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Nina and Fabian

Amber and Alfie

Patricia and Jerome

Mara and Mick

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~Nina P.O.V. ~

I, Nina Martin, woke up in Anubis House as happy as ever. I looked at my clock, 6:00am…Really? It was Saturday and I didn't feel like going downstairs yet so I decided to write in my diary.

Dear Diary

I can't believe it was a year ago today that I arrived here at Anubis, the day I met my BBF Amber Millington, the day my now awesome friend Patricia Williamson poured water on my head because she thought I had something to do with her friend's disappearance, the day my life changed forever.

I love my life, I love my housemate Amber, Patricia, Mara, Mick, Jerome, Alfie, Trudy (She is now our housemother because Victor died over the summer) but most of all I love my boyfriend and best friend Fabian Rutter


By the time I woke I was done pondering about my life I noticed it was 7:00, So I snuck down….still in my pajamas..to the common room without waking up Amber….Wow that girl can sleep through anything.

~Fabian P.O.V. ~

I woke up to the most horrid sound ever...I looked up and my best mate Mick Campbell was snoring..UGH!

So I went out to the common room…still in my pajamas. When I got to the door I stopped myself, on the couch was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, my girlfriend Nina. I just couldn't help but smile and think about us...ever since Prom we have been insuperable

After snapping back into reality...I quietly snuck up behind her and covered her eyes

~Nina P.O.V~

When I got downstairs I plopped on the couch and picked up the book that was on the coffee table…The Solar System is your Friend…Fabian's book, I had gotten him a new one after he sacrificed the other in the Sibuna fire

"He's such a dork" I thought as I felt a pair of strong hands cover my eyes…Fabian…I knew it was him

"Guess who" Fabian said…."Fabian" I said as I look around smiling…I got up and walked around the couch and took his hands.

"Morning beautiful" He said playing with my fingers

"Hey" I said cutely(A/N the way she said Hey...when she saw him in the first episode of season 2 House of Hellos)

"Why are you so happy?" He said smirking

"I don't know, I guess it's because you are hear."I said

"That could be it or it could be that or it could be the fact it's exactly a year since you've arrived hear" He was still playing with my fingers

"Maybe…" I said leaning up and pecking him on the cheek

"What only the cheek" he said

"Fine" I said wrapping my arms around his neck, and giving him the best kiss I could…After a few seconds we broke apart and all I could do was smile….

~Fabian P.O.V~

That was one of the best kisses from Nina….I felt love in it…after we broke apart she smiled and put out heads together "What" I whispered….she pulled slightly back putting her hands on my chest and said "I just love you so much" before kissing me again. We kissed for what felt like forever but in reality was only a few minutes…our lips moving in perfect unison…after we pulled apart I told her "I love you more"

Then I lead her to the couch and she sat down next to me. I put my arm around her and she nestled her head in my chest. We just sat there in silence…enjoying the moment…me kissing her head from time to time…

After a few moments Nina looked up at me and breaking the silence said "Why do you love me"

I looked at her with love in my eyes and said "Because you are the sweetest, honest, wonderful, beautiful, American girl that I fell in love with the moment you stepped in this house"

Before she could answer I gently kissed her on the lips and she kissed back right away….after a few seconds the kiss became more…she was on top of me and we were having a make out session…I can't believe me, Fabian Rutter ,was having a snogging session with Nina Martin!

"Get a room" Jerome came in making us part as quicky as we could. Both of us were as red as a fire truck...

Soon enough everyone was down stairs and getting ready for breakfast...Trudy was in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Everyone was at the table...Nina at the head, then me, next to me is where Mick sits, next to him Mara and then at the other end is Patricia and then Jerome, next to Jerome is Alfie and then Amber. We were all still in our pajamas but no one really cared because it was Saturday.

We started to eat and me and Nina were holding hands under the table... secretly.

~Amber P.O.V~

I looked over a Nina who was looking into Fabians eyes, and obviously holding his hand under the table. We sat there in silence untill Alfie threw some of his eggs at Jerome.

Jerome tryed to thrown some back at Alfie but missed and they hit me

"ALFIE LEWIS do you have to start a food fight every meal" I yelled

"As a matter of fact I do" he said kissing me cheek.

Everyone was helping me clean up and during that we heard someone knock at the door and Trudy went to retreave it

Nina and Fabian then got up and started to leave hand in hand "Awwww you guys are just cute" I sqealed. They both just kept walking, but they were blushing.

Now it was time to plan

"Okay guys we are on for tonight right." I said

Everyone looked at me blankely

"Ninas aniversary party?"

"Its been a year already" Jerome said

"Yes slimeball, we are planning a party" Patrica snapped back

"I love you " Jerome said sweetly

"Love you too" Patricia smiled

after that...

and Trudy called us out to the hall...and the person who was standing there was not who i expected

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