Naruto sat in a chair reading a scroll left to him by his father about seals and other jutsu. He was so focused that he didn't notice the female figure snuck up on him until the figure gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey Sakura-chan", said Naruto as he looked at his fiancé and soon to be wife.

"Naruto-kun why don't you stop stressing and go to bed already", the figure now identified as Sakura Haruno said.

" I can't I killed Tobi and sealed away the Gedo statue now all I have to do is defeat Sasuke and bring him back and this war will be done." He said.

Sakura had a thoughtful look on her face then she got a devious smile "well if that's what you want I guess I'll have to go to bed alone. Me and that big room all hot I'll have to sleep in my panties on" Naruto stopped what he was doing and looked at her.

"just panties on" he stuttered.

She gave him another smile and said, "Just my panties, with that said she closed the door and sat in the bed, held up three and counted down "3...2…..1" suddenly a flash of light filled the room and Naruto was on top of her with his sage cloak and boxers on. He had a grin on his face before kissing her.

"Well that didn't take long now did it" she said with a smirk on her face.

"Nope" was his reply before giving her a kiss. For the rest of the night the two spent their time enjoying the others body. Sakura in the heat of the moment forgot a special jutsu used for Kunochi.

Next day

At the valley of the end the battle was intense ruble was scattered everywhere bodies of both Konoha and zutsu. Naruto stood on the head of Hashirama while the man across from him sttod on the head of Madara Uchiha.

Both charged up there most powerful attacks The Rasenshuriken vs the Kirin The jutsu collided and both Sasuke and Naruto ended up on the bottom of the destroyed statues. Both were panting heavily and were bleeding. Sasuke's leg was burned while Naruto's left arm was colored red. But despite these injuries both the Shinobi still found the strength to glare at each otherSasuke on his one leg did the hand seals required even if his chakra network was damaged and a Chidori came to life. Naruto could only chuckle at the Uchiha even after the greatest battle since the sage vs the Juubi. He held up his good hand and a Rasengan came to life.

He looked at his opponent.

His best friend.

His team mate.

His enemy.

His pain in his side.

His greatest threat.

The world's most wanted man.

His brother.

With one final cry both leapt at each other

Scene change

two brothers one with hate the other with pain the younger of the two couldn't believe his older brother would hate him so much they both picked up their swords and charged at each other at the final second the younger brother moved his sword out of the way. The older of the two was shocked as his sword passed through his little brother's chest.

Scene Change

Two rivals stood on the water of a valley that used to be a creak before they did battle both in red armor one with red eyes filled with hate the other with eyes of sadness and betrayal.

"Madara why, why did you attack the leaf, why did you kill your own family members of your own clan." The one with long hair shouted at the one known as Madara.

Madara chuckled "Hashirama you fool you think that this village system will bring peace to the lands I'm just showing you that no matter what you do the cycle of hatred will always go on just like the hatred between our families. Years later destiny will choose two descendants of our clan to do final battle just like you and I and are now and our ancestors before us. As long as one clan live the other will hate HASHIRAMA" with that both rivals charged at each other the one known as Madara fell with a wooden spike sticking through his chest while the man who would be known as the first Hokage walked off to the new Village of Konoha.

Scene Change



Both attacks clashed and fought for dominance over the other that is until the Rasengan pushed forward and hit the Uchiha in the gut. both were blown away the Uchiha landing on his back while the Uzumaki landed on his knee, Slowly the Uzumaki got up and limped over to the hurt Uchiha.

"How you feeling Teme", asked Naruto.

Sasuke looked at Naruto with the most hateful glare he could muster and shouted "what do you think I was just beaten by you and I'll never get my revenge"

Naruto looked at Sasuke with a sad face and said "I'm sorry Sasuke but I still need to take you back to the village but don't worry thanks to some political pull I got you only probation and your Sharingan sealed for a number of years." He said with his famous grin.

Sasuke still glaring at him said, "Why do you try so hard Dope you should just kill me now. Because if I go back into Konoha I will break you in the most horrible way possible", with that said he passed out Naruto chuckled at the threat as it was hardly possible there was nothing that Sasuke could do that could break Naruto with the way his life was now He was engaged to the most beautiful girl in the world on his way to become Rokudaime even though some people on the council still hated him but that was ok. As far as he can think of nothing Sasuke could do that, could crush him, nothing.