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Chapter 5 – The Cat Chase

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(Haruhi's P.O.V)

I woke up the next morning to the sound of the dryer being turned on. One of the maids was doing the laundry. (A.N. Okay that was a bit obvious…) The maid leaned down when she noticed me watching her. She started to pet me softly till something caught her attention. It was Hunny and Mori standing in the door way. She then bowed to her masters and walked out of the room. Hunny came over and scooped me up in his arms.

"What are you going to do with her Mitsukuni?" asked Mori in his deep voice.

"Well I thought I would take her to school then after wards we would see who could take her." Mori just nodded his head as to say "I agree with your plan." Then Hunny stuffed me in his backpack and off we went.

We were about twenty minutes into Hunny and Mori second class and I started to get bored just sitting in the little Lolita's backpack. So decided to get out. l was able to sneak out of the class without anyone seeing me. The school was so much bigger from my point of view. The first stop I made was to my own class. I went straight over to my desk, which sat in the middle of Hikaru and Kaoru. Both of the twins looked bored out of their minds. 'Most likely because I'm not there to harass.' I thought. Kaoru must of noticed out of the corer of his eye because he then looked my way.

Kaoru then leaned over and tapped Hikaru on the shoulder to get his attention. "Hikaru… there's a cat in the class room." Hikaru got wide eyed liked his brother when he looked at me. I jumped up on the desk top so they could get a better look at me. But it wasn't long before I jumped back down and ran out before the teacher caught me.

'Next up, Tamaki and Kyoya's class room.' Was the one thought that ran through my mind as I ran down the hall.

As I reached the class room I took a quick peak in the widow next to the door. (A.N. Ok that was a little obvious too…) Tamaki sat right behind Kyoya at the back of the room. I quietly made my way inside and over to Tamaki Senpai. When I reached him he seemed a bit distracted… so I jumped up on the desk… Tamaki was startled out of his daze and went wide eyed at a little brown cat sitting on his desk.

"Kyoya…Kyoya…" Tamaki tried desperately to get Kyoya's attention, but he just ignored him. "Kyoya there is a cat on my desk…" When he finally looked back I jumped off before he saw me. "What are you talking about there is no cat…Idiot…" Kyoya talked harshly under his breath to Tamaki. I then went over and brushed myself up against Kyoya's legs. When he looked down he himself went wide eyed. And after his expression I ran off. The last words I heard were 'I told you so' and a 'shut up' before I made it out of the class room.

(Meanwhile elsewhere)

(Narrators P.O.V)

Hunny started to get bored listening to his teacher talk on and on about something he really did not care about. He was also starting to get a little worried about the cat sitting in his bag. The teacher had her back to the class and Hunny took the opportunity to take a look down at her. But what he saw was an empty bag. He then started to worry even more, 'where had she gone.' He thought to himself.

"Takashi… Takashi she's gone, come on we have to find her." Mori nodded in agreement and him and Hunny snuck out of class. And they were not the only ones sneaking out. Hikaru, Kaoru, Tamaki, and even Kyoya, all snuck out of class. All of them then met up in the third floor music room.

"Ok so who's brilliant idea was to bring a cat to school…" said Tamaki as he sent the twins a death glare.

"Hey it wasn't us boss." They said in unison

"It was me…" Hunny confessed "I found her last night and we would have kept her but we can't so we were hoping that someone else in the host club could." Hunny looked down at the ground not making eye contact.

"It's ok Hunny Senpai you had the right, I would take her but can't because of Antoinette." Said Tamaki

"And we can't keep her…" said the twins in unison.

"Then that means," all the host looked over to Kyoya who was sitting down at a table typing away at his lab top. And like that they were of next to him in a minute.

"Kyoya…" said Hunny having to biggest eyes ever looking like he was on the break of tears. Kyoya just sighed and shut his laptop.

"On one condition," He said pushing up his glasses. "The host club has to catch the cat first before anyone else." The host club Nodded in agreement and took off running.

Haruhi just so happen to be sitting outside the door listening to their conversation and decide she was not going to make this easy for them. And she kept her word…

The host club tried everything to catch Haruhi. They tried nets, cat nip, cornering her, anything they could think of but she was always a few steps ahead.

(Haruhi's P.O.V)

I had been running from the host club for hours, all the way up to the end of school. Then the final bell rang, and all the students came out. As soon as one of them saw me I had a new person who would be chasing after me. I got fed up with all of it and headed back to the music room.

'This was a REALLY BAD IDEA!' I mentally yelled at myself. I had totally forgotten about hosting hours, now all the girl in there were after me.

I had gotten corner on the far end of the music room, when they all gathered around me. But for some reason they all stopped dead in their tracts and split down the middle of the crowd to let someone through. Then the shadow king himself stood in front of me and scooped me up. He held me high in the air and glared at me.

"You have been making a lot of trouble for everyone today." He said glaring at me. "Please forgive me for this little problem ladies I do apologies."

"It's ok it was a lot of fun, right everyone." Said one of the fan girls to Kyoya and the rest of the girls just nodded in agreement.

"Well if anything came out of this I'm glad you all enjoyed yourself." He said in that smooth host voice of his and walked off.

Kyoya gave me one final glare before he threw me into a closet. "I will deal with you later" was all he said before he shut the door, and the cat chase came to an end.

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