I myself, MizoreSnowstorm, is taking MiniSoulReaper's challenge. I hope you will like this:)

The Titans were having a normal day, Beast Boy was playing a video game with Cyborg, and it seemed like he was losing, Starfire was fixing some recipie from her home planet, Tamaran, Raven was reading... well trying to, but Robin was nowhere to be seen.

Just then the doors slid open, and he walked into the room with a serious look. He was holding newspapers, and only Raven noticed it. She looked up from her book.

"Do I need to know why you're holding newspapers in that type of grip?" She asked in her monotone.

That caught the attention of the others. The boys paused their game, and Starfire looked up from her cooking.

"Yeah man, what's up?" Cyborg asked.

"Look at this." Robin replied, and handed them the newspapers.

Massive Ghost Army Invades Amity Park

Local Ghost Boy Saves the Town.

Earlier today, Amity Park was invaded by a massive ghost army. Soon later the town finds itself in what is known to us now is the 'Ghost Zone'.

However, their local ghost superhero, Danny Phantom, fought against the army, and returned the town to back to normal. The town was very grateful for the teen ghost kid's heroic act.

The newspapers also included: 'Danny Phantom Saves Kids' and other heroics. The others was surprised at the papers. They looked at the picture of a white haired teen with green eyes, in a white on black jumpsuit with a ghostly D and a P inside of it.

"The one with an army was a published almost a year ago, and these are only a few months." Robin stated. "I was thinking we could see if we could try and recruit him, see if he can become a possible Teen Titan."

"Come on dude, they said 'ghost', and ghosts aren't real." Cyborg argued.

"It's still worth a shot right? If he isn't a ghost then maybe he's another meta-human." He countered.

"Soo... does this mean we're going on a road trip?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yeah, we are BB." Robin replied.

Beast Boy started jumping in the air, Starfire started squealing, and Raven was just looking at the pictures from the articles. She could see that there was more to Danny Phantom then what meets the eye. The team started packing for the trip to Amity. They all packed what they thought they would need in a suitcase, and handed them to Cyborg. He struggled to put them in the back of the T-Car, but eventually got them in, and they started driving out of Jump City.

I know it's short, but I'll make it longer okay?:)