"Okay. So lemme run through this again.", Heinz said, talking to Perry one day. "You and I are happily in love."

"Yup.", Perry nodded.

"And your family's cool with it and didn't have their memories wiped or anything."


"And in OUR little family, I think I can understand how Vanessa's the daughter, Norm's the youngest and the son, you're the dad and I'm the mom which is completely unrealistic gender-wise.", he rolled his eyes with the memory.

"And we've never been happier.", she only beamed happily at him.

"You've quit the organization and are now working at a grocery store."


"Meanwhile I'm working with college homework so I can get that official doctrine in chemistry and the likes."

"And I've never been prouder of you.", Perry confirmed with a kiss on his cheek.

"I proclaimed my 180-turn around to Lovemuffin, hanging up the evil lab coat forever."

"Yup.", Perry nodded again.

"I FINALLY fired the maid."

"Yes, yes you did."

"And so now we're working on getting married officially."

"Well I think it'd look a little better since you bought me with your ex-wife's money.", she shrugged.

"Okay. So I've gotten everything right so far then?"


"Kay. So then answer me this, Perry, my beloved friend and lover...", he said with a raised eyebrow.

Perry waited and then Heinz turned around to face himself in a body-length mirror with a scowl on his face.

"WHY AM I THE ONE WEARING THE DRESS?", he finally yelled while looking at a white wedding dress being sewn to fit him by a busy tailor at his feet.

Perry only laughed and placed a hand on his shoulder, smiling at the reflection of him in the dress and her in a white suit.

"Because! It looks good on you!", she chuckled. "The blue ribbons really set off your eyes."

"Well, true as that may that may be...", Heinz chuckled, unable to help but feel somewhat girly as he talked. "Why me? I'm the male. I mean it's not just Roger and all my family members that I hate being there, but even my ocelot family! How embarrassed will they be when they see their son wearing a wedding dress and walking down the aisle?"

"Heinz..", Perry shook her head, chuckling a bit at this worry. "Lest you forget, MY family will be there too. Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet as well. And my friends from Owca INCLUDING Peter the Panda and Penny the Platypus AND my OWN platypus family all the way from Australia. Think about it. My platypus family will see their little BOY PUGGLE as a HUMAN FEMALE marrying a HUMAN MALE. Talk about SOCIALLY awkward! But that's the thing with this wedding. We're already weird enough. Why not go ahead and just share how weird and happy we are together with those who do and don't care about us? And the best thing is about you wearing a dress and me in a suit is that when we look back at the pictures we'll always remember all the fun adventures we had. Both as enemies and as lovers. Okay?"

Heinz stared at her a long time while she stood there, her hands cupping his cheeks as she smiled affectionately at him. He finally smiled and gently kissed her.

"Perry, you know I can never win a fight against you.", he chuckled.

"And you know that though you haven't taken over the Tri-State Area, you've taken over my heart. The one fight you DID win.", she smiled.

"Yes, yes I did."