Ok, I'm not to sure how this will go. In my opnion, I'm very bad with science fiction. But, my family finally bought 20,000 leagues under the sea with James Mason, Kirk Douglas, Peter Lorre ect, ect, ect and a few of their comments gave me several ideas.

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Nachelle Arounax gripped her bags and stalked up the gangplank.


she groaned inwardly, but pasted on a pretty smile at the man guarding the Abraham Lincoln. She approached and batted her eyes, "hello."

"no female persons allowed."

She frowned, "really? Well, my uncle, professor Arounax, is onboard this ship is he not?" he nodded. "well, I'm sailing with him. I'm his secretary."

That wasn't a total lie. She had helped her uncle with his research on many projects, but this one he had flat out refused to admit her.

"Professor's niece." She glanced up to see man, possibly in his early thirties. He was handsome with sandy blonde hair. He dipped his cap. "Name's Ned land." He reached for her bags. "always glad to help a lady."

"thank you." she said gripping her skirts and glancing around the ship, ignoring the looks of all the men.

"you got here in time, we was just getting ready to shove off."

She noticed her uncle on the starboard side of the deck and turned her back. "could you show me to my uncle's quarters?"

"sure thing." He said, running his eyes up and down her figure.

She shifted uncomfortably, well, he was a sailor, and probably wouldn't be seeing another woman for months. "thank you." she followed him below. "please don't tell him I'm here until I've had a chance to straighten up."

"sure thing lady."

However, that actually meant, until the ship was underway. The moment they entered her uncle's chamber's, did she hear the captain giving orders to get underway.

"here you go miss," he frowned. "I didn't catch the name."

"Nachelle Arounax."

Mr. land frowned, "Nachelle? What kinda a name is that?"

"Nachelle is a traditional American name. It mean's powerful woman."

He blinked and rubbed his head, "I guess so."

"so," she asked. "Mr. land, what are you exactly on this ship?"


She perked up, "interesting. Maybe you'll show me?"

He frowned, "you!"

She shrugged, "why not? I'll be stuck on this ship for months," she lowered her voice to a sultry sound. "and it would be an interesting thing to learn about."

He shrugged and rubbed his jaw, "I guess you're right. I'll think about it."

She smiled and added a flirtatious note in her voice, "thank you…Mr. land." If she was correct in her assumption, Ned Land was easily beguiled by a woman's smile and he'd be practically putty in her hands.

He stopped in the doorway and boldly winked at her. "Call me Ned."

She nodded, "see you on deck…Ned."

He closed the door behind him and she exhaled. Locking the door, she unbuttoned her fancy coat and pulled out a much more serviceable dress. Oh, uncle Arounax would have a fit.

She managed to stay out his way until it was time for dinner. She came down, decently dressed and all the officer's stared at her. She blushed, but kept her gaze on uncle Arounax. His eyes were smoldering and Conseil looked like his eyes were going to pop out. They always did, but this time, she was certain they would.

The captain stood up, "what are you doing on the Abraham Lincoln?"

"forgive me captain," her uncle said standing up. "this is my niece."

"Your niece?"

"aye!" she said. "'Tis common for a man to have a nice. And don't worry about finding me quarters, Mr. land helped me find suitable quarters."

"I'll bet he did." The captain mumbled. "watch your step around him."

"Captain," she said patiently. "I am a scientist and I have been far more danger than having to avoid the harmless jokes of a sailor. Now, are one of you gentlemen going to ask me to sit down or am I to remain standing through the meal?"

the captain groaned.

"There is a seat between the professor and I." Conseil said.

"Thank you Conseil." She said walking around to their seats. "it's been a very interesting day."

"Mr. Arounax, was it mandatory that you drag your niece along with us on this mad search?"

"no." her uncle said.

"It was my choice entirely." She said quickly. "uncle can never stop me from doing something once I make up my mind."

"indeed." He said quietly. "I never can."

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