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Chapter 1

Alex's heart raced as she watched the container get closer and closer to her puddle form. She knew what it was going to do and she didn't want any part of it.

Just as the machine was about to pull her inside, she felt someone pull her back. She let out a startled yelp just as her eyes opened and she sat up with a start.

"Annie!" she cried out as the shaking started.

Breathing hard, the sixteen-year-old tried her best to calm down. She could feel herself starting to glow and she knew that wasn't good. She didn't want her parents to come into check on her and see her lit up like a street lamp.

Glancing over at her older sister's bed, she wished Annie was home now. But Annie wouldn't be home for another few days.

Just as she was starting to relax, her bedroom door opened, causing her to jump.

"Alex?" a concerned voice asked from the doorway.

Alex glanced up and locked eyes with her mother.

Barbara Mack stepped inside the room and crossed over to sit on the edge of her youngest daughter's bed, "sweetheart, did something scare you?"

Alex nodded.

"It was just a nightmare," Alex admitted, "I'll be okay."

"You've been having them a lot lately," her mother observed, placing a hand on Alex's shoulder, "do you wanna talk about it?"

"No!" Alex exclaimed before she could stop herself. She forced herself to calm down and took a deep breath. "Mom, I'm sorry…"

"It's okay," she replied, putting a hand on Alex's shoulder. She frowned when she felt how badly her daughter was trembling. "Honey, you're shaking. Do you know what could be causing the nightmares?"

Alex sighed. She glanced over to Annie's bed and forced herself to not start crying.

"I know you miss Annie," her mother comforted, "we all do. She'll be home in a few days. Do you think the nightmares are from her not being here or something else?"

"Something like that," Alex replied.

"Do you want me to stay with you for a little bit?" her mother offered.

"Mom, thanks, but it's okay. Really, I'll be okay."

"Are you sure?"
Alex nodded.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" she asked.

"I just need Annie," Alex said softly.

"Well I'm sorry, my dear, but you don't get her back for another few days. I'm here though. I'll listen if you wanna talk."

"Thanks, Mom, but it's more of an 'Annie thing," Alex told her. She laid back down and tried to get comfortable again.

"Okay. Well if you change your mind, I'm right down the hall. I love you, sweetheart."

"I love you too," Alex said. She let her mother kiss her on the cheek and she even hugged her.

Once her mother was gone, Alex glanced over at Annie's bed and let a few tears fall.

"Annie, please come home soon," she whispered, "I need your help more than ever."


Meanwhile, miles away at MIT, Annie sat up quickly, breathing hard. She tried to catch her breath, but it wasn't easy. She wasn't sure what had just happened, but she knew it had to do with Alex.

"Annie?" a soft voice asked through the darkness, "sweetie, what happened? Are you okay?"

Annie's heart slowed down when she heard her roommate and girlfriend address her.

"I had the dream again," Annie replied, laying back down. She laid there for approximately two more minutes before getting up and starting to throw things into a suitcase.

At the sudden noise, Carly sat up as well. Flipping on the bedroom lamp, she raised her eyebrows when she saw what Annie was doing.

"Honey, why are you packing?"

"I need to go home," she replied, throwing another outfit into the suitcase, "it's Alex. Something's wrong. I need to help her…" her voice trailed off as she felt Carly's hand come to rest on her right shoulder.

"Sweetie, slow down," Carly advised, "take a deep breath and tell me what's going on. What makes you think something's wrong with Alex? You talked to her a few days ago and she was fine."

"I know," Annie conceded, forcing herself to relax, "but I think that's about to change."

"What makes you say that?" Carly asked.

"In the dream, I saw Alex being taken away by some security guys from the plant. I don't know how, but they found out about her powers."

"But I Thought you said nobody else knows besides you, Ray, Hunter and me."

"For now," Annie said as a shiver went up her spine, "Car, I need to do this. I need to be there for her."

Carly nodded.

"I understand," she said. With that, she went across to her closet, pulled out her own suitcase and started packing it.

"What are you doing?" Annie demanded.

"I'm coming with you," she said simply, "you can't do this alone."

"I can't ask you to do that," Annie said, returning to her own packing.

"You didn't ask me," she pointed out, "I offered. Besides, I know about Alex, maybe I could help."

"Okay," Annie consented, "but we have to move fast."

Carly nodded and the two finished packing in companiable silence.

Before they knew it, both young adults were on a plane, heading back to Paradise Valley. Annie had left Alex a message on her cell phone, telling her she was coming home and would be there early the next afternoon. She only prayed she wasn't too late…


"I had the dream again," Alex told Ray and Hunter. She, along with her best friend and boyfriend were sitting at the Mack kitchen table. The kids had finished their breakfast with the exception of Ray.

"But it was just a dream," Hunter tried to console his girlfriend of the last two years, "we would never let that happen to you."

"Hunter's right, Al, " Ray agreed patting her shoulder, "we promised Annie."

Alex raised her eyebrows.

"I'm just kidding," her best friend admitted, "you know we have your back."

"I know," Alex smiled. She stood up and took her bowl, along with Hunter's to the sink.

"Have you heard from Annie lately?" Ray asked, polishing off another muffin.

"A few days ago," Alex replied, sitting back down, "she told me she was coming home for a visit in two weeks."

"How are she and Carly doing?" Hunter asked, pouring himself some more orange juice.

"Good," Alex replied.

"Carly must have some powers of her own or something," Ray surmised.

"What makes you say that?" Alex asked.

Ray shrugged.

"She managed to get Annie to have a life."

Alex giggled.

"I know what you mean," she agreed, still laughing.

"So what do you guys wanna do?" Ray asked.

Hunter shrugged.

"We can hang out at the park," Ray suggested, "toss the Frisbee around."

Alex agreed and went to get ready. As she returned to the kitchen ten minutes later, she still felt uneasy.

Despite the fun time ahead, Alex couldn't help but still feel a little nervous about the dream she had had. She couldn't help but think it meant trouble...