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Emily walked into Maya's bedroom. slowly, taking in the unfamiliar layout of her girlfriends new room. The walls were full of the same band posters she used to have, and her clothes were spilling out of her closet like usual.

Emily smiled as she saw a photo frame that had a prime location next to Maya's bed. A photo Emily had forgotten Maya had taken of the two of them in her room sat in the frame. Emily was pulling Maya in for a tight hug, her arms wrapped tightly around the other girl, whilst both were trying to pull a funny face to make the other laugh. Emily sat down on the bed and picked the frame up, remembering the day the photo was taken with another smile. She could hear footsteps on the stairs and placed the frame back in its original position just as Maya entered the room with two drinks in her hands.

"Hot chocolate with extra marshmallows for my girl" she said to Emily, placing the two mugs down and taking a seat next to Emily on the bed"
"Perfect!" Emily replied with a wink, her compliment directed more at Maya than the hot chocolate.

"I totally forgot about this" Emily added, pointing to the photo. "I love it"

Maya smiled and lifted her legs up, resting them over Emily's. "We were so happy that day" Maya reminisced. "If I remember correctly that was the day I discovered the fact that you were EXTREMELY ticklish" she laughed as she stroked Emily's arm softly.

Emily remembered and laughed too "Yeah you took full advantage of that new found knowledge" Emily added, rolling her eyes with a smile when she heard Maya's promise to not to do it again, as she knew her promise was likely to be broken sometime in the future.

"It was nice to have a reminder of you, of us, when we were this happy." Maya added, still looking at the photo but playing with Emily's fingers with her own.

"I missed you" Emily admitted "everyday" surprising herself with her honesty. "I tried to forget, to occupy my mind with other things but so many things remind me of you..." She thought of all the things that reminded her of Maya, nearly every song that came on her ipod brought images of Maya's face into her mind. Whenever she walked past the movie theatre down town she was reminded of their first proper date, when she would finish swim practice and have to drive home alone, she would be reminded how Maya would sometimes meet her with a take out coffee and a kiss. When ever she smelled coconut she was reminded of the shampoo Maya used to use and how it made her hair smell; Little things, that Emily couldn't explain to the other girl. She smiled before she spoke "I just really missed you"

Maya was now looking at Emily with a regretful look.

"Emily... I really am sorry for how I handled things with us" she began to apologise again but Emily interrupted her with a soft kiss.

"Maya" she laughed softly "shut up, and just say you missed me too"

Maya laughed softly as well "I missed you too Em" she said, before their lips met again for another kiss, this time there lips lingered for longer as they reminded themselves of the feeling of their kisses.

"I missed kissing you" Emily breathed quietly into Maya's ear as she kissed her cheek, "you really are a good kisser" she said with a smile, her lips trailing down until they found the girls mouth and her tongue found its way to Maya's. She whispered again "I want you so much". Emily's hands were stroking the sides of Maya's waist and she wanted desperately to feel the soft skin beneath her shirt.

Maya could feel herself blushing, she had always been the confident one with Emily, but now it was Emily who was confident and it made her heart race, and she couldn't deny, really turned her on.

"I could get used to this new Emily Fields" Maya swooned at her girlfriend before pulling her in for a deep kiss. Emily's hands were on Maya's face as she tried to focus her self, worried about getting dizzy at the prospect of moving to the next level with her girlfriend. Emily and Maya had been together a few months and had kissed, a lot, sometimes more intense than others, but it had always stopped there. Emily knew it had been due to her own fears of becoming so vulnerable to another person, her fear of rejection and fear of fully accepting who she was. But now Emily felt no fear, She only felt love and lust for this girl, she knew who she was, she was Emily who loved Maya beyond everything else and she wanted her so much.

Emily's hands tugged at the other girls shirt, pulling it over her head to reveal her toned golden skin and black bra.

Maya breathed heavily, catching the glint in Emily's eye and reading her thoughts without her saying a word. A big smile spread over Maya's face as she kept eye contact with her girlfriend. "Are you sure?" She asked, knowing the answer without getting a proper reply.

"I love you" Emily breathed, as she trailed kisses along Maya's midriff causing the black haired girl to breath heavily again. Maya felt the lips of her girlfriend leaving a trail of electricity along her skin and could hardly focus on forming words.

"I love you too" she managed, before pulling Emily's shirt off too and throwing it across her room to join her own. Emily's body was magnificent and Maya found her eyes lingering on the perfect curves and muscles of her athletic body, perfectly complemented in the soft light of Maya's room. "Have I ever told you how gorgeous you are?" Maya asked.

"You mentioned it once or twice" Emily joked back, kissing her girlfriend once again. Maya's finger tips ran up and down Emily's back as they kissed causing goose bumps on the brunettes skin.

Both girls found themselves lying down after their jeans had joined the shirts on the floor and their skin was in full contact. Emily felt like she was going to explode with emotion. She loved everything about the girl who's hands were tracing lines up and down her body. She loved the way her body fit so perfectly against her own as they lay together, she loved the sweet intoxicating smell of her hair, the fact she had a soft laugh she only used for Emily, the way she smiled, the way she looked when she was confused or angry or sad, and the way she had let Emily into her heart completely. Emily loved everything about Maya st. Germain, and tonight, right now, she was going to show her.


Emily lay with her head tucked into Maya's neck as she stroked her hair tenderly. It was the early hours of the morning but neither girl was asleep, instead they had been lay like this for the past few hours talking about nothing, just taking each other and the moment in. Maya kissed Emily's forehead again when she saw the girls eyes shut briefly for a moment, knowing she was tired.

"Right beautiful" she whispered "I'm going to turn the light off and let you sleep" she moved Emily's head to the side delicately.

"No" Emily protested feebly "I don't want this night to be over" she tried to protest again but she knew Maya was right, and she could feel her eyelids getting heavier. Maya reached across Emily and turned the bedside lamp off, noticing the now cold hot chocolates as she did.

"we never drank our hot chocolate" Maya laughed.

Emily kissed Maya gently on the cheek "You're better than hot chocolate any day... even with extra marshmallows" she laughed softly.

Although the room was now dark, Maya could still see Emily's eyes in the moonlight as they gazed at each other for a few moments.

Emily settled her head into Maya's neck again and whispered goodnight.

Maya held her tight and spoke quietly "This has been the best night of my life Em, and tomorrow is going to be the best day of your life 'cos I am going to make you breakfast, any requests?" she asked with a smile, but there was no response. She looked at Emily and her eyes were tight shut, her breathing slow and rhythmic, her face peaceful in sleep. Maya kissed her girlfriends head, and whispered into the silent room "I love you."

She closed her eyes and listened to Emily's gentle breathing, wondering what she was dreaming about. Maya's breathing quickly changed to match Emily's as she sank quickly into a deep sleep, happier than she had ever been in her whole life.

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