It was an average day for the platypus as he was called into work. Perry traveled down the tube and walked through the familiar underground hideout. Everything was such a routine, the secret agent felt like he could run through the whole thing with his eyes closed. Little did Perry know that his whole world was about to be turned upside-down and inside-out. Perry's surperior, Major Monogram, appeared on screen as usual.

"Good morning Agent P.", Monogram said in a slightly casual tone. "The evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz is at it again. For whatever reason this time, he's been buying his normal electrical equipment but the odd thing is all the books he's been buying and checking out of the library. The books he's been gathering cover the topics of sociology, psychology, biology, and anthropology. He's also bought copy paper and a case of colored pencils. We're not really sure why he's doing this but you know what do to. Stop any evil that man may be up to. Good luck Agent P!"

Perry saluted his commander and flipped off to his hover jet where he drove it to the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorpertated building. He landed on the balcony outside and walked to the door. He slipped in by means of picking the lock with a credit-card and snuck about the large boxes. He saw Doof hunched over a table, apparently working on whatever project. The doctor in question straightened up a bit, still holding the scientist slouch, and turned around to the box where Perry was hidden behind. Heinz saw just a bit of Perry's hat peeking up from behind it and smirked, knowing who the hat belonged to.

"Ah, Perry the Platypus! Come on out. I know you're back there."

Surprised but shrugging it off, Perry walked out into the middle of the room, practically hearing some means of a trap to go off on him. Nothing. That was odd.

"So lemme tell you my evil scheme.", Heinz said as he leaned against the table, concealing his invention. "You see for quite a while now, I've been feeling rather down about my evil schemes and such and thought, 'Eh, what the heck? I'll just kill myself and be completely through with life'."

Perry raised an eyebrow in slight amusement.

'Not a bad idea there, Doc.', he thought to himself.

"So I've been building a suicidinator for myself but as I was making it, I was thinking of you and then I thought of all the times I've trapped you and then I thought what if it wasn't a suicidinator, but instead a TRANSFORMINATOR!", he said as he whipped out a small ray gun and fired it at Perry.

Before Perry had anytime to think a bright yellowish light hit him and blinded him for the moment. Suddenly he felt excrutiating pain consuming him all the way to the very matter in his bones. He screamed, grasping his head, and felt the room spinning about him. It was unbareable and within a matter of moments, Perry felt himself passing out as a loud evil laugh echoed through his mind. When Perry woke up, the room was dead silent. His head ached, his body was sore, he couldn't even breath without wanting to gasp sharply in pain. He managed a cough as some dust tried to settel in his throat and tried to pull himself up. He hadn't opened his eyes yet but his hands were telling him that the floor was strangely colder than normal. Perry felt a shiver running through him and tried to look about but quickly regretted doing so as a sudden headrush swept over him. He rubbed his eyes but his hand quickly told him something wasn't right. His eyes, his bill... They didn't feel the same. Come to think of it, his hand didn't feel normal against his face either. Perry looked again and nearly jumped back with a scream seeing a human hand in place of his normal webbed hand. He quickly felt all over his body. His fur and his bill were replaced with skin and a nose and mouth. All that was left of his fur was a messy bunch of short blue hair. The rest of his fur on his body were human clothes instead, being of a teal blue suit and orange bowtie. His hands were bare of fur and his platypus feet had hard orange shoes on them instead.

'I-I'm a HUMAN!', was Perry's thought. 'I'M a human being? I'm a HUMAN BEING! Ulgh, I'm a HUMAN, BEING!'

He then realized as he bent his head to look over himself, there was something tight on his neck and he looked to find it was his platypus collar. He quickly ripped it off and hid it in a pocket in the jacket before Doof saw the pictures inside the locket. He felt something odd beside his hand and collar and pulled it out to find that it was a orangish wallet with a pattern-design much resembling what his now-missing platypus tail looked like. Inside was his driver's lisence with a platypus photo and his agent-badge and everything in it that was in his normal brown wallet.

'Well Doof didn't steal any cash, that's kinda good.', he thought to himself.

He checked other pockets to find his comminucator, now a bit lot smaller in his hand. His grappling hook was also smaller but it didn't worry him that much. What did worry him was the too-small fadora he felt ontop of his head. He never thought he'd outgrew the hat but decided to keep it on so Doofenshmirtz could recognize him. Doofenshmirtz... Perry began to feel his blood boil as he looked around.

'Drat! He's not here. Why if he was here right now, I'd-', Perry's thoughts were interrupted as, as if on cue, the door opened up to reveal the evil scientist.

Perry gave a growling click noise as the man stepped further into the room.

"Oh! Good, you're awake!", Heinz sighed and relaxed a bit. "I was afraid there for a while that the transforminator was really the suicidinator."

Perry pushed himself up on his feet, wobbling a bit. He tumbeled backwards into a chair Doofenshmirtz quickly wheeled into place. Perry spun in the chair for a bit, feeling a little light headed from trying to stand up so quickly. He held it in slight pain.

"Are you okay, Perry the Human?", he asked coming up to Perry.

Wrong choice as Perry quickly leaped from the chair and started trying to strangle Doofenshmirtz for morphing him. Heinz wresteled off Perry's hands from his neck but the action only caused to push Perry to the side, pulling him along. They tumebeled across the room for a moment, trying to gain the upper hand and when Perry finally did, his eyes were practically on fire. One of his hands were handily large enough to grasp around Doofenshmirtz's neck while the other curled up into a tight fist, ready to beat Heinz senseless.

"H-hey! Get off of me!", Heinz choked as his cheeks turned bright red.

Being pinned by another human, especially one that practically fitted his size, the doctor felt rather embarrassed where their bodies were.

'Why is he doing that?', Perry thought for a moment. 'Well, I can't really pound him. If I did, he wouldn't be able to change me back. I can't go back to Major Monogram as a human.'

Perry decided to drop Dr. D and the mad man gasped for breath, trying to get his blush under control as Perry stood up. The secret agent only folded his arms across his chest and glared at Heinz, waiting for him to understand what Perry was thinking. The doctor got up, brushing off his lab coat and straightened his shirt some. He coughed out a bit and started to neaten out his hair but stopped as he noticed Perry staring at him, tapping his foot impatiently.

"...What?", he said unsure of why Perry was glaring at him. "What is it Perry the Human? Er, well I guess I should just call you Perry now that your human. Agent P? I dunno, we'll work on names later. Anyway, why are you looking at me like that?"

Perry only raised an eyebrow, sure it would click with him soon. Dr. D only groaned and sagged his shoulders understanding somewhat of what Perry was doing.

"Perry, I can't read your mind here. I don't know what you want unless you start talking. I mean afterall, you're human now. You're most likely able to talk now."

Perry blinked for a moment, dumbfounded at the possibility. He could say something that Doofenshmirtz would actually understand? A wide smirk appeared on his face, almost maliciously. Doofenshmirtz started to feel rather nervous about what he had just said.

"YOU IMCOMPETENT, EXASPERATING, LIEING AND THEIVING UTTER WASTE OF A SACK OF FLESH AND BONES!", Perry screamed at him making Doofenshmirtz stumble back in complete shock.

Perry's voice was strong and definately authoritative with a nice light Australian accent to finish it off. Heinz was found in fear. He couldn't help it. Everything about Perry at this point said "You don't wanna mess with me" as he glowered down at him. Perry smiled at his new found voice, feeling like there was much fun to be had now that Doof understood him. He chuckled as he stepped up to Doof, causing the terrified doctor to scoot back. Doofenshmirtz momentarily realized that Perry was a tad bit taller than him. Well, only a bit cause Doof slouched. He'll have to check later.

"You have no idea how LOOONG I've wanted to say that.", Perry said. His face fell in all sterness and he grabbed Dr. Doofenshmirtz by his lab coat's collar and pulled him up so that their faces weren't very far from one another. "Now you'll start remaking the transforminator, or we'll see how much of a difference there is now that my fists are bigger than before."

He held up a fist as a demonstration, his knuckles cracking as he clenched it tighter. Dr. D gulped and gently patted the fist with a weak smile.

"N-now now there Perry..", he said his voice high and shakey. "I-I'm sure we can talk things over.."

Perry raised his fist ready to strike him but Doofenshmirtz coward in fear under it, "Okay! Okay! I-I'll remake it! I-I swear! Just don't hit me!"

Perry smiled and dropped him to the ground. Doofenshmirtz stood up again, rubbing the back of his neck were his coat was pressing against him. Perry walked over to a part of the room and promtply sat down there with his arms and legs crossed over. The secret agent glared over at Doofenshmirtz who only gave a puzzeled look in response.

"What, you're planning on staying?"

"I'm not leaving till I fit PERFECTLY in my hover jet.", Perry replied.
Doofenshmirtz gave a shrug and stood up with a stretch and walked past Perry to the door.

"Hey. Where are YOU going?", Perry said raising an eyebrow.

"What, you expect me to build it NOW? I don't know about you Perry, but most people are hungry at 7 pm and especially if they've been out for oh.. 12 hours. If you wanna join me, that's fine but I'm going to go make some pasta.", with that he walked out the door to the elevator.

Perry scoffed, feeling rather determined to stand his ground. Just then, his stomach growled and he held it, understanding the pain he felt in it. Doofenshmirtz pressed the button in the elevator and waited for the doors to close. Just before they did, a hand came in and they moved apart revealing Perry with his head hung to hide his embarrassment. Doof chuckled as Perry walked in and stood next to him, knowing that he was right about what he had said.

"...You don't need to gloat to yourself.", Perry said coldly.

"I'm not gloating. It's just kinda funny."

"Yeah? About as amusing as the time I saw you in boxers with my face on them?"

It was Perry's turn to chuckle as Heinz felt his cheeks become hot.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'.", Perry added, smirking at the sight of Doofenshmirtz's pink cheeks.

"Okay Mr. Smartaleck. Any other slams you wanna hit me with?"

"Yeah actually. You really need some tic tacs. I smell your breath everytime I come into the room."

Doofenshmirtz felt the verbal slap sink deep into his skin and scowled across the elevator at Perry who only returned it with a smirk.