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Terriermon: Yeah, Rika-Momentai, would you?!

Rika: Ix-nay with the Omentai-may!

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Ryo: Yeah, sweetpea-think of something you enjoy.

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Digimon Tamers: Tamers V.S. Dracula

Epilogue-"Remember-you promised..."

"It's finally over! We did it!" -Rika Nonaka

"Yeah, it's good to be back...with the people you care about most." -Takato Matsuki, "Such Sweet Sorrow"

Talk about a climactic battle, huh? The Digimon didn't have enough energy to Biomerge into OmegaGallantmon or SaberGargomon, so Takato, Rika, Henry and Ryo ended up Biomerging the old-fashioned way and with Beelzemon, headed off to find out where that creepy vampire slunk off to. While that was happening, Calumon ended up clearing the Tamers' good names, as well as his fellow Digimon's names, thanks to a recording he'd accidentally made of Dracula confessing to the crime committed a few days ago. Then, when the team of Mega's finally caught up with Dracula, he summoned up a horde of demon soldiers to take the Tamers out! With Kazu, Jeri, Kenta and the others coming in to help, it was left to Gallantmon, Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon to finish the job. In the end, Gallantmon: Crimson Mode was able to strip Dracula of the Digimon's powers, Takato used the last of his resources to finish off the Prince of Darkness for good, and Rika saved her future husband from a premature death! Makes you wonder what the wedding's gonna be like, huh?

"To me, you'll always be my Digital Knight..."

Those words of love and sincerity rang true in Takato's ears as he continued to reminisce about what had occurred during the summer a little over three months ago. Only problem was, he was reminiscing during a class, and guess who he had as his teacher yet again?

"Takato, were you even listening to what I just said?!"

At that second, all images of the past-including Rika's tender words-were pushed to the back of his mind as Takato tried to focus on what was just said.

"Uh...what's 30 divided by 10?"

With an exasperated sigh, Ms. Asagi responded, "No, Takato. If we were discussing math, then you would only be spending time with me during your lunch hour. Instead, you will be spending time in detention writing a five-page essay on what you did during the previous summer!"

Takato numbly nodded, then waited until Ms. Asagi's back was turned before gritting his teeth in anger and clenching his fists. This detention he'd just been handed completely ruined his chances of meeting with Rika at the park! Noticing Takato suddenly radiate the color of crimson, Jeri worriedly tapped Kazu on the shoulder. Turning to see, Kazu gulped, made sure Ms. Asagi was writing on the board before getting up and tapping Takato on the shoulder.

"Hey, Chumly-calm down!" Kazu whispered cautiously. "It wouldn't do any of us any good if we ended up seeing Megidramon on the evening news, would it?"

After being reminded of that fact, Takato calmed down almost immediately and gave his friend a half-grin. Nodding in agreement, Kazu quickly returned to his seat and actually tried to write down what was on the board.

"If you want, Henry and I can go by the park and tell Rika you'll be a little late." Jeri advised sweetly to Takato a moment later. Takato blushed slightly and his grin widened in relief. Rika would still be waiting for him when he got out, and it would be because of Henry and Jeri!

"Thanks. Tell Guilmon I'll bring him a batch of bread-day old, day old, day old bread and Guilmon bread, too."

"Just don't forget your promise..."

"I won't."

For the first time ever, while she was in class, Rika sighed a happy sigh of contentment while remembering those simple words spoken before she'd been given a quick kiss during the Tamers' final confrontation against Dracula. However, her sigh had been heard by at least some of the girls in her class, and most importantly, it had been heard by her teacher as well.

"Apparently, Ms. Nonaka must have ESP if she doesn't need to pay attention, so would you care to explain what could be more important than today's lesson?"

Rika snapped out of her daydream at that instant, blushing furiously and struggling to come up with a sensible answer. Unfortunately, her brain must have decided to take a lunch break early since she couldn't think of anything good enough that would get her out of trouble!

"Um...why does the sky turn orange whenever the sun rises and sets?"

Hushed giggles were heard a moment later as Rika soon found herself being stared down by her teacher a second later.

"If we were learning about how the Earth functions as a whole, you would be forced to eat lunch in here; yet, we are not. So, you will stay after school and help the students in detention with whatever problems they need help on."

Rika numbly nodded, waiting until her teacher had turned before clenching her fists, gritting her teeth and glowing a faint shade of blue. This senseless deed completely ruined her plans of meeting up with Takato after school in the park! Luckily for Rika, the window behind her was open just a bit, so a familiar Digimon appeared at that window and started talking in a low voice, so as not to attract attention.

"This is just a minor distraction, Rika. There's no need to blow things out of proportion yet. I'll inform Takato that you'll be a little late in arriving at the park."

Her mind back in working order, Rika felt her cheeks grow hot as she imagined seeing Takato nod in understanding when Renamon told him what had happened.

"Thanks, Renamon."

The day dwindled on and both Tamers, Takato and Rika, had to stay after school-Takato, the public school; Rika, the private school-in detention, neither one knowing the other was serving time as well. Whereas Rika had to keep her mind focused on helping out other students, Takato kept his mind focused on what he'd done earlier-thought about Rika. And, since she had been involved in a big part of his summer, this five-page thing would be a breeze!

"'What I did during Summer Vacation...' Hmm-sounds like a cheap made-for-TV movie, but whatever works for Ms. Nami..."

Takato knew he could go into explicit detail about the battle against Dracula, but remembering what had happened when he, Kazu, Kenta and Jeri had first informed their teacher about their trip to the Digital World, he decided to skip that part-mostly, 'cause that would take him the entire night to write down!-and headed to the aftermath of the battle...

"'The battle had been won, that much was true. We had traveled to Transylvania and, for the past week or so, had battled the infamous vampire known to the world as Dracula. This part alone would take up too much time to write about, so I'll leave the gory stuff out this time. Anyway, I could tell you about what my girlfriend/fiancee and I did while we helped out my parents in their bakery for the remaining summer months or when Kazu and Ryo pulled a nasty trick on the two of us-that would be me and my fiancee Rika Nonaka-the Digimon Queen?-on our way to Transylvania as well as the trick we played on them on our way back home, but that stuff wouldn't be nearly as romantic-or, as Rika likes to call it, 'filled with ooey-gooey love sap'-as what Rika did for me on the last day before school started and we would be forced to go to our separate schools once again..."


Three months ago...

Takato worriedly paced around Guilmon's shed with his partner and Calumon eyeing him with worried looks on their faces as well.

"What's wrong, Takato? You haven't been this upset since I found you and Rika trying to eat each other, which was a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago!" Calumon chirped up.

"Or the time when Impmon tried to make me do mean things to people in the park and you thought it was me when it really wasn't." Guilmon added.

Takato grinned wholeheartedly at his best friend before hugging him and Calumon tightly.

"It's not that, guys. It's Rika...she said she had something to tell me and that I should get to the park before night and it's almost time for the sun to set now. Where could she be?"

"Wow! Rika must have really good ears, 'cause she's right behind you, Takato!" Calumon advised while squeezing out of his grip before heading up to Rika, who wasn't dressed like she normally would be at all! In this case, she was dressed exactly like she'd been before she'd first left for the Digital World so long ago, her hair down and the whole ensemble. This time, however, she had sparkles in her hair "to make it stand out even more so than it does now," her mother had stated before she'd left.

"Hi, Rika! Takato was just talking about you because we were all getting really worried since you hadn't shown up yet like you promised him you would-"

"Thanks, Calumon. Could you guys excuse us? This is gonna be hard enough without an audience of Digimon who can't keep their mouths shut around others-no offense, Renamon."

Nodding briefly, the Fox Digimon vanished from view while Guilmon and Calumon went back inside the shed to finish off the last bits of the Guilmon bread Takato had brought for them earlier.

" look..."

"Don't tell me; let me guess-'as beautiful as a painted rose?'"

Takato caught the sarcastic tone in her voice and had gotten used to it by now. Shaking his head, the young teenage boy continued saying what he wanted to say, but with his head bowed down low, so low that Rika had to strain to hear what he had to say.

"You look as gorgeous as I've always pictured you, but it wouldn't matter to me if you wore this or what you normally wear. To me, you're always as pretty as the sun itself, and just as blinding."

Rika felt her cheeks grow extremely hot at that statement, and she smiled shyly at Takato before pulling him into a much-needed kiss. After the battle against the vampire had ended, the two of them had to work with Takato's parents since they couldn't help out at Rika's mother's agency anymore. Thanks to the Tamers saving the world yet again, Takato and Rika's sentences had been revoked once their names had been cleared and the Digimon given a full pardon.

"Thanks, Takato. You don't know how much I needed to hear that..."

"Oh, I could make an educated guess."

Rika playfully hit him on the shoulder before continuing. "This isn't gonna be easy for me to do and the last thing I need are your cornball jokes. No-I'm not breaking up with you. The last thing I really don't need right now is to see ChaosGallantmon wreaking havoc on Shinjuku just because of a misunderstanding on your part."

"Ooooookay. So, is there a reason I had to come here while the sun's setting behind us?"

Rika nodded while holding onto Takato's hands tightly with her own. The blush on her cheeks got even redder as she looked back up and not only stared into Takato's eyes, but mentally prepared herself for what she had to do...


"We'll be together forever, forever...because we promised that setting sun...

"I want to see you soon...Please convey that feeling...?"

Rika sighed under her breath as she heard soft, melodic music playing in the background and knew only one person-Digimon-could be behind this.

"Renamon, you're gonna pay for this. This is the last thing I need right now!"

Takato was completely awestruck at how Rika sounded. He never would've guessed that her voice could come out so melodious! Within seconds, he found himself practically entranced as Rika started singing again.

"You unexpectedly dove into my lonely heart; you kindly wrapped up the things that hurt a little...

"It was the first time I felt so relieved so, I squeezed that warmth into my outside pocket

"Do you want to go walking...?"

With a blank stare on his face, Takato nodded to Rika's question, even if it was meant to be in the song. Grinning to herself, Rika kept a firm grip on his hand and the two of them walked away from Guilmon's shed, Rika alone noticing that the music seemed to follow their every move.



"We'll be together forever, forever...because we promised that setting sun in lonely times, we can look at that lengthening orange...

"That setting sun will whisper, 'It will be okay...'

"I want to see you soon...Please convey that feeling...?"

Within minutes, though to Takato, it felt like seconds, he and Rika were back at the Matsuki bakery, standing outside of the doorway that led inside. Pulling himself out of his trance, Takato nodded, barely able to speak.

"Why didn't you tell me you could sing like this...?"

"Would you have believed me if I had told you?" Rika retorted, putting a finger up to his lips to momentarily silence him as she started singing the final chords of the song.

"...So that I can meet you with your very favorite-my best smile!

"I'll hang in through every day..."

Knowing what she did next would definitely have made her the talk of the school-if school was going on-but she didn't care. The chorus came up one last time as Rika pulled Takato close and danced with him in front of the Matsuki bakery, a look of peace on her face as well as his.


"We'll be together forever, forever...because we promised that setting sun-even if we are far away, we'll still feel that same orange...

"'It will be okay,' because that setting sun connects us

"Don't cry anymore...In the light of the love in our hearts..."

(Music continues on, eventually fades out)

Rika smiled once more as Takato pulled away and clapped as loud as possible.

"Whoo-hoo! One more time, Rika! Encore!"

Rika quickly shook her head, pulling her hair back up into a ponytail at that moment.

"Okay, now that this ooey-gooey love sap is over and done with, we'll only talk about this once every month-got it? That means one month from now, we'll meet at Dinoboy's, get him out for a while and just talk."

Takato nodded briefly. "That's just fine with me, Rika."

"Renamon? I know you're here, and I know you were the one playing the music, so come out."

A second later, Renamon did appear, but she wasn't the one who had been playing the music. She informed them of that fact instantly.

"It wasn't Renamon? Then who could've...?"

"'Okay, now that this ooey-gooey love sap is over and done with...'"

Both Takato and Rika's heads shot up in irritation and embarrassment as they not only recognized that voice, but the voice of the other one who spoke immediately after!

"'That's just fine with me, Rika.'"



"Crap! They heard us! Run for it!" Kazu sputtered as he and Ryo made a mad dash as far away as possible, which wasn't that far, because Takato and Rika not only caught up with them, they both started whaling on them, Rika doing most of that, Takato mainly cheering her on...

End flashback

"...'So, not only did Rika and I-mostly Rika, matter-of-fact-get our revenge on the two who'd basically spied on us, but I got to truly enjoy my last day of freedom because despite what Kazu and Ryo had done, I spent it with the young woman that I loved...'"

"Well?" Takato had a look of hope mixed with fear in his eyes as he waited for Ms. Asagi's answer. He received it as tears started coursing down her cheeks, which reminded Takato once more of that day they'd left for the Digital World, and what she'd said to them...

"You're just kids! You're my responsibility! Those things could have rabies, and who would take care of you? You can't even get through P.E. without getting hurt!"

Takato allowed himself a small smile as he also recalled what Terriermon had said to try to calm Ms. Asagi down...basically, his trademark saying.


"'Momentai'-it means 'don't worry.'"

"This felt like you put your heart and soul into this essay, Takato." The Tamer in question could only nod as Ms. Asagi wiped some tears away before continuing. "If you would only do this kind of work during school hours, you probably wouldn't be in detention so can go and see her, since you were evidently planning on doing so earlier."

Bowing, Takato grabbed his backpack and raced out the door as fast as possible, calling out, "Thanks, Ms. Asagi!" at the same time.

"'Fiancee?' He's not planning! He's just a kid...what would he know about marrying someone, especially at his age?"

Takato raced across most of Shinjuku as fast as inhumanly possible, hoping beyond all hope that Rika had stayed, that she hadn't left and that she remembered what she'd said a month ago.

"We'll only talk about this once every month-got it?"

"That's just fine with me, Rika."

Takato burst through the bushes that led into Shinjuku Park, catching his breath, noticing the sun starting its decent and continuing onward until he finally reached Guilmon's shed.

"Hopefully, Jeri and Henry told her about this..."

"Hopefully, Renamon told him about this...Takato?!"


The two were still trying to catch their breath as they stared up at each other for the longest time before embracing in a tight hug.

"I had to stay after school at detention..." Takato and Rika chorused at the same time, stopping when they realized that they had to do the same thing-for the most part.

With a cynical grin, Rika pushed Takato onto the grass before plopping herself on his lap causing the both of them to blush-Takato, for being in this extremely awkward position; Rika, for even thinking about this idea in the first place.

"So, what reason did you have to stay after, Gogglehead?"

"The usual...summer withdrawal, the aftermath of defeating a vampire who could be considered your worst enemy next to the D-Reaper, thinking about a certain redhead during school hours..."

"Stupid Gogglehead."

"They thought they defeated me...They thought I was gone...Boy, were they wrong...And, when I am strong enough, I will return, and I will have my revenge...!"

Now, that's not good! Who is this guy, and will the Tamers finally get some down time between now and the wedding? Find out what happens next time on Digimon: Digital Monsters!