ready for Transylvania."

"You mean tomorrow morning, right?"

"If we're going to leave tomorrow, I really don't think our parents are going to let us wait until then to pack our stuff." came the response.

"Got it. Point taken."

Speaking of Transylvania, night had fallen over on that part of the globe, and two people had wandered into the remains of an old, abandoned castle. (A/N: We'll call them treasure hunters)

"Are you sure there's treasure in this place?"

"Positive. Now, you look over there, and I'll look over here."

Separating, the first treasure hunter looked around with a tone of fear in his eyes. Minutes later, he stumbled across an old coffin.

"Hey! I found something!"

"Well, then, let's open it up!"

The two treasure hunters grunted as they opened it up with some crowbars and inside of it was...

"You gotta be kidding me!"

...a skeleton with a cape draped around him.

"Nice job!"

"How was I supposed to know it was empty?"

The two of them had been so busy arguing, they hadn't noticed how the skeleton was furbishing new skin, hair, teeth, red eyes and some fangs.

"Actually, it wasn't as empty as you made it out to be. And now, I'm famished. Dinner, anyone?"

The two of them only had time to scream until they were completely drained of blood.

Oh, boy! The Tamers haven't even started to head toward Transylvania, and trouble's already brewing. Are they gonna be able to stop this legendary vampire? Find out next time on Digimon: Digital Monsters!