Theme Song: "Bittersweet Symphony" ~ The Verve

As Kevin walked into the parole board meeting room, he saw it was somewhat crowded but not much. He saw the parole board members, which consisted of three women and two men, all who looked to be in their middle forties. Kevin sat in the front row as Harry walked in the room and sat in a chair in front of the parole board members.

"So Mr. Harry Lyme, tell us why you think you should get parole?" A female parole board member asked.

Harry shrugged and nodded.

"Because I can honestly say I am a changed man than the one who first came in here, ma'am." Harry said sincerely. "In the time that I have spent here, I have worked to better myself, in which I have. I have studied to get my GED, which I have now gotten, and I have a job waiting for me and a place to stay at, once and if I do leave here. I feel I am ready to leave this place and do good this time, instead of bad."

The female parole board member nodded as she looked down into a brown, folder on the table in front of her.

"I see you are all set up with everything working for you, Mr. Lyme." The female parole board member replied.

She then looked up at Harry and sighed.

"Actually, we already came up with our decision an hour before this meeting started." The female parole board member said. "Mr. Lyme, your parole request has been granted."

Harry gasped with a smile.

"Really?" Harry asked with a smile.

Kevin laughed silently and slightly shook his head.

"Yes, Mr. Lyme," The female parole board member replied with a brief smile. "Congratulations, you have been granted parole and will be on probation for a period of six months. You may leave today, that is all."

Harry stood up and laughed happily.

"Yes! Yes! Um, um, I—I mean, thank you, thank you all very much." Harry said with a smile.

The members of the parole board almost in unison nodded at Harry with friendly, yet still serious type expressions.

It was two hours later when Harry was escorted out of the prison by two male guards. Harry was surprised to see Kevin standing in front of his car, in front of the prison. Harry was sure Kevin would be gone now that he had did all he did with helping him. Harry walked over to Kevin.

"So like I said, I have YOU to thank for this, Kevin." Harry said with a smile.

Kevin laughed and hugged Harry. Harry hugged him back.

"You can thank me by staying out of trouble." Kevin said with a smile.

Harry nodded.

"THAT is a promise." Harry said. "I'm actually surprised to see you still here though. I thought you'd be gone and done with me after you helped me and all."

Kevin scoffed and smiled.

"Nah ah, now what are friends for if I did that?" Kevin said with a smirk.

Kevin put his arm around Harry's shoulder.

"Come on, we're going to Outback Steak House to celebrate." Kevin said as he walked over to the driver's side of the car and got in.

Harry shook his head and smirked as he got in on the passenger side.

"Outback Steak House, huh?" Harry asked with a nod. "Do they serve Cannoli there?"

Kevin laughed as he started the car. Kevin shrugged.

"What in hell is Cannoli?" Kevin asked.

Harry looked at Kevin with a frowned smile.

"What's Cannoli?" Harry asked. "WHAT'S CANNOLI? Boy, oh boy, do I have a lot to teach you."

Kevin sighed with a smile.

"Oh goodie," Kevin said with sarcasm. "This should be fun."

Kevin pulled off from the prison and the car drove away down the road, and into the beautiful sunlight of the day…