Author Note:

This is a new storyline. However, some minor fictional details of a previous story, No Dad. . .Not Again Part 3 are continued in this story that were never presented on the show at any time. (Specifically, some minor details about Tony's parents.)

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim Because it was grassy and wanted wear; Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.[

Squad Room

Gibbs entered the squad room to find Ziva and McGee typing their reports from their last two cases. As he came closer, Gibbs felt he was being judged by them, when they stopped typing and stared. Gibbs sat down and, after a moment, returned both Ziva and McGee's stares.

"Gibbs, we did not think you were coming in." Ziva started to say, but she finished slowly. Gibbs acknowledged her words with a nod and released his staring hold on them. Anticipating their next question, he provided the answers to their questions.

"You are never late." McGee explained.

"I took Tony to the airport and made sure he bought a non-refundable round trip ticket to New York to see his father and his new stepmother." Gibbs offered.

"New York?" McGee asked in confusion.

"I dropped him off this morning." Gibbs said giving him a hard look. Knowing that McGee and Ziva would become relentless in asking questions, he finally elaborated. "After he bunked at my place, he left to go home and get ready for work this morning."

"But. . ." McGee asked.

"I stopped him before he had a chance to come to work. I convinced him that he needed some time off. I told him to go clear his head and spend some time with his dad." Gibbs explained forcefully. "It took five head slaps to convince him it was the right thing to do." Gibbs added. Ziva winced and looked at Gibbs with sympathetic eyes, as she thought of Tony.

"But how. . ." McGee started to ask in concern.

"Yeah, Gibbs." Gibbs answered. "I am on my way, director." Gibbs added as he continued to glare at McGee and Ziva.

Vance's Office

"Director?" Gibbs entered.

"Two more cold case murders from the 1980's were now tied to Alda Bennett, since we handed the investigation over to the FBI." Vance explained to Gibbs. Gibbs nodded. "She had two other identities that she went by between 1980 and now."

"I know." Gibbs responded. Vance looked at Gibbs suspiciously at his quick response.

"I ordered DiNozzo to take the week off." Gibbs redirected the conversation. ". . .to get away from this."

"He will be out all week? Do you think he is okay, Gibbs?" Vance asked. Gibbs became uncomfortable from the question.

"He will be fine." Gibbs said glaring at Vance. The room became quiet.

"I needed DiNozzo to distance himself from this case." Gibbs explained. "I talked with Dr. Cranston. It was her recommendation. She set the whole thing up for him."

"I understand." Vance said. "But, I also think that you are understating how concerned you are. You can't keep your eye on him, if he isn't here."

"He'll be fine, Director." Gibbs said heading for the door. "Are we finished?

Vance's Office—One week later

"Director Vance, Dr. Cranston is here to see you."

"Please send her in." Vance said.


"Doctor, what can I do for you?" Vance asked, sitting down after shaking her hand.

"I am sorry to say that it is time for another mandatory psych evaluation of Special Agent Gibbs and his team." Dr. Cranston said. "With the most recent events that have affected the team, SecNav is concerned again and is waiting for the team evaluation. I told you before, that in clinical terms, they are a disaster. When people keep things bottled up inside, the harshest response will seem the most appropriate. My fear is that this is becoming the true case."

"Yes, Doctor. I understand, and I do respect your professional opinion." Vance started to say.

"Agent Gibbs just lost his mentor, Mike Franks. The man not only responsible for helping him become an NCIS agent, but the man that also supported him through one of the most difficult times of his life. Mike Franks' death is so soon after Gibbs' ordeal with Paloma Reynosa and Alejandro Rivera, which resurfaced the painful memories of his wife and daughter's deaths. Agent DiNozzo is also grieving. He of course also knew Mike Franks, but he recently went through an ordeal where his old partner, Danny Price, who was murdered. There is a possibility that Agent Barrett was killed, and he already feels very responsible for Agent Cade's death. Then, we also just had this case where I helped him to retrieve repressed memories of his mother's death. That whole investigation led to his learning that his mother was actually murdered by a serial killer. Ziva also has had some tough situations to overcome, starting with having to kill her own brother, Ari, to her being captured and tortured in Somalia, and to her experience aboard the Damocles. SecNav is aware of all of this and feels that each year these traumas are escalating. He is concerned, and he wants an evaluation done immediately."

"All right, I guess you will have our full cooperation then." Vance said, standing up. They shook hands again and Dr. Cranston left the room to setup in the conference room.

"Director?" Vance heard his secretary over the intercom again. "Agent Fornell is here to see you."

"Agent Fornell? Please send him in." Vance said walking around to the front of his desk, surprised that he had yet another visitor this morning.

"Director." Fornell said as he walked in.

"Agent Fornell, how may I help you?" Vance said.

"I received a phone call from your Secretary of the Navy to investigate a security breach." Fornell tried to explain.

"Security breach? Why haven't I heard about this before, and why I am hearing about this from the FBI?"

"SecNav wanted the FBI, someone from outside of NCIS, to investigate how personal information of your NCIS field agents managed to get leaked out to a third party." Fornell explained.

"What!" Vance yelled shaking his head.

"Specifically, cell phone numbers and home addresses may have been compromised for all of your field agents. We want to find out who was responsible and for what purpose. Director, I recommend that you confiscate your agents' cell phones and have the cells all replaced. It is for their safety, if someone is tracking their GPS locations."

"Yes, I would like to get to the bottom of this. I can assign Agent McGee to assist you, in how that information was stolen." Vance offered Fornell, as he was still trying to accept what had happened.

"Wow, this is a serious threat though." Vance restated shaking his in frustration.

"I would like to conduct interviews using a polygraph, an internal review process, of all your field agents. There is a chance that one of them does know something or is being threatened in some way, but is afraid to come forward."

"That would be helpful. You will have our full cooperation. However, Gibbs' team is also involved in a mandatory psych evaluation, which at times might interfere with your investigation."

Squad Room

"Have you heard anything from Tony yet?" Ziva asked as she entered the squad room.

"No." McGee answered in concern.

"Was he not due back today?" Ziva asked whispering. They shared concerned and confused looks. Gibbs entered the room during their discussion. He sat down at his desk and observed how Ziva and McGee were watching him.

With an audible sigh, he finally offered an answer to their questions. "No, I have not heard from Tony, either. I expected him to call me last night from the airport." Gibbs admitted in a frustrated tone.

"His cell phone is turned off." McGee offered, looking over at Gibbs for a response.

"McGee, can you get me his father's phone number?" Gibbs asked, revealing that he was as concerned as them.

"Sure Boss." McGee responded and quickly performed the search. As quickly as McGee handed Gibbs the phone number, Gibbs dialed the number. Ziva and McGee listened carefully to half the conversation that Gibbs had with DiNozzo Senior, as he reviewed key details to the case concerning the serial killer, Alda Bennett.

McGee and Ziva exchanged questioning looks, as they realized that Gibbs had to explain every detail of the case to DiNozzo Senior. "It is no secret that I do think you need to communicate better with your son!" Gibbs continued to shout into the phone. "Yes, yes, I will make sure he calls you."

"What is it Boss?" McGee asked, watching the way that Gibbs closed his phone and threw it across his desk.

"DiNozzo. . ." Gibbs growled back. "DiNozzo, he never went to see his father, so his father doesn't know where his is. McGee, can you track DiNozzo's phone to find out where he is?"

"Yes Boss." McGee rushed to track the phone. "Oh yeah, it is still turned off." McGee stated as almost a question. In response to McGee's comment, Gibbs slammed his fist against his desk.

"McGee, can you find out if DiNozzo was on that plane?" Gibbs asked, handing McGee the copy of DiNozzo's flight itinerary. "Was he on the return flight too?"

"I can check that. He was on the flight into New York. But, no. . .he did not return on that flight this morning."

"So where is he? Why is his phone turned off?" Gibbs asked leaning back in his chair shaking his head.

"Is there a problem Agent Gibbs?" Vance asked, as he approached Gibbs' desk. When Gibbs did not answer his question, he gave Gibbs a signal to follow him back up to his office.

"Have a seat, Gibbs." Vance said, sympathetically.

"So, where do you think he is?" Vance asked softly, also in concern for DiNozzo.

"I – I don't know." Gibbs answered, shaking his head.

"Gibbs, I am concerned." Vance said. "I am concerned about your whole team." From Vance's statement, Gibbs looked at Vance suspiciously and confused.

"Gibbs, your team barely passed Dr. Cranston's psych exam the last time." Vance explained. "Remember what I said, when she was talking with your team? A bad evaluation can lead to change."

"With everything that you have been through in the last two years, starting with Paloma Reynosa and Alejandro Rivera to the most recent tragedy of the death of Mike Franks." Vance continued. "I already told you to take some time off Gibbs, when I had to intervene with your interrogation efforts."

"Ziva spent all that time captured in Somalia after her mission aboard the Damocles." Vance continued. "I still don't feel she is over that."

"And, now DiNozzo is missing, since he found out his mother was actually murdered by a serial killer." Vance continued. "That is still being investigated. This was so soon after dealing with the port-to-port killer. That was a very stressful case for everyone. Also, his old partner from Baltimore was also murdered recently.

"Ziva is fine, and she has been assessed. And me, . . . I can handle this. DiNozzo will be fine too, just give him some time." Gibbs said strongly, in an effort to defend his team and show his irritation.

"Your field team is being benched. . ." Vance informed Gibbs. ". . .You will be reactivated pending a successful assessment following an extensive psych examination of you, David, and DiNozzo.

"Give me your cell phone Gibbs." Vance said, pointing to Gibbs' pocket. "I'll handle locating DiNozzo." Vance ordered.

"I don't know if Tony can handle another doctor probing away at his mind right now. He needs a break, Leon." Gibbs said in an effort to protect DiNozzo from this investigation. When Gibbs did not get a response from Vance, he tried again to show his distaste of the situation.

"This seems a bit extreme for a simple psych evaluation, Leon." Gibbs asked.

"What is going on here?" Gibbs demanded.

"I really . . .can't say." Vance said as sympathetic as possible. "All field agents are under review right now too, so it will be necessary for field agents to submit to a polygraph again."

"What the h*ll?" Gibbs yelled raising his arms up in defeat. "There is nothing routine about any of this. What is going on?"

"Gibbs, I can't." Vance said, avoiding eye contact and shaking his head in frustration of this situation.

"Are you planning on splitting up my team again, Leon!" Gibbs shouted.

"Gibbs, my hands are tied here. But, believe me when I say this, that I am not targeting you and your team. Please, just cooperate."

"You can report to the interrogation room now." Vance explained. After reluctantly handing over his cell phone, Gibbs left the office and headed for the elevator. When he reached the interrogation room, he was surprised to find Agent Fornell there with her.