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A Siren, a Hunter, and a New Beginning

Chapter 1: Trust, Love...What? Weaknesses!

When Mordecai came to this god-forsaken planet rightly named Pandora, for it seemed like every evil had been thrown back into this backwater planet, he had a plan. It was a simple plan. Open the Vault, take the loot, and kill anyone who stood in his way

Fortunately, it was just him. Well, also Bloodwing and thank god for the little puffball for he had saved Mordecai's skin more times than the hunter cared to remember. So it was fine. The sniper wasn't lonely. He had a gun, the bird, and, best of all, his freedom. Oh and a couple of easy crack shots on some stupid bandits was nice.

Those were the only things he really needed, that, and his perfect plan, but plans change.

First among those changes was this hell-hole, Pandora. Giant birds, crazy Skags, and some weird tin can roving on one wheel with a scream more suited for a school girl were the least of his worries. Bandits were always patrolling everywhere. And he meant everywhere. God, Mordecai couldn't even go to take a dump properly without having two or three midgets run in with whatever scraps of metal they use as weapons. After he shot their brains out, cleaning up was disgusting, especially since those damn midgets don't even brush their teeth or, for that matter, shower.

Second was the guns. Not that Mordecai was complaining, quite the opposite for he loved finding guns at every single corner; but just looking at how the gun's conditions deteriorate, pierced his soul like a hot iron pick. Then just watching some idiot bandit go and pick it up and start waving it around like a baseball bat made the sniper want to chop the man up. Guns were to be respected, even revered like a deity. They weren't toys for some halfwit shit-face to pick up who couldn't even stop their midget friends from letting a man take a dump.

Third was the people; the worst of the three. They talked and talked and well...talked. None of them could understand the quiet, the beauty of silence, the grandeur of simple peace. Especially her...and the marine and bouncer too, of course! They just couldn't stop talking: Did you up the kill count Mordecai? Hey watchu waitin' for, goggles? Look, stop staring or come and touch my ass already, Mordy. It was a stream of unending words and phrases that were so...pointless. Thanks to them, his plan was torn up and thrown out the window.

His plan started out simple. Take a bus and find somewhere to stop to begin his journey, but that was his first mistake. Getting on the bus driven by the tub of lard, Mordecai had an odd feeling he shouldn't have gotten on, but he stayed on that empty, rundown bus anyway. He didn't know why he did, but he just sat down in the back and watched the road while Bloodwing hopped on top of the bus. The bus smelled of piss, shit, and garbage...just like home though without the rats. The air was stale and it was quite hot though Mordecai didn't sweat, being used to such high temperatures.

But there was peace at least. No gunshots, no voices, just a faint humming of the bus. This was his bliss.

Until the bus lurched to a halt causing the sniper to slam into the chair in front of him. Hot pain seared through his nose, it wasn't broken though it did hurt.

"Room for two?" a seductive, sultry voice asked from an inch behind him, her voice tickling his neck with its warmth.

"No," Mordecai stated bluntly, his hand going to his weapon as he laid back in the chair and stared at the newest occupant of the now moving bus. There was room, but he didn't trust the red-head. However, it didn't mean he could enjoy her lightly tanned, tattooed body. Full, perky breasts, lean waist, wide hips, full lips, muscled thighs, she had a goddess' body with skin tight clothes more suited for a prostitute. All the more reason for Mordecai not to trust her, especially, with those yellow eyes. He had only heard of them, but she was a real Siren. Witches, sorceress, and beauties. However, what Mordecai didn't know was that this wasn't the first time he had met one nor the last.

"Not even for a Siren?" the woman asked, her cleavage coming dangerously close to the sniper's face who refused to look at them and only stared into the bright yellow eyes. Seeing the sniper unmoved by her feminine wiles, the woman tried a different approach, her hand stretched out while she righted herself. "The name's Lilith."

Mordecai's gaze went slowly to the gloved hand, his body tensing up as if it were a snake. After a pause, Mordecai placed his hand into hers, "Good to know." He lightly shook it once before letting go and stared out of the window without ever giving her a lingering glance.

Lilith's mouth fell open, her white teeth showing, more than a little surprised at the behavior of the mystery man toward her. Men would usually fight just to see her, better yet it turned into a brawl just to touch her, yet this man had the gall to ignore her like some...some...some whore!

Lilith went to the seat across from the sniper, fuming in her head; her eyes flashing dangerously while Mordecai's finger slowly but finally left the trigger of his sniper rifle.

It was maybe two hours of heavy silence, though once every twenty minutes Marcus tried to lighten the mood with a crack or a one-liner that just earned him two ferocious glares and one annoyed squawk from above.

"Geez and I thought my ex had problems," Marcus muttered as he slowed down the bus. As the bus lurched to a stop, the doors opened up with a small rusted squeak and two more passengers came on.

Mordecai couldn't help, but feel a little ashamed of his body, seeing the two muscle brains sitting down in front of Lilith. He also couldn't help feel a tinge of heat go through his body as the soldier boy and freak show continue stare at Lilith, neither hiding their grins and lustful gazes to whom Lilith smiled in return. It made him sick just even glancing at them.

She shot Mordecai a triumphant look, but he had turned away and watched a lone Skag get run over by the bus. Five minutes was all the peace Mordecai had until the two damn ogling men finally spoke up.

"Hey cutie, name's Roland," the black one said his hand out for a handshake. The Siren smiled sweetly, lightly shaking the soldier's hand with her own.

Seeing his counterpart get ahead of him, the hulking monster nudged the man, with his elbow, away from the seductive temptress and stuttered, his face turning red all of the sudden, his thoughts all jumbled due to his rash actions, "B-B-Brick! M-my name's Brick!" The Siren lightly chuckled causing the giant to blush even more while Roland smiled in amusement.

Mordecai rolled his eyes. Noise, perfect.

There was an awkward silence as the two males waited for Lilith who teased them by being oblivious to their questioning stares. After a couple of moments, the Siren pretended to finally notice their curiosity. With a knowing smile, she breathed heavily, her breasts expanding nicely, straining from inside her tight tube top. "They call me Lilith," she said, her voice sexily sultry.

Both men smiled in response though they finally took notice of the sniper who had stayed quiet the whole time. "Who's he?" Roland asked off-handedly. He really didn't care who the man was since he had this beauty right in front of him, but he hadn't survive this long as an ex-soldier turned mercenary without having some caution.

Lilith shrugged, sending an angry look toward the bird owner, then returned her attention to the two fawning men in front of her. "I don't know, he doesn't talk much."

Brick stood from his seat, his seat squeaked in relief from having held up that giant, and made his way to Mordecai, his shadowing enveloping the thin man. "Hey, what's your name?" Mordecai ignored him, still watching the scenery. Brick beastly growled, his muscles tensing increasing his size as well as causing his veins to pop out. "I said what's your name," Brick said louder, trying to intimidate the sniper with his size and bulk.

The sniper looked up, his red goggles glinting slightly. "Mordecai." That was it. That was how they met in over fifteen years, but none of them knew that. That was how his plan got completely ruined.

-Smooth Transition-

When Mordecai had gotten off the bus, he didn't expect the other three to come with him, though it was more like Lilith had come so the other two followed. What stupid morons. Couldn't they see she was playing with them?

He hadn't told any of them while they had followed the Claptrap, but the Guardian Angel had contacted him. Maybe it was the same for the other three; however, he highly doubted it. A circus freak, a deserter, and a witch were not the likely candidates for such a monumental task of finding the Vault. Then again neither was he.

He had only taken a couple of steps before he had begun to notice the scrunching of sand behind him. Three pairs. It didn't take a tracker to figure that it was the three from the bus. The wind was calm today, so he couldn't lose them in a sandstorm. That meant he had to face them head on, or else he would never find any peace. Turning around, Mordecai would have felt better if Bloodwing was on his shoulder, but the bird had a mind of his own and was circling around Mordecai from high in the air, once in awhile casting his shadow over his master. "Stop following me," Mordecai said softly, his voice slightly ragged.

Lilith rolled her eyes, the two men behind her acting like bodyguards. "Yeah, I sure love staring at a toothpick's ass." As Lilith yellow eyes gazed upon him, Mordecai couldn't help, but feel a prickle go up his spine. "Fyrestone is in the same direction, dumbass."

Before Mordecai could respond, he heard shuffling and loud voices. Ignoring the curious gazes from the three other hunters, Mordecai crept to a nearby ruin of a wall that had been spray-painted multiple times with various symbols and coarse language. Bringing his gun out from behind his back, Mordecai checked through the scope, his hand causing the sight to shift slightly. At first he could only see one bandit come from out of a ruined hovel, but another came and then another until five were lazing about around the hovel while a sixth watched from a nearby tower.

Mordecai placed a finger on the trigger and aimed for the one in the watchtower. It was his policy; one shot, one kill. He could take the six of them out easily enough, but he wanted to get to Fyrestone as quickly as possible so he could ditch these three behind him.

"What is it?" Lilith asked from behind him, crouched behind the wall as well. Mordecai looked back checking on the other two praying they wouldn't give away his position, but he was surprised to see that the other two had hidden behind the wall adjacent from Lilith's and his current position.

"Six bandits." Mordecai didn't let his gaze wander from the scope.


"Five pistols and an SMG in the tower."

Lilith tapped his shoulder. He didn't turn. With a little more force, Lilith tapped again. Mordecai turned around seeing her holding a pistol that lacked a sight and a SMG at her hip. He also noticed Roland had a pump shotgun in his right, while he had somehow quietly broken off an orange, rusted car door which he carried in his left. Brick only had a long iron pipe, though seeing the bulging muscles, the sniper wasn't going to comment on the lack of firepower.

His gaze came back to Lilith who wore a mischievous smile, her eyes glinting playfully. "Sounds like fun," Lilith said happily.

"You know how to use that?" Mordecai asked slightly, hoping the answer to be yes. And he wasn't disappointed.

"Watch me." Without a single hesitation, Lilith stood up, her hand lightly sliding against Mordecai's shoulder who shuddered, though it wasn't because he hated it. Mordecai return his gaze to the scope, watching Lilith's hips sway back and forth, accented by her tight pants, as she made her way to the lazing bandits whom had begun to notice her advance.

Mordecai checked his sight as the first of the bandits were alerted and reached for the their guns, but they all were entranced by Lilith whose welcoming smile never wavered. The bandit in the tower lowered his gun, relaxed at seeing such a beauty, leaning against the railing and watching the beautiful goddess, while one of the bandits came up to Lilith and whistled in appreciation as his gaze swept over every line and curve of her body. He stopped only two inches away from her. The bandit was confident for he never even acknowledged the gun Lilith had in her hand and on her hip, or, perhaps, he was staring too intently at her entrancing figure.

"Hey babe," Mordecai heard from the lustful bandit, "want some help shaking that ass?" Lilith didn't reply as she shifted her weight to one leg. "Or better yet help with those grand tits." The bandit slowly reached out, his hand stopping before Lilith's chest. After a pause, he lunged forward, his hand firmly grabbing a glob of firm flesh. "Nice."

"Enjoying yourself?" Lilith asked as the rouge squeezed her breast roughly and slowly went for her nipple. "Good, me too." Without another word, Lilith pointed at the bandit's chest and fired, her shot echoing throughout the compound. A harsh noise that cut through the silence of the wasteland.

All the bandits were stunned as their companion fell to the ground, his blood pouring out onto the sand. Lilith fired twice into the body, grinning all the while.

First to recover, the lookout in the watchtower, wanting revenge for his comrade, aimed his gun at the Siren, but Mordecai beat him. As time seemed to slow around him, Mordecai pulled back the trigger, feeling the slight recoil from his sniper rifle that traveled to the stock and into his shoulder, and watched as the bandit's head exploded in a shower of blood, his body slumping against the railing. For three heartbeats everything was still. Then everyone moved at once.

Lilith disappeared in a sudden flash and small explosion, confounding the bandits who were suddenly attacked by Brick who charged at the nearest two with his pipe. Holding the pipe over his head, Brick smashed the first bandit with a sickening crunch and grabbed the body with one hand and chucked it at the other bandit whom was easy prey as the body knocked the bandit off his feet.

Trying to coordinate themselves, the three, remaining standing bandits all aimed for Brick who had become an easy target, without any nearby cover large enough to protect him. Before the volley could be fired, Roland, appearing out of nowhere, suddenly open fire from the firing line's flank, the nearest bandit riddled with holes while the second had a buckshot embedded in his elbow. The closest bandit slump to the ground making a soft crunch against the sand while his blood poured out onto the dry sand.

The same injured bandit turned to Roland and shot five times at Roland, but the experienced soldier had already planned ahead and had hidden behind the car door, using it as a shield against the oncoming bullets that could not pierce the steel plating on the door.

Mordecai changed his sight and aimed for the uninjured bandit and pulled the trigger again. His prey flew backwards, hit in the heart, and slid onto the ground. His injured companion backed up, hoping to get away from such monsters, but his retreat was cut off. As he turned around, Lilith reappeared, quickly switching her guns, and pulled out her SMG, spraying the poor bandit who was only was a foot away from her. Mordecai couldn't help but smile. He loved it when a girl knew how to use a gun.

The skirmish maybe took two minutes, technically three for Brick took the time to pummel one into a bloodstain that had been tangled up with his partner's corpse.

After Brick was done they all gathered around the watchtower. Mordecai didn't know how they did it, but somehow they had worked together incredibly well in the mass of chaos. It was the first time he had felt such...harmony. He didn't even need call Bloodwing once! Looking into the other three eyes, he knew they felt the same.

"The Vault?" Roland asked, putting his hand in the middle of the circle.

Brick grinned, his scarred face making seem like a walking corpse. "The Vault." He placed his hand over Roland's.

Lilith smiled invitingly. "The Vault." She put her own lithe hand on top of the three. All eyes were on Mordecai who took the time to stare at the hands. A group? Him working with a group? It was hard to believe, but there was something...nostalgic about these three though he couldn't place his finger on it.

Lifting his gaze, he took the time to look at Roland. The sniper knew for some reason he could trust the black soldier. Like he knew already that the ex-soldier was dependable. Shifting his gaze to Brick, the rouge couldn't help but feel a certain bond between them, almost like brothers. Somehow he felt comfortable around him. To the Siren, Mordecai met her yellow gaze. There was something in those eyes that intrigued him. Something that pulled him toward her.

Mordecai shrugged. There would be noise, but it just might be worth it. "The Vault."

He put his hand in and he had nailed the door to the coffin of his plan.

-Smooth Transition-

That was how they met and that was how those three changed his life.

On their journeys from hell and back, Mordecai learned to trust. He had learn how much he trusted them. How much he could trust.

He had noticed this when they had stopped and made camp for the night, the fire cackling in the middle surrounded by four bedrolls. Brick and Roland were both soundly asleep. So was Mordecai, though he hadn't planned on it. It had been a long day, barely surviving against a swarm of Spirderants, and he had only planned on lying on the ground to recover his strength for a bit; however, the ground felt like a giant cushion that made him feel drowsy. Mordecai rarely slept, always watching his back, but he had let his guard down around these three. He had fallen asleep.

It was maybe an hour before he abruptly woke up. His hand going for his new revolver at his hip. Mordecai felt so stupid. How could he have let himself fall asleep?

Getting up, Mordecai warily looked around the camp surprised to see Roland and Brick still sleeping like babies. What fools. They could easily get killed in their sleep. However, that reminded Mordecai; where was Lilith?

"Need some help sleeping?" the flirtatious woman's voice asked from behind him.

Mordecai stopped himself from turning and shooting the woman. He felt awkward having someone behind him; in and out of the battlefield. In addition, he hated how she kept trying to flirt with everyman in sight, but for some odd reason she always flirted with him every single chance she got. It was always 'Don't peek unless you really want to', 'I got blood between my boobs again, care to wipe it off', and 'Mordy, Mordy, You want to have fun?'.

"No." Mordecai turned around to see Lilith holding her SMG, probably taking watch. The sniper felt so stupid! He would have felt better if all four of them had been asleep, but the only person he didn't trust was on watch! When did he become so soft?

"Come on, Mordy, I'll make sure we both enjoy it," Lilith coerced, inhaling so that her breasts enlarged. That sniper was so annoying sometimes. Sure he was good when they fought against all sorts of beasties, but every time she tried to flirt with him he always rejects her. No one rejects a Siren, especially if its Lilith!

"No." However, Mordecai was tempted to say something else, though he still felt a small annoyance every time she called him Mordy. She had started right his nickname after their first battle off the bus. Mordy this, Mordy that, Mordy, massage my tits. Mordy, stop staring at my ass. It was infuriating sometimes!

"Party pooper." Lilith pouted and turned around watching the deep blackness of night.

Mordecai couldn't help but stare at her slim backside. He didn't know why or how, but his gaze always seemed glued to her. She had a great body, that was true, but there was something else that made his eyes always wander back to her.

Mordecai found a rock to lean against as he had one eye on Lilith and the other in the black vastness of the dark. It took him a moment to figure it out. It couldn't be...no, not Lilith.

Nonetheless, it was true. He was falling for her.

-Smooth Transition-

As days went by on their hunt for the fault, Mordecai had begun to notice Lilith more and more. At first he had thought her a loose whore, but she was much more complex than that. She had her whims, sure, and she was much too flirtatious; but, undoubtedly, she was strong. She never asked for help, never gave up, and never regret what she had done. She was smart if she ever bothered to think first, instead of blasting the brains out from a bandit at the start. He had thought her a witch in a horrible sense, but many times that same witch saved his life by suddenly appearing behind him and shooting the stalker behind Mordecai as he sniped. There was so much about her that each time the sniper thought he knew her she had another layer underneath, full of surprises.

But there was one thing he did hate about her. No self-respect.

They had been listening to rumors about the Vault in New Haven when one lead seemed to viable, but the informant wouldn't give.

The damned man just leaned against the rugged building and leered at Lilith the whole time they tried to convince him. It made Mordecai's blood boil just watching him. None of the other three knew, but when Mordecai felt something, Bloodwing felt the same. This time, however, the bird was oddly quiet, staring at the man without a hint of rage.

Lilith smirked after a while seeing the four of them getting nowhere. Stepping closer until her body was just inches away from the informants, Lilith traced a finger on his chest. "How about you and I discuss in a more...private spot?" Lilith suggested her crotch suddenly pressed urgently against the New Haven resident, rubbing enticingly.

The informant grinned and smacked Lilith's ass. "Let's go then." Placing an arm around her lean waist the man led her into an alley. Mordecai wanted to shoot the man, information or not. Or cut him...very, very slowly.

"Lili-!" Mordecai called out, but was interrupted by Roland who slapped the sniper across the back, knocking the wind out of him. Mordecai glared at him as bent over, gasping for air. Bloodwing took off, circling around his master.

Lilith didn't turn as the darkness enveloped the couple.

"Damn it, Roland! We should have stopped her!" Mordecai yelled, still having a little trouble breathing. He straightened, feeling his breathing going back to normal.

Roland stared at him like the sniper had grown a third head. "Why do you care?"

Mordecai opened his mouth and after a pause, closed it. How could he tell the two of them? He loved her. They would laugh right in his face. They all knew that no matter what Lilith who never love them back. Brick learnt it, Roland learnt it, and now Mordecai had to start learning it. However, the sniper wasn't going to give up that easily. He always hit his target. "S-s-she could get hurt," Mordecai said making up an excuse just to check on her. "Besides what if he's dangerous."

Brick crossed his arms, his eyes rolling. "She's a big girl, brutha'. She can handle herself, we all know that." Roland smiled in amusement. That girl could handle bandits all the way down to Skags, though she couldn't handle ripped clothing. "Besides this isn't the first time."

The marksman slowly nodded. It was true this wasn't the first time she had 'extracted' information out of a male. So why did he care? Why...

Seeing Mordecai quiet, the other two dropped the subject, a heavy silence filled the air around them. However, they could hear the informant talking to Lilith, "Fuck that dick, you bitch! Rub those titties all over my dick!"

It was maybe ten minutes before Lilith came back, wiping off the last of the sperm from her breasts. "I got it. He said that we need to see some girl named Patricia Tannis."

"Let's mount up then!" Roland declared as he began to run for Scooter's station. Brick followed while Lilith was about to, but Mordecai held her back by grabbing her arm.

Brick was about to go back and see what was happening between the two of them, but Roland grabbed him, shaking his head. Brick, getting the message that the two of them needed some time alone, nodded and went with Roland to get the cars ready.

Lilith turned around and waited for Mordecai to talk, impatient for her foot was tapping against the ground as he let go of her arm.

After staring into her eyes for a second, Mordecai spoke, "You shouldn't do that." She shouldn't have to. She was better than that disgusting piece of shit.

"What?" Lilith asked genuinely confused. Do what? She hadn't done anything unusual today.

Mordecai motioned to the alley with his head.

Lilith giggled as she got the idea. "That? Come on Mordy, that was nothing. It was just a titfuck. A little squeeze, you know?" She punched Mordy's shoulder in camaraderie, but he didn't seem to be in the mood.

Mordecai scowled. "'Just a titfuck'? Listen to yourself, Lilith!"

Rolling her eyes, the Siren was tired of Mordecai already. "Enough Mordy. What's done is done and I don't see why you care so much, anyway. I'm a big girl, not some child that needs to be watched." Finishing the conversation, Lilith turn and walked a couple of steps before being pulled back again.

"Mor-Mmph!" Lilith was caught off guard as Mordecai turned her back around and lodged his lips against hers. His lips rough like sandpaper against her smooth red ones. He kept pushing her back until she hit a nearby building with such force that she growled in pain while they kissed, but since his arms were wrapped tightly against her waist, she couldn't get away.

Lilith struggled, kicking and punching the stupid sniper, but for someone as skinny as a toothpick, he sure was strong. She could feel his tongue enter her mouth, hesitantly touching her own. It was hot and moist. Her eyes widen as she felt his tongue finally got over its nervousness and completely enter her mouth, enwrapping itself around her own wet tongue. After a minute, she stopped hitting him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders since he had let go of them a while back.

When did Mordy grow such balls? Lilith thought as Mordecai moved his hands to clench her ass. Better yet where did he learn how to kiss?

It seemed like an hour before the sniper finally broke off the kiss, causing Lilith to pout. She enjoyed such hot fun.

Mordecai and Lilith were both breathing heavily, their chests glued together. She could feel Mordecai's hot breath tickling her neck and face.

"What was that about?" Lilith asked. She smirked when she saw Mordecai finally go red. This was the first time she had ever seen him, and he was so cute as a cherry!

Mordecai let her down and stepped back, regaining his regular breathing. Scratching his head, Mordecai answered, "I wanted to do that for a very long time."

"You know I have offered before," Lilith stated pulling up her shirt. She hadn't notice but in the middle of their hot kissing her shirt had fell down slightly revealing her breasts. She found it odd though since Mordecai surely would have saw it; so why didn't he go after them like every other man?

This time Mordecai smirked. "That was then, this is now." Bloodwing finally came back down. Lilith could swear that the bird was staring at her with hatred and if the bird was human it probably would have socked her by now. The marksman's smirk disappeared replaced with his usual serious emotionless expression. "Lilith...I love you."

Lilith shrugged used to such confessions. "Get in line." Ok, he loved her, so what?

Mordecai shook his head. "No, I really do. More than any woman I have met. More than...all the loot on Pandora. More than...than the Vault! I would do anything for you!" Mordecai's voice was on the edge of desperation. Didn't she understand him? He would give up everything for her: his gun, his bird, and his freedom. This was the first time...maybe the last time, that he had ever been in love.

Lilith sighed. What a poor soul. First Brick, then Roland, now even poor ol' Mordy. Why didn't men understand? Just because you love something doesn't mean they love you back. "I'm sorry, Mordy...I can't accept your feelings." She grasped her elbow with her other arm. It wasn't fun breaking men's hearts, especially her friends', but they had to learn. She just wasn't interested in love.

The effect was immediate. The sniper's shoulders seemed to be weighed down. His face plagued by a certain grief. His whole body seemed to be crushed under a tremendous pressure that he couldn't be rid of like the burden of the world rested on his shoulders.

Bloodwing, feeling its master's sadness, rubbed its feathered head against his master's. The bird stared at Lilith, its eyes cursing her and full of red hatred.

"I'm sorry Mordy," Lilith apologized. She couldn't tell what was wrong with him, for his mask and goggles covered most of his face, but it wasn't hard to guess that he was hurt. More than hurt. Ripped in half was more like it.

Mordecai's body shuddered. He wasn't crying, he was just shuddering. "No...I'm sorry, Lilith."

Lilith went to hold his hand, but he shook it away. Lilith had just begun to notice, but he wasn't staring at her. No...his eyes were staring beyond her like she didn't even exist anymore. Like it was his way of coping with her rejection. "Do you need help? I mean-"

"Just go."

"What was that?" Lilith asked softly, trying to catch the phrase again.

"JUST GO, DAMN IT!" Mordecai yelled hoarsely , his arms shaking. Lilith nodded before complying, not even looking back as she walked away. She didn't even have her usual sway to her hips.

Mordecai took a minute to regain his emotions and his breath. He was such a fool. She was Lilith! How could he have not seen it coming? He should have known...no, he had known. He had just blinded himself with such optimism. Optimism that could have gotten him killed. No, the dream of her and him settling down, having kids, growing old was just that. A dream. Effervescent and unreal.

She had opened his eyes once more. He had let himself become soft. He had begun to trust again. He could have gotten killed because of his weakness, but thanks to Lilith he was whole again. He didn't need anyone. He only needed his gun, his bird, and his freedom.

Mordecai laughed at himself. His laughter rang through the buildings. Thankfully, no one had been around to see the two of them or hear his maniacal laughter or what he was about to do next.

His hollow laughter subsiding, Mordecai walked to the same alley the informant was still in, who apparently still trying to pull up his pants.

The informant looked up. "Hey, the toothpick guy! I wish I could swap places so I could get some of that ass all the time. That bitch is a fine fucker." The man, with a couple of teeth missing, grinned, feeling incredibly confident after getting a titfuck from such a hot babe.

Mordecai stared at him, his body entirely rigid. Bloodwing felt it too for the bird's muscles were completely tense. "Bloodwing," Mordecai said, "rip."

Bloodwing screeched before taking off.

The man screamed for over a hour. His friends found him first. His limp dick had been ripped off, his eyes gouged out, his tongue sawed off, and his ears ripped off but, for some reason, only his dick had the marks of claws.

Mordecai didn't know why he did it, but maybe it was because he didn't want the informant to be able to see Lilith again, to speak of Lilith again, to hear Lilith again, and to fuck with Lilith again. Maybe the hunter didn't want any evil.


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