War… It's never a beautiful site; the battlefield of Yuga was a testament to that. The raging Titans of the Black Panther and the two tailed hell cat clashed constantly, they had no regards for the human life around them is it friend or foe it didn't matter anymore. No longer were these two generals anymore. No longer were they fighting for their countries no longer lovers. These were two enemies no these were two beings who shared deep and utter hatred for each other.

The emotions of the two spread to the very men they commanded below them. There was no more organization; it was a free for all. The darkness that had taken the battlefield was lit ablaze by the flames of the once magnificent city. Building that were once hotels, vacation getaways were now pieces of ash…. burned by the fires of war.

The one section of the city that wasn't touched by the fires was unrecognizable. The white walls of the buildings were painted red, the stench of the battlefield, would forever linger in the minds of those who fought today. The blood of those stained ran into the hot waters of the public baths dying them red, this caused a mist to rise, a red mist that spread through streets with the taste of metal.

The chaos went from home to home.

The feeling of home where family would be loved where you would feel safe, that feeling was crushed, destroyed forgotten erased, hated. All by the screams of Anguish, terror and Hatred.

This was the face of war.

This was the nature of men.

The cost of living in this era.

This was the life of a Shinobi.

This was the life that Jinchuuriki Killer Bee was accustomed too. He grew up on the field of battle and if he was honest with himself he enjoyed it. He didn't know if it was the Hachibi's bloodlust and craving for battle, or his own sane mind slipping into darkness he really didn't care he loved battle craved for it the adrenaline the thrill it kept him alive.

But this, this right here.

No one; not even the most battle hardened Shinobi could fathom the Carnage of this battle. Killer Bee knew he had to do something; he knew something was wrong when Yugito went full two tails. Neither of the two were in control. But what was it he had his suspicions but he just prayed that he was wrong. He came prepared though the bulk of his army was sweeping through Lightning country while he took a small force south toward Yuga, just to survey the damage, not this chaos.

"Bee-sama" shouted one of the scouts he sent out earlier came back with the one thing he was dreading.

The body Kuroihono, a tear came into his eyes a boy, that's all he was a boy that should have never seen the face of war.

Yugito vs. Darui

The two beasts fought like demons out of the gates of hell itself. Yugito would bite into the Lightning skin with her fire teeth he would bite back. He would fire a ball of Lightning she would counter with a ball of Fire. Every time one would fall or clash it seemed that the earth itself was breaking apart. Both beasts glared at each other with anger and Hatred. Hatred because he killed their son, and Anger because she allowed him too.

Both pounced on each other as if they were lions and the other was prey. They were both in a deadlock when suddenly Darui used his Lightning paw to strike Yugito's Shoulder. The Demon cat yelled in pain before striking back, she followed up by grabbing the back of his neck with her fire Jaws. The scene would remind you of a big cat killing its prey except Darui wasn't any other prey. He rolled over to where his back was on the ground and, his Hind legs were on her stomach and with an electrified kick Yugito was out of the City.

She got up quickly roaring in anger and surprisingly spoke. "I'll never forgive you, you took him away from me the last thing that kept me to this world, I hate you with all my heart, He was the last thing that kept me to this Planet AND YOU TOOK HIM AWAY" She crouched down on her hind legs and began to gather Chakra in her mouth she closed her jaw and her body expanded beyond possible belief. And still she spoke "Now pay for your crimes as I send you to OBLIVION" And everything in the world went White.

A ball a little lower than the one Yugito fired battled for dominance the spheres of death stayed in the sky above the village constantly interlocked in a struggle for power. The battlefield stopped and all was silent watching the death balls struggle. But the battle resumed when a Black Lightning ball struck the Demonic cat in the face, and the hatred once again resumed.

Scene Change

Killer Bee with his arms stretched out fell to the ground on one knee panting, he couldn't believe the amount power she put into the Bijuu-dama. That ball could have taken out city the country and everything else in its path until Yuki no Kuni. Bee looked up again to see both the raging titans gone and in their place human sized figures one shrouded in Blue Fire, the other in Black Lightning clash back and forth.

Scene Change

Naruto was leading his forces through Fire country onto the border about to cross into Rice country. His men had been through many battles but they came out Victorious, they were traveling through the darkness of night when he felt a huge gathering of power, his men felt it too, and it even scared a few. Through his experiences with Kurama he knew a Bijuu-dada, a big one was fired. He felt so many emotions from that Direction. Sadness, Fear, Guilt, but the most of all was Hatred he felt so much Hatred from that battle. Hatred so strong it shined in the night sky.

Scene Change

A figure shroud in darkness sat in a throne room observing a map of the elemental Nations. He looked out the Window as a bright light shined through lighting up the room, but despite the new brightness the figure was still shroud in Darkness.

Scene Change

Yugito was sitting in the Darkness of her mindscape, on her hands and knees, tears pouring down her face. A figure above her looking down on the broken women was smiling. This figure could pass off as her Identical twin but the major difference between them was the pure crimson eyes of the later, this was Dark Yugito but for some strange reason she also had tears running down her face. Then she spoke to the weeping women

"I told you the world would never change. Now look at you, you're alone again. "

No Naruto,"

"Shut up" said Yugito but the Dark counterpart continued.

"No Bee"

"Shut up"

"None of the other Jinchuuriki"

"Shut Up" Now Yugito looked at the dark figure eyes of Anger.

But none the less the figure lent forward and said in a low voice. "Not even your own Lover" Suddenly Dark Yugito found herself pinned to the ground with Yugito's arm pinning her throat screaming at her.

"Shut up, you don't know anything"

"I know you're alone again" Somehow Dark Yugito was able to talk. "I know that this world never changed like the others said it would. Hell Even our own son, our baby boy was taken away by this world." When she said that Yugito seemed to have been blasted off falling on her back, she looked in shock at what the dark counterpart said.

"Now look at you, your going on a rampage trying to kill the very some man you loved" Yugito gripped her head trying to block out the voice.

"Matatabi, where's Matatabi" Yugito looked around the Dark void it was only them two. Dark Yugito smiled at this.

"You see even your own Bijuu has abandoned you" she said with a smirk of triumph.

"No, no, no, no." Yugito shaking her head side to side she wouldn't accept it she couldn't.

"But you know what" She heard Dark Yugito's voice as she walked over to the broken women and knelt beside her causing Yugito to look up at her. "I'm here so sleep right now let me make all our Pain go away, Let me make the world's hatred go away." Yugito looked into her eyes and slowly her eyes drooped until she fell on the ground in a deep slumber. Dark Yugito chuckled but seemed to have been pulled through a portal and found herself inside a room with a sphere in the center. On that sphere the two tails struggled against its new chains. As soon as he laid eyes on Dark Yugito he seemed to have a glimmer of hope, but that quickly went away as they made eye contact he roared in anger.

"Where's Yugito" he demanded.

Asleep Matatabi, but don't worry she's safe, and I'm in control now" she flexed her arms and grinned at the Bijuu causing it to get even Angrier.

"What do you plan to do" he asked.

The Dark counterpart smirked and replied in an honest way "To cause as much destruction as possible. And with me in control let's just say" she turned around and walked into the Darkness of the Mindscape saying something that scared even the Bijuu.

"When I'm through they're going to have to redraw their maps"

Scene Change

DYugito opened her eyes and saw him, the man who made her almost forgive this forsaken world. The man who made her fall in love, The who left her alone, the man who gave her the most beautiful son, Also the same man who took him Away, The man who caused all of this hatred. She would make sure he dies. But Darui also was a powerful advisory; along with his unlimited Chakra he could match almost anyone.

Yugito smirked anyone but her; she reared her head back and gave a mighty roar. The blue flames of her skin burned the very earth she stood on.

Yugito dodged out of the way as a Lightning powered elbow came her way. Darui followed up with a kick which Yugito easily caught. She spun around and quickly threw the man away and just as fast followed after him. He landed on the ground and bounced off but he didn't have time to feel pain because as he bounced off Yugito kicked him back into the Earth making a giant crater.

Yugito laughed and hoped off her foot print embedded on his chest. Darui crawled out of the hole holding his chest the seal broken and he was himself again, he was alive and in control. That damned Uchiha didn't know how to properly work the Jutsu. But he didn't have time to celebrate as he was kicked in the face landing back into the crater. Darui looked at the Demon yes demon, this wasn't the same Yugito he fell in love with. The same lady who bore his children, No this was a demon. But yet he still loved her.

Through sheer will power alone got out and stood on his feet, as he was now he couldn't even make a hand sign. He looked over the field to see the women he still loved making a Ram sigh gathering chakra. He knew what Jutsu she was preparing for, Ha it was funny really because he helped her create it. It's Ironic, he dies protecting her, he comes back kills their son, and now she kills him, Funny how this planet works.

Scene Change

Yugito who had woken up long ago was chained to an orb similar to Matatabi watching as Dark Yugito was beating her lover. She tried to stop the Dark counterpart form doing that Jutsu she knew that Jutsu and she knew what damage it could do. She didn't want him to die again she didn't want to be completely alone. "Please stop I beg you" she pleaded but it fell on deaf ears.

"This world took everything from me, this world tried to make me something I wasn't supposed to be" she looked Yugito in the eye "But I'll chose a different path myself and become what they feared"

Scene Change

"Hatred" Yugito opened her eyes as the claws on her right hand extended, soon flames so hot they turned white covered her claws. But she wasn't done she pushed herself beyond and added the Black Lightning to it. The result was a grey blade of death and Power. Darui knew damn well he wouldn't be able to dodge and he knew damn well he wouldn't be able to survive so he just accepted it. Maybe it was cruel fate he killed his son now his mother kills him. But he had on last thing to do.

Yugito's body took off like a bullet and the world seemed to slow down she broke the sound barrier but somehow she was able to hear his hear beat.

"Thump" Dark Yugito took off.

Thump" Killer Bee looked away he knew what would happen.

Thump" Yugito screamed in her mindscape for her Dark counterpart to stop.

Thump" Darui made his last move.


Yugito's hand went through his body as if it were warm butter. Her arm was elbow deep in his body and her eyes were wide as sossers. Why, well the last action of Darui with all his strength was pulling her into a long kiss. He pulled away from her and said "There I took your hatred away, I'm sorry my fire kitten I love you" Darui gave her one last smile blood running down his mouth now as he finally fell into the crater. Tears fell from Yugito's eyes as they turned from crimson to brown again.

She looked at his body and broke down. She couldn't take it she was alone again her son gone her lover gone her friends gone. Emotions flooded through her as she let out a wail of pure Anguish. The battlefield became silent, the enemy was defeated and the survivors gathered around their General. Heads of the Shinobi were down tears down their own faces. Yugito continued to wail until she felt herself brought into an embrace by the strong arms of Killer Bee. Even he couldn't take seeing her in pain. Storm clouds formed in the night sky as rain washed away the battlefield. It seemed as if the Heavens themselves were weeping for the Jinchuuriki.

It seemed as the same as Gaara's. Nobody cheered nobody clapped rejoiced anything it was just Pain. The emotions felt today by everyone friend or foe. Out of all the Fear anger Hatred it was now Pain.

Yugito's Pain