This story is based on a game called Sacred and while I`m writing I am following only the basic story of the game. I wrote the other details which are not connected with the game like the characters of the heroes also feelings and some other things that may appear.
Hope you like it. There will be more chapters coming soon.



People, Мagicians, trolls, goblins, Elfs, dragons, Demons, Seraphims, Vampires, Gladiators, Dwarfs and who knows what more. These are the creatures that live in Ancaria. A world where everything is possible and all the citizens were living in at peace up until now. Decades ago an evil sorcerer tried to summon a powerful Demon and failed to succeed. Since then no one knows what exactly happened or did the monster and the magician actually survive. Now our adventure begins as brave heroes protect Ancaria and try to understand what is actually going on.

Chapter 1
the Dream

The dungeon was as dark as night. No light just voices – the goblin`s. The creatures started lighting all the candles in the mysterious room. After that they took out some golden ash and started filling some empty places on a sign on the floor that looked like a few stars at once.

As they were doing their job suddenly the room was filled with more light as the front door opened. A big ugly Orc entered the dungeon holding a book. It growled at the goblins and they ran away scared. One of them accidentally moved some of the golden ash from the sign with its foot. The Orc was with a tall man that entered after it. The man had thin body and long black hair. He was a necromancer and his name was Shaddar.
"Put the book on the stand." ordered Shaddar and the Orc obeyed his master without saying a word.
They were the only live creatures in the room now. The necromancer opened the book which was written in an unknown ancient language. The man looked quite confident in himself and he knew what he was doing. When he read the page he started casting a spell on the stars sign. The stars with the golden ash started glowing and the room became even lighter.
As Shaddar expected, his spell worked perfectly and a giant powerful fire Demon started appearing from the sign on the floor. Its body was glowing and it was like made of fire.
When the monster fully took shape it saw that a little part of the golden ash was missing. The Demon became furious and started firing big fire balls everywhere but suddenly it focused only on Shaddar. The necromancer knew he was in big trouble and after seconds he realized he was pressed by the wall trapped and the monster was coming to get him. Shaddar looked around and saw that the Orc was nowhere to be found. Desperately the magician started casting spells on the Demon but that didn`t stop it. Finally the creature got him and reached its hand to grab him…