Birds of Prey

~Martin dared Chris to name all of the birds of prey~

"Hey Chris," Martin said while approaching him. "I dare you to name all of the birds of prey!"

"Are you idiot? This is going to take a while…" Chris sighed, breathing deeply.

"Okay. Go! Start with Tytonidae."

"Congo Bay-owl, Oriental Bay-owl, Sri Lanka Bay-owl, Eastern Grass-owl, African Grass-owl, Sooty Owl, Australian Masked-owl –"

"Dude! Why are you actually doing this?" Martin blinked. "I was joking! Do you not know it's April Fool's Day?"

"Golden Masked-owl – Wait, what?" Chris stopped. "It's April Fool's Day?" He blinked.

"How about naming all of the monotypic raptor families?" Martin smirked evilly.

"Okay – we have the secretary bird, which is the only species in Sagittaridae and the osprey, which is the only species in Pandionidae, depending on taxonomic views," he stated proudly. "I do not agree with the splitting of the osprey, but if anyone wants to argue, I'll take a rain cheque." He shrugged. "Is that what you wanted, Martin?"

"Y-yes Chris, sure, I guess," Martin replied hesitantly.

"Hey guys, what are you doing?" Aviva asked.

"Seeing if Chris can name all of the birds of prey."

"Yeah, rub it in, Martin." Chris rolled his eyes. "Aviva, why not name all of the bazas?"

"African Cuckoo-hawk, Madagascar Cuckoo-hawk, Jerdon's Baza, Pacific Baza, Black Baza," Aviva replied.

"Very good!" Martin clapped.

"Yeah, Aviva!" Chris agreed.

The two spent the rest of the day, naming all 479 species of birds of prey…

A/N: You didn't think I was actually going to list all 479, did you? 'Cause that's a lot.

Tytonidae (tie-TON-ih-day) – Tyto means owl.
Sagittaridae (SAG-it-tear-ih-day) – Think of the zodiacal sign Sagittarius!
Pandionidae (pan-die-ON-ih-day) – Named after the King of Athens, Pandion.

I got the idea from listening to "Can You Name all the Pokémon? BW".