This was it. I had done it. Through the sweat, blood and tears I emerged victorious. The gold medal was mine. So why? Why, why, why? The feeling in my chest won't stop, why? Of course, I'm just being stupid, I know what it is.

I'm sorry Nonomiya Yuuta.

One of the things my father told me before the incident was that I should always stay true to myself, so what is this? Why am I doing this, selfishly pursuing and finishing my, no our, dream by myself? Why am I Nono and he Yuuta? Or at least that was what was supposed to happen. How can I be Yuuta as Nono? I have accomplished the goal of my lifetime, so what now? Am I supposed to fade away into the world as an obscure woman and let 'Nonomiya Yuuta' be just an apparition that was wonderful while it lasted?

And everyone else, how am I supposed to separate myself from them? Kishitani-kun knows but what about Mikage-chan, even the Emperor, what about Amatsu-kun? Of course there is only one answer to the problem.

I'm sorry Yuuta.

"Nonomiya-kun is there anything else you would like to say?"

I'm so sorry Yuuta.

"Yes, just one last thing." I stood up in front of the crowd and braced myself.

I'm sorry Yuuta, so sorry.

"I have carried many hopes and dreams with me to this competition. Some were entrusted to me through defeat, some are promises to fulfill, and I can say that I have completed almost all of them. But there is one that I have to break."

By now Kishitani-kun has caught on, I'm glad he's not trying to stop me. I send a small smile his way as thanks.

Sorry Yuuta, I'm so sorry.

"Several years ago it was said that Nonomiya Nono died in a fire and Nonomiya Yuuta survived. It was said that Nonomiya Nono was an excellent ski jumper but quit before middle school for reasons unknown, while in middle school Nonomiya Yuuta got 85th place in the regional competition.

"It was obviously shocking when in high school Yuuta emerged as someone equal to the likes of Amatsu Akira, and even more so when he managed to enter the Olympics. Sadly it doesn't have a women's section for ski jumping."

By now people were getting confused, why would I be referring to myself in anything other than 1st person? And why would I mention a women's section? All of this will become clear to everyone soon, so very soon.

Sorry Yuuta.

"All of you are obviously confused by now. But there is only one sentence, one truth, which would make everything fall into place. Some of you already know it but don't want to acknowledge it. And that is right, on that fateful night many years ago it wasn't Nonomiya Nono that died, it was Nonomiya Yuuta. The person you are looking at right now is Nonomiya Nono."

Forgive me.

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