Emily pulled up to an unfamiliar driveway and took one last look at the address scribbled onto the piece of paper in her hand. She compared the house number on the paper to the one painted on the side of the mailbox just to make sure she had the right house.

She was suddenly nervous at the thought of the evening's plans, and had to close her eyes and count to ten before she got out the car to stop herself from completely freaking out.

Knock knock.

Emily didn't have to wait long for the door to be pulled open where she was greeted with the familiar figure of her ex-girlfriend.

"You're late" the girl said with a small smile that showed just the tip of her tongue, the way she used to smile at Emily when it was just the two of them in Emily's bedroom. The memory made Emily's cheeks blush as she remembered the contours that very tongue had made across her body.

"Relax" Emily spoke to herself, before returning Maya's smile.

"Sorry to keep you waiting" Emily said apologetically, her mouth still set in a smile.

"Well I guess its true what they say" Maya replied.

"And what's that?" Emily raised one eyebrow as she spoke.

"Good things do come to those who wait" the smaller girl teased, her eyes fixed on Emily's as both girls felt their hearts beat faster.

Maya leaned in and kissed Emily softly on the cheek, her lips lingering for a few seconds longer than if she was greeting just anyone. "Come in while I just grab my stuff" she said as she pulled Emily in by the hand and shut the door behind her.

Emily stood in the hallway and noticed how Maya's new house was decorated just the same as her house in Rosewood, and it made her miss the fact that Maya used to live so close, but appreciate the fact that things hadn't changed too much. As the smaller girl rooted around moving things from a big bag into a smaller bag Emily took the chance to look Maya up and down.

She was wearing boots and tight dark jeans that complimented her perfect figure, her shirt was loose but showed off her toned arms and perfectly sized chest. Emily already knew that Maya was incredibly beautiful, but everytime she saw her she was overwhelmed with the attraction she felt for her. Her hair was tied loosely allowing small curls to escape down her neck. Emily remembered telling her that she loved her hair like that, and part of her hoped she had worn it this way on purpose.

"What?" Maya's voice broke Emily's thoughts.

"What?" Emily asked back, suddenly realising she had practically been staring at the other girl with her mouth open. She laughed, slightly embarrassed.

"I like your hair like that" Emily said quietly, a smile forming again.

"I know" the other girl replied, unable to hide the happiness in her voice at the compliment she had just received.

The two girls smiled at each other a second longer until Emily spoke.

"Shall we get going then? Don't think the band will wait for us as happily as you waited for me" she joked.

Maya nodded and followed the taller girl out of the house and to Emily's car.

"Ohh I missed the beautiful Toyota!" Maya swooned at the car, patting it gently before she got in.

"Great, the thing you missed most about me was my car?" Emily asked.

"Well, ONE of the things I missed most about you" she replied with a wink, and both girls laughed.

Emily rooted in the CD box as she rounded the corner so Maya's house was now out of view. The CD she wanted wasn't there and she remembered it sitting in her bedroom. So she played with the radio until a station came into range. The sound of Adele filled the car and both girls smiled at the memory of the song.

"I've always liked this song" Maya said.

"Me too" Emily replied, briefly making eye contact with the other girl. She could feel her cheeks blushing again as she remembered the first time her and maya had been alone together for the night, with this song playing in the background.

Emily was aware of the flirtation coming from Maya, and although she wasn't completely sure what it meant in regards to their future, she didn't care. She had to concentrate on keeping her eyes on the road to stop herself from pulling over and taking off from where they were that first night alone with each other, and that wouldn't involve much clothing.

The two girls spoke about music, and school and Emily filled Maya in on the complicated love lives of her friends in Rosewood. While Maya laughed at the thought of the power couple of Mona and Noel kahn, she was more sympathetic towards Aria and her complicated 'situation'. It wasn't too long before they arrived at the club where they were going to watch the band, and to both girls delight, the fake ID worked perfectly.

"That was such a good night!" Emily said for the 3rd time as they finally pulled up outside Maya's house.

"You liked the band then?" Maya asked.

"Yes the band was great!" Emily smiled. "...as was my company" She gave Maya one of her best smiles as the other girl reached for her hand and stroked it softy with her fingers.

"Its so great to see you happy like this Em' Maya said softly as she tucked a stray strand of hair behind Emily's ear. The brief contact made Emily feel hot, her whole body ached to touch Maya again, to kiss her and hold her again.

"You make me happy" Emily said, finally releasing the words she had been holding in since Maya first answered the door earlier that evening. The other girl smiled but looked down nervously at her hands that were now intertwined with Emily's in her lap.

"Emily" she began but Emily interrupted her.

"Maya, I know we said we would get to know each other again and take it slow" she paused for a second. "But I'm fed up with slow, I want to be with you now" Maya didn't say anything and Emily felt a knot form in her stomach. Her tone was disheartened when she spoke again "But I guess, if you don't want that then..."

"No" Maya interrupted Emily now "its not that! It's just... It's just I feel like I want you to be sure that you still want to be with me" Maya's eyes were focused on Emily's now as she tried to concentrate on what she was saying. "I was so out of order with the whole juvie thing and the way I treated you that I think me just coming back into your life now and expecting everything to go back to normal isn't fair of me." Maya took a deep breath. "Believe me, I want to be with you so much, but you're too amazing to be treated anything less than perfect Emily".

"Maya" Emily spoke her name softly "listen, whatever happened is in the past okay? To be honest I have changed so much since you left, I'm so much more sure about how I want to live and how to deal with the world than I was when we were together. But one thing that hasn't changed is my feelings for you, being away from you has only made me realise how much I want you, and how perfect you are."

Emily noticed Maya's eyes had started to water as she listened to Emily speak and she wiped a new found tear away with her thumb.

"I love you" Maya's soft voice said "I love you so much".

She leaned in closer to Emily and Emily copied her motion and their lips met. The feeling of Maya's full lips against her own felt wonderful and Emily cherished the familar scent of Maya's sweet breath as they kissed softly.

"I love you too" Emily said, as she drew back from the kiss to look the other girl in the eye.

"Oh my god I've wanted this for so long" Emily laughed.

"You are so amazing" Maya laughed back "and so hot" she added before she pulled Emily in for another kiss. This time it was faster and Emily felt the familiar feeling of the girls tongue dancing in sync with her own. Emily's hands found their way to either side of Maya's face as Maya's hands became entwined in the other girls long sleek hair. Every part of Emily was celebrating at the feeling of having Maya back, her heart was beating fast as Maya's hands found there way from her hair to her stomach to her thighs as Maya reintroduced herself to Emily's body.

After a few minutes Emily pulled back reluctantly stealing a glance at the clock on the dashboard.

"I really need to go soon" she said disheartened.

"Noooo" Maya shook her head, kissing Emily again before she could reply. "No you don't" she said between another kiss.

"Its a 45 minute drive back" she groaned, the thought of leaving Maya to go back to Rosewood in time to not wake Hanna up was not something she liked.

"Then stay?" Maya said simply. "My parents are out of town and I personally can think of nothing better than having you to myself all night"

Emily smiled "neither can I"

"Perfect" Maya whispered playfully.

'Hey han, things went better than planned. I'm going to stay here tonight so don't wait up, fill you in tomorrow. Em x' - Emily quickly typed out a text on her phone and hit send as Maya took her hand and led them both towards her front door. Before they had even got inside Emily's phone buzzed.

'I knew it would! Have a nice night and tell Maya I said Hey! Han x' Emily smiled and closed her phone as both girls walked into Maya's house, the door closing quietly behind them.

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