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Raven opened her eyes to see no one around. She used her powers to get rid of the net, and she pulled out her communicator. 'I have to tell the other.' She thought. "Raven to anyone." She said into the communicator.

"Raven? What's wrong?" Robin answered.

"Danny's cousin Dani came back, and now a ghost hunter took them. Apparently this ghost hunter has a strong hate for Danny, I could feel it." Raven explained. "Also, she seemed to be working for Vlad Masters."

"Hmm... This isn't good. Come back to the tower, and we'll find them from here." Robin said, and Raven nodded.

Raven closed her communicator, and started flying toward the tower. 'I hope you'll be alright Danny.' She thought as she came up to the tower.

Danny's opened his eyes, and he noticed he was chained up. He struggled to get out, not even bothering to think about phasing through, but it didn't work. 'Where's Danielle and Raven?' He asked himself. "I've finally got you where I want you, but now I want answers Phantom." He heard Valerie state.

"I'm not telling you anything till you tell me what you did with Dani and Raven." Danny glared.

Valerie smiled. "Oh she's getting what's coming to her, and as for the Teen Titan Raven, seems like you made friends with them to cover up what you in Amity Park." She said angrily.

"I didn't do anything in Amity!" Danny protested.

"Yes you did, it was you who caused the Nasty Burger to explode, killing them." She said, eyes narrow.

"It wasn't my fault that they died!" He yelled out.

"So you do remember... You're the reason the Fentons, Sam Manson and Tucker Foley, who were my friends,(A/N: Didn't Valerie consider Sam and Tucker as her friends at one point? I don't remember, maybe someone can help me) and Mr. Lancer are dead."

"I didn't mean for them to die!" Danny yelled, eyes glaring. "Tell me... Tell me you didn't give Dani to Vlad."

"Well, that would be a lie now wouldn't it." Valerie smirked.

Danny's mouth turned into a snarl. "You didn't seem to have a problem lying to Dani. Listen, I know we have out differences and issues, and clearly, you're not big on forgiveness, but Dani has nothing to do with you hating me."

"I don't hate you Danny, it's because of you I was and still am, the strongest ghost hunter in Amity Park." Valerie said as she walked over to her weapons on a table.

"What about the Fentons, or the GIW?" Danny asked.

Valerie laughed. "The Fentons couldn't catch a ghost if it was living under their roof, and the GIW are just feds with money, posing to be ghost hunters." She said.


"Knowledge is power, and with your knowledge, I'll have enough power to rid Amity, even the world of it's constant ghost invasions forever." Valerie lectured.

"So you want information." He arched an eyebrow.

"Everything you've got, the ghost portals, the Ghost Zone." She listed.

"And what if I don't feel like talking?" Danny challenged. 'Maybe I should just tell her about Vlad, but... how?'

Valerie smirked. "Then I'll have to find ways to get the answers out of you." She pulled out her gun.

Dani struggled to get free from the table she was cuffed upon. 'What is it with him and examination tables?' She asked herself as she continued to struggle. Once her legs started to melt she stopped immediately. "Now, now my dear, if you continue to struggle, there will be nothing left of you to disect." Vlad said as he reached for her.

"Don't touch me!" Dani said as Vlad touched her head as it also started to melt.

"Ew," Vlad said, removed his hand, and snapped his fingers.

A scanner appeared over Dani, and began to scan. "Structual density?" "53 percent." Dani became more solid. "85 percent." "Ectoplasmic energy readings?" "Unstable." "Clearly she is midly more sound than the other clones, the question is, why did she last longer than the rest?"

Dani opened her eyes. "Please tell me you've been working on something to stablize me."

"Oh no my child, I've had far more important matters to tend to." Vlad said. "Well Danielle, it seems the only way I'll be able to make a perfect clone is to melt you down, and study your ectoplasmic remains."

"Valerie, you don't want to do this." Danny assured.

"No, you don't want me to do this." Valerie smirked, holding up the weapon.

Before Danny could reply, Valerie shocked him with the weapon. "Stop!" Danny screamed, and she did. "I'll tell you about the damn portals, I'll give you a map to the Ghost Zone, you can become the hero ghost hunter of Amity Park, but first, you need to let me go, and we need to save Danielle."

Valerie's eyes narrowed. "Why? Because she's one of your kind? A ghost?" She shocked him again.

"No! Because one of yours! A human!" Valerie blinked at Danny's outburst. "She's not just a ghost, she's also a girl."

"But Vlad said the ghost part of her was out to get him and Amity Park." Valerie said, sure of herself.

"Valerie, you saw her. Did Dani look like she could destroy anything?" Danny questioned, slightly angry at Valerie's ignorace.

Valerie stared blankly, thoughts roaming around in her head. "Funny, she asked the same thing."

Now that Danny caught her attention, he thought he'd put it to use. "Facts are, Dani's ghost half is unstable, Vlad is out to destroy her, and if he destroys the ghost half, the human half is destroyed with it." He explained, hoping she'd understand.

"No, that's not my problem." Valerie shook her head. "She is a ghost, and I destroy ghosts!"

"Fine, destroy ghosts! I don't care! But can you really partake in destroying a human? I know you wouldn't want that, you're a good person, so why take part in destroying a human?" Valerie looked down.

Shortly after Raven appeared back at the tower, she gave them the full details of what happened to them. Explaining that Dani came back, Valerie captured Danielle and Danny, took Dani to Vlad, and took Danny somewhere else.

"So this girl could have Danny, but gave Danielle to Vlad?" Robin asked to confirm what was just explained.

Raven nodded. "Yes, I sensed she had a strong hate for Danny, but who knows what she could do now that she has him." She said.

"Don't worry Raven, we'll get him back. Have you tried sensing him?" Robin suggested.

"Not yet," She closed her eyes, and began to concentrate. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes, blinking. "He's... he's here in the tower..." Everyone's eyes widen.

Danny phased Valerie into his room, and Valerie pulled away the minute they landed. She stood there, watching as Danny looked around. "What are you looking for? And why Titans' tower?" She questioned.

Danny sighed. "Because I live here." Valerie blinked. "The Titans gave me a place to stay, and I don't know if you'd believe me when I say I've been helping them."

"You're right, I don't believe you." She said.

The halfa continued to look around. 'Where is it?' He asked himself. Just then his door slid open, revealing the dark Titan in the door way. "Raven," Danny said softly.

Unlike what she would do, she ran to him, encasing him into a hug. Valerie blinked, very confused. 'Why is she hugging him?' She asked herself. "What happened?" Raven asked. "I woke up, and you were gone."

Just then Raven's eyes fell on the waiting ghost hunter, and she quickly pulled away from Danny, getting in front of him, her hands glowing with her magic. "Why is she here?" Raven questioned, eyes narrow.

"Valerie is helping me save Dani." Danny answered. "Raven, do you remembered what I did with that thing I was experimenting with earlier?"

"Uh... I believe you left it on the counter over there." She answered.

"Thanks Raven." He said, and went to it.

The syringe was still on the counter he last left it. He picked it up, and took the needle off, replacing it with a spray nozzle. "And we're good." He said as he walked away, making sure the thing worked.

"Wait, Danny, I'm coming with you, I'm not letting you alone with her." Raven stated, glaring at Valerie.

"Um... Okay, then lets go." He said, and phased the two outside.

The three started flying toward where Vlad could be, a small base he made to get Dani from Valerie. The three weren't aware of Vlad's little robot watching them.

"Intruder alert." The computer said.

"Danny!" Dani yelled, cuffed to a small wall.

"Phantom, what a nuisance." Vlad said in spite, and looked at the screen. "And Raven and Valerie? Well this incovenient, I can't let Valerie discover the truth now can we?"

Vlad made a duplicate, and that one transformed into Vlad Masters, who ran into the closet, and locked the door. "I'll go welcome our guests." Vlad Plasmius said, and flew to the top floor.

Danny phased Raven and Valerie into the base where they heard Danielle call out for Danny. "Dani?" Danny called out.

"It came from in there." Valerie pointed out just as Vlad appeared before them.

"I don't want to fight you Vlad, I just want to save Danielle." Danny said, glaring at the older halfa.

"Sorry, not happening." Vlad said, and blasted Danny

The halfa went flying into the bookshelf. He fell to the ground, the bookshelf falling on top of him. 'Danny!' Raven alerted in her mind, and glared at Vlad. Valerie got back on her hover board, and went charging for Vlad. Raven joined in, summoning her magic in her hands. Danny tried to get up, but couldn't, and he transformed back. Valerie went to slam into Vlad, but the elder halfa simply went intangible. He smirked and blasted her, but she deflected it. A small device appeared beneath her hover board, and started shooting at Vlad. He was pinned to the wall.

Vlad smirked. "Not bad, but do you really think you can trap me?" He asked.

"I think I just did." Valerie said.

"Think again," Valerie gave Raven a questioning look. "Watch."

Still smirking, Vlad phased into the wall, shocking Valerie. "Wha...?"

Vlad phased back into the basement, and walked over to the controls. He smirked at Danielle before placing his hand on a lever. He pulled it down, and Dani's torture began. Vlad laughed, but stopped when Valerie came crashing in. Raven stayed behind, flying over to Danny, using her magic to remove the bookshelf. Raven tried to wake him up, but she soon heard Dani call out of Danny, which woke him up.

"Danielle!" He cried out before noticing he was in his human half. "Did Valerie see me change?"

Raven shook her head. "Let's not worry about that now, come on." She said, and Danny transformed back.

Danny grabbed Raven's ankle, and phased into the floor. Dani was still crying out for Danny when the two got there, but they noticed Valerie was simply floating there.

"Why are you standing around?" Danny questioned, and the three heard pounding on a door.

"That horrible ghost trapped me, and is going to destroy the girl." A voice said from inside.

"Vlad?" Valerie asked in confusion.

"Vlad is right in front of you!" Danny yelled out at her.

"Not him, Vlad Masters." She flew to the door, and opened it. Vlad Masters came falling out into her arms.

"As the sweet, caring, good-natured man that I am, I beg you, don't let him do it." Vlad Masters pleaed, with fakeness in his voice that Valerie didn't catch.

"Ha, told you he was a good dude." Valerie said, but Danny only glared.

Dani cried out one more time, and Danny went straight for her. Valerie suddenly remembered about Dani, and blasted Vlad Plasmius in the chest. Danny landed where Dani was, and tried to free her, but was shocked. He tried blasting at the cuffs, but it didn't do anything.

"It's going to take more than your little plasma-rays to cut those ties Daniel." Vlad said as Valerie flew up to him, and blasted him again, making a whole in the wall as well.

Danielle screamed as her legs melted into ectoplasm into a tray beneath her. "I can't break them, there's only one thing left to try. Brave enough to try Dani?" He asked her.

"A little weak in the kness actually, and I don't even have knees anymore!" Dani stated.

'Lets hope this works.' He thought, and started to spray it on her. Once he sprayed, he hoped it would work, but Dani wouldn't stop melting. "I think it's too late, bye Danny, thanks for..." She couldn't even finished before she melted fully into ectoplasm.

"Dani!" He rushed to the tray and sat there. 'I failed... I failed again... This can't be happening... I'm sorry' He thought as Raven walked up to him, and kneeled down next to him. Suddenly, Danielle's ectoplasm started bubbling, and her head popped out.

"Danny? Raven? What's wrong?" She asked, smiling.

The two blinked, and stared at the head in the small pool of ghost remains. Dani came flying out, landing perfectly, and solid. "I'm me again, I knew you wouldn't let me down." She hugged Danny.

Just then Valerie went flying by, Vlad chasing. "A little help!" She yelled.

Dani let go of Danny, and smiled. "With pleasure." She replied before punching Vlad into the ceiling.

Vlad flew out of the ceiling, looking for Dani, but was surpirsed when she spun him around by his cape. She let go, and he went crashing through pillars, and into a wall. Danielle went chargin, blasting him with her hands, and feet, but he dodged them all; he didn't have time to dodge when she punched him back into a wall.

"Guess that'll teach him to pick on a defensless girl." Dani observed.

"There's no such thing." Valerie commented.

"Get Danielle out of here Valerie, we'll be right behind you." Danny said, and the two took off. Raven stayed with him, and they watched as Vlad Masters walked up. "You really know how to keep a lie."

Vlad Plasmius turned into smoke, and merged back with Vlad Masters. "It's my specialty." Vlad smirked.

"Now Valerie blames Vlad Plasmius, leaving Vlad Masters innocent. Wish she knew you were one in the same." Danny said.

"You could always tell her, but I'm afraid I would have to counter such a thing, by revealing your little secret." Vlad said.

"Stay away from Danielle." Danny stated, and phased Raven out of the base. The two flew up to Valerie, but Dani was no where to be seen. "Where's Dani?"

Dani then appeared out of no where, letting out a little 'boo' then started laughing with Valeire. Raven rolled her eyes, and Danny simply gave Dani and Valerie a deapanned look.

Danielle stopped laughing. "Thank you, Vlad would have melted me into a puddle of nothing if you haven't saved me." She said.

Danny smiled. "That's what family's for cuz ,so now what? Heading off?" He asked.

"Yup, now that this Phantom is fixed, she's got places to go." She said.

"Then just be safe, ok?" He smiled.

"Danny, nothing can hurt me now." She said, and gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

Just then he remembered something, and pulled out a small Titans' communicator. "Dani, here, just in case you need to contact me." He handed to her, and she nodded.

"Bye Raven, bye Valerie." She said before flying off.

The three watched for a minute before floating there. Danny then put both his wrists out in front of Valerie. "What's that for?" She asked.

"Deals a deal, you help me save Dani, you can now have me back as your prisoner." He said, and Raven stared at him like he was crazy.

"You made a deal with her?" She questioned.

Valerie chuckled softly. "Forget it, fly away Ghost Boy, the next time I see you alone, you're mine." She said with a hard look.

Danny smiled before flying off with Raven back to the tower. Once the two made it back, both were hounded by questions from the others, mostly Robin. Once they all were answered, everyone went back to their rooms. Back with Valerie, she went back to check on Vlad Masters, only to get the shock of her lifetime. Vlad Masters is Vlad Plasmius. 'I can't believe I've been doing his dirty work!' She yelled in her head, and flew back to Amity Park.

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